Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Cloud vs traditional software

Cloud vs traditional software - Part 1 of 2
Manufacturing Digital
With something as revolutionary as cloud computing, it is appropriate to compare and contrast that which software developers, designer/architects and others have experienced with cloud versus traditional software. The transformation of the software ...

Survey: Hong Kong firms use cloud for database, email, backup
PC Advisor
More than four out of five Hong Kong companies deploy cloud services to reduce CAPEX (62%), as well as to gain competitive advantage around scalability (54%) and IT savings (51%), said Rackspace that released results of its new cloud survey on ...

Microsoft let NSA bypass encryption on mail, chats and cloud storage, says ... (blog)
Microsoft worked with the National Security Agency and the FBI to provide the agencies with the encryption workarounds they needed for access to Skype video calls, Outlook Web chats and email, and information stored on Microsoft's cloud-based SkyDrive, ...

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Monday, July 29, 2013

Cloud Startups Changing The Data Landscape

10 Cloud Startups Changing The Data Landscape
While the term “cloud computing” has become trendy and perhaps overused, what many people don't realize is that it is because of cloud startups that our experience of data has become intuitive and effortless. Below are 10 startups ... The company has ...

OpenStack Celebrates Third Birthday
Talkin' Cloud
Considering that the cloud platform started as a project initiated by Rackspace (RAX) and NASA in 2010, it has made tremendous gains in the cloud computing world and was even given new life last year when Rackspace spun it off into its own organization.

Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office 365: Both Clouds Win Fortune 500?
The VAR Guy
Within minutes of one another, Microsoft (MSFT) and Google (GOOG) yesterday made similar claims about their respective cloud computing businesses. During earnings calls for each company, Microsoft and Google each said more than half of all Fortune ...

Egnyte Storage Service Combines Google Cloud, Local Data
The VAR Guy
Local storage and the Google (GOOG) cloud have become one in the most recent offering from Egnyte, which has unveiled a platform for enterprises to offer users access to data of all types from a single location. Now, the question is whether it can ...

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Friday, July 26, 2013

Up in the Air with Cloud Computing Benefits?

5 Insights Into the Data Center Industry
Data Center Knowledge
Are You Up in the Air with Cloud Computing Benefits? - It’s going to take some time for the entire IT world to get on board with cloud computing, but the benefits are well worth it. A mix of private and public cloud services is a great compromise for companies who are worried about security issues, writes Alan McMahon of Dell. Pairing for Scalability: In-Memory Data Grids and the Cloud ...

Changing Standards for Online Healthcare Data – HIPAA & the Cloud
SYS-CON Media (press release)
Just a few months ago I wrote a blog post about healthcare data on the cloud (HIPPA Cloud Storage) and the security concerns surrounding this very sensitive and valuable data. I mentioned that as with ... and Business Associates looking to leverage ...

e2b teknologies to Exhibit Cloud Business Applications for Sage ERP at Sage ...
PR Web (press release)
Our cloud business applications integrate seamlessly with Sage ERP products to allow manufacturing, distribution, and services companies all of the benefits cloud computing has offer. Chardon, Ohio (PRWEB) July 21, 2013. Today, e2b teknologies, a Sage ...

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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Big Blue meets match in battle for the cloud

Amazon vs. IBM: Big Blue meets match in battle for the cloud - San Jose Mercury News: " The tech industry maxim that "no one ever got fired for buying IBM" is a testament to how Big Blue has been the gold standard in computing services for decades. But IBM faces an unlikely challenger in, the e-commerce retail giant that is becoming a force in the booming business of cloud computing, even winning backing from America's top spy agency. After years of being dismissed as a supplier of online computer services to startups and small businesses, Amazon Web Services (AWS) beat out International Business Machines this year to snag a $600 million contract with the Central Intelligence Agency. IBM has successfully appealed its loss in the contest, stalling it for now. But the episode highlights how Amazon is evolving from an online retailer into a competitive provider of information technology and services to big companies, and government bodies. . . ." (read more at link above)

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Monday, July 22, 2013

Connected Cars Race Toward Mobility and the Cloud

Connected Cars Race Toward Mobility and the Cloud
... Race Toward Mobility and the Cloud. Forget fuel efficiency, all-wheel drive and sunroofs. Your next car may connect wirelessly to an array of cloud services, talk to your iPhone, call 911 if you have a medical emergency and even place your coffee ...

Ilves to Discuss EU Cloud With Van Rompuy
ERR News
“Cloud computing I think was a vague and not always understood concept until about three weeks ago and now suddenly everyone knows what cloud computing is about because of the revelations regarding PRISM and other things,” Ilves said. At the same ...

The cloud tipping point in Canada has arrived: Microsoft
Computer Dealer News
HOUSTON – It's often said that technology is adopted a little more slowly in Canada, but executives from Microsoft's North of the border subsidiary say that, when it comes to cloud computing, the tipping point in Canada has arrived. It's no coincidence ...

Mobility Tops Cloud in CA Channel Index
Cloud computing, which remains one of the hottest trends in the technology market, ran second to mobility in the Channel Index. Slightly more than ... If anything, cloud computing is enabling the growth of mobile technology as an enterprise solution ...

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Friday, July 19, 2013

File sync and share heats up in the enterprise

Forrester: File sync and share heats up in the enterprise
InfoWorld (blog)
In another example of the consumerization of IT, people have embraced cloud storage and file sharing services like Dropbox both at home and at work, and CIOs better take notice about this trend, according to a Forrester Research report. "There is huge ...

Saudi IT infrastructures ill-equipped to cope with cloud computing
Saudi Gazette
JEDDAH – An overwhelmingly large number of respondents (91 percent) have revealed that they do not believe that their current IT infrastructures are ill-equipped to meet the demands of cloud computing and virtualization, Brocade, a leading networking ...

Can Red Hat Hijack OpenStack (In A Good Way)?
The VAR Guy
Red Hat OpenStack represents the best shot to promote the open source cloud platform to channel partners, VARs and cloud services providers. Here's why. Advertisement. Now that Red Hat Enterprise Linux OpenStack Platform is available, The VAR Guy ...

Microsoft Helped NSA Bypass Cloud Encryption: Report
Microsoft helped the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) bypass the encryption safeguards on some of its popular cloud services, according to July 11 report in The Guardian. The claims are the latest in the continuing NSA spying controversy, which made ...

Why Cloud May Not Work for Some Data Centers
Health Data Management
Many enterprises are rushing headlong into cloud computing, responding to its compelling value proposition related to incremental costs and on-demand expertise. However, at least one voice out there is advising that business and technology executives ...

Cloud Guys 'Plug' Lets You Setup Your Own Local Private Cloud for All Devices
Hot Hardware
For a number of good reasons, "cloud storage" is all the rage. Being able to store your data online in order to access it virtually anywhere is the epitome of convenience. However, it does carry with it a couple of important downsides. While it's ...

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Cloud computing sees rapid growth

Cloud computing sees rapid growth in UAE
Arabian Gazette
A global survey shows the cloud computing market in the UAE is expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate of 43.7 percent until 2016. Despite the Middle East region not so pro-outsourcing, latest figures indicate overall managed. A global ... as ...

Weekend Project: 5 Cloud Data Backup Services
Cloud services have become an extremely popular way of backing up, especially if you are backing up multiple devices (desktop, laptop, tablet, mobile) its good to be able to source the content back to one common place. Add to it how network capacity ...

Statera, a Leading Provider of Technology Services that Drive Business ...
PR Web (press release)
We are happy to successfully deliver customized improvements to the application to our clients, and also to help them maintain these applications on an ongoing basis through cloud services brokerage- Brad Weydert, President, Statêra.

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Monday, July 15, 2013

Another 51 million reasons why the cloud is winning

Here are another 51 million reasons why the cloud is winning | ZDNet: "Faced with a £52m bill from a large IT vendor for hosting "a major programme" the UK government decided to turn to commodity cloud services. The result? It picked up a comparable service from a smaller player for £942,000. "In the world of the cloud the services I get from a major systems integrator and from a minor systems integrator are relatively comparable, given the security and ability to host is often specced out anyway," UK government CTO Liam Maxwell told The Economist's CIO Forum in London yesterday."

Cloud services in UAE to grow over 40%
Khaleej Times
The software-defined service frees enterprises from upfront capital investment, requiring them to pay for allocated infrastructure only under the cost-optimising “pay-as-you-grow” scheme inherent incloud computing. It is also based on a best-of-breed ...

Snooping puts US firms under cloud
Cloud computing lets you rent the technology you want and there are three types cloud services: Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS). Renting could be either an app or working platform or ...

Mega Launches its Cloud Storage App For Android Devices
Kim Dotcom the founder of the highly controversial Megaupload - file hosting and sharing online service, opened the cloud storage service called Mega in January 2013. Now the app version of the service is available for Android phones on Google Play.

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Friday, July 12, 2013

CIOs concerned about cloud computing hidden costs

CIOs concerned over cloud computing hidden costs
Kroll Ontrack
More than three-quarters of chief information officers (CIOs) are worried about the hidden costs associated with cloud computing. A survey commissioned by Compuware found that 64 per cent of respondents complained of a poor end user experience as a ...

Deutsche Borse Cloud Exchange Treats Computing Like A Commodity
Hot Hardware
The company this week announced that it will launch a trading venue for outsourced storage and computing capacity – so called "cloud computing" resources – in the beginning of 2014: Deutsche Börse Cloud Exchange AG is a new joint venture formed ...

As providers move to the cloud, advisers awaken to its potential
Advisers have been paying attention to the idea of cloud computing for five years now. But only recently has the potential for this shift really hit home. “I have been peeling the onion for years now,” said fee-only wealth management adviser Steven ...

IT at Once Expands Cost-Saving Cloud Computing Services
PR Web (press release)
IT at Once, a leading information technology consultancy, has expanded its cloud computingcapabilities to include cloud backup, business application hosting, hosted exchange and email, disaster management and recovery. Share on Twitter Share on ...

Multi-cloud usage on the rise in business
The report said that companies have various strategies for employing private, public or hybrid cloud computing services. But now multi-cloud services offer a multitude of options. Multi-clouds are becoming the favored option with 77 percent of ...

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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

NSA fallout: EU may sever ties with US cloud providers

Bugged by US spying, EU may sever ties with American internet providers
Neelie Kroes, Vice President of the European Commission, said that US providers of "cloud services," a technology that permits clients to store data on remote servers, could suffer steep losses if users fear the security of their material is at risk of ...

Cloud computing jargon buster - AVG Blogs
Cloud computing has changed the way businesses work. ... There are still many people out there who despite using cloud services every day, don't fully grasp ...

Hybrid model most popular among Indian cloud clients
IT vendors who offer cloud services say customers who were reluctant to move data to the cloudearlier are now testing the waters, with several banks and financial institutions adopting cloudsolutions to deliver IT services to branches in remote ...

The Open Group - Cloud Computing guide to interoperability and portability
This guide analyses cloud computing portability and interoperability. It makes recommendations to customers on how best to achieve portability and interoperability when working with current cloudproducts and services. It makes recommendations to ...

AT&T Locker finally brings cloud storage to Windows Phone 8 devices
Mobile & Apps
As previously mentioned, AT&T Locker comes with 5GB of cloud storage for free. In case that's not enough, users can always purchase additional storage space. Moreover, it seems that a 50GB upgrade is currently available for free, for a limited time. To ...

How to Land the Cloud Computing Gig of Your Dreams!
QR Code Press
Recent studies have found that there is an acute shortage of qualified applicants for cloud computing jobs. This shortage is forecasted to continue as cloud related positions are expected climb 26% annually through 2015. In fact, a recent IDC white ...

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Monday, July 8, 2013

Best Cloud Storage Provider

Google, Microsoft, Dropbox, or ???--

Five Best Cloud Storage Providers - Lifehacker
Free cloud storage is easy to come by these days—anyone can give it out, and anyone can give out lots of it. However, the best cloud storage providers give you ... (read more at link above)

Symmetry Corporation Completes Certifications to Back and Broaden Its Storage ...
IT Business Net
Milwaukee, WI (PRWEB) June 29, 2013. Symmetry Corporation, an SAP-certified provider of hosting and cloud services for SAP® partner solutions and IBM Power business partner, announces its consultant program completions for three Systems Storage ...

AppScale Commoditizes Public Cloud Services
SYS-CON Media (press release)
AppScale's mission is to commoditize public cloud services beginning with those in Google App Engine, the public cloud Platform-as-a-Service that simplifies writing, deploying and scaling applications and mobile app back-ends so developers can focus on ...

Hostway Releases Results of Survey on Perceptions Of Public Cloud vs. In ...
SYS-CON Media (press release)
... a provider of cloud, managed and hybrid hosting services, on Thursday announced the results of a survey the company conducted at Cloud Expo 2013 New York, held June 10-13, and widely attended by IT infrastructure professionals and others focused on ...

Five Tips for Building a Security-Savvy Staff
SYS-CON Media (press release)
Could your employees recognize or flag an intercepted SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) browser session to a cloud-based service? Many employees cannot; users often become lax with security warnings and without regular training may unknowingly "Ignore" or ...

Borderless Clouds on the Horizon as Businesses Look East
Watch List News (press release)
During the keynote, Bishop revealed research from the Asia Cloud Computing Association in 2012 illustrating that developed countries in the Asia Pacific score highest on the cloud readiness index. The data shows that Japan has once again topped the ...

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Friday, July 5, 2013

Top Cloud Computing Myths Of 2013

Top Cloud Computing Myths Of 2013 [Infographic] - from:Rackspace® — Top Cloud Computing Myths Of 2013 [Infographic] - also check out the full list of 13 Cloud Myths Still Around in 2013.

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Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Cloud computing -- balancing individual, business and law-enforcement interests

Cloud computing: balancing individual, business and law-enforcement interests | Media Network | Guardian Professional: "We all know about the massive presence of computing and the internet in our everyday lives. It therefore boggles the mind to consider how rudimentary our use of technology will seem in just a few short years as many projections point to 100bn internet-connected devices in 2020, compared with just 8bn today. This post-PC world of pervasive computing, from appliances to automobiles to the electrical grid will centre around cloud computing. The massive cloud data centres of today will grow at a phenomenal pace to manage these devices and store their data – a utility on a global scale. . . . " (read more at link above)

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Monday, July 1, 2013

Microsoft cloud computing vision for Xbox One remains unchanged

Microsoft's cloud computing 'vision' for Xbox One remains unchanged
Whitten listed a host of examples of how cloud computing still exists as part of the Xbox One plan, noting players will "see great games like Titanfall take advantage of the cloud processing power" as well as have the ability to get games from the ...

Cloud Computing Courses And Advantages Explained
CloudTweaks News
Cloud computing is the latest technology in the field of computers and Internet based services. This new technology has helped businesses and individuals to save data efficiently in a cost effective manner. The industry now seeks professionals who are ...

Cloud computing can create a level playing field for SMEs across Europe (video)
Europe needs to move to create standards and rules around business agreements and what happens to data used in cloud computing services, said Dr Andreas Goerdeler, deputy director general in charge of Information Society and Media at the German ...

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