Monday, April 4, 2011

Amazon Cloud--a sunny forecast

Amazon, Music, And A Sunny Forecast For The Cloud
Last week, Amazon launched its Cloud Drive, with an emphasis on music storage. While there have been a number of “jukebox” services these last 10 years (Napster 2.0, MusicNow, Virgin Digital, Yahoo Music Unlimited, MTV Urge, MOG, Spotify, Thumbplay, ... Video Network | Intelligent Technology: Cloud's Impact On The ...
Forbes (blog)
By KEVIN L. JACKSON by Kevin L. Jackson by Kevin L. Jackson by Eric Savitz Currently, I'm Director, Cloud Services for NJVC, one of the largest information technology solutions providers supporting the US Department of Defense (DoD). ...
Q&A with NIST Cloud Exec Dawn Leaf - Kevin L. Jackson - Cloud ...
By Kevin L. Jackson
Cloud computing is definitely a game changer, says Dawn Leaf. For agencies to take advantage of the technology will require work on their part, on industry's part and by organizations such as the National Institute of Standards and ...
Cloud Musings on Forbes -
Weekly Poll: Is Your Cloud Deployment Taking Advantage of What the ...
By Alex Williams
We talk about the cloud all the time so it's easy to overlook what the differences are between traditional servers and a cloud infrastructure. In a guest ...
ReadWriteWeb -
Music of the Spheres: Cloud Music
By FlyingSinger
When I first read about Amazon's new Cloud Player, I thought it was a gimmick - I've got thousands of songs on a 500 GB pocket drive, backed up on two other external hard drives (not to mention 4400 songs on my iPod Touch) - why do I ...
Music of the Spheres -
Amazon Cloud Player Puts Your Music in the Cloud
By Joe Casabona
For the last couple of years, everyone has been expecting both Apple and Google to officially announce and launch their online music players — music in the.
Web.AppStorm -
Memex 1.1 » Blog Archive » Amazon's new Cloud Drive rains on ...
By jjn1
The proximate cause of all this corporate spleen is the launch last week of Amazon's Cloud Drive service. At first sight, it seems straightforward: it looks like a digital locker in which one may for a fee securely store one's digital ...
Memex 1.1 -
Amazon Cloud Drive: Learn More
Upload your music, photos, videos, and documents from your computer to your AmazonCloud Drive. You'll never lose your files from a hard drive crash or a ...

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