Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reinvent Business with IBM SmartCloud

Cloud Expo New York: Rethink IT and Reinvent Business with IBM SmartCloud
SYS-CON Media (press release)
On today's Smarter Planet, enterprises are turning to the cloud to revamp existing business models and manage an unprecedented rate of change. In fact, the number of enterprises moving to cloud computing will double within the next few years as they...

SYS-CON Media (press release)

LG Cloud Goes Global, TV-Centric Service Hitting 40 Nations Next Month
Hot Hardware
While cloud services in general are hotter than ever, it's been quite some time since we've heard an update on LG Cloud. But now, the Korea-based company is providing a crucial update. LG Cloud was first (quietly) rolled out in the U.S., South Korea ...

Hot Hardware

Cloud Computing: Rethinking Control of IT
SYS-CON Media (press release)
Sometimes they believe Private Clouds will save them money over the Public Cloudoption. No such luck: Private Clouds are dreadfully expensive to build, staff, and manage, while Public Cloud services continue to fall in price. Others point to security...

SYS-CON Media (press release)

Space Monkey Brings Peer-to-Peer Storage to the Cloud - Mashable
Co-founders Alen Peacock and Clint Gordon-Carroll led the creation of Space Monkey, an encrypted peer-to-peer cloud storage network. Space Monkey is cloud storage on your desktop, but it works differently than services we've become accustomed to, like ...

Microsoft Updates HIPAA Agreement for Cloud Services
ExecutiveBiz (blog)
Microsoft has updated the business associate agreement for its next set of cloud services intending to help healthcare organizations comply with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act. The revised agreement covers Office 365, Dynamics ...

Cloud Wars: Who Will Come Out On Top?
Seeking Alpha
Cloud computing has been around for quite a long time (since 1984, at least the concept) but its potential has only recently been discovered. Despite the buzz around the concept, very few people understand the underlying framework, which is ironic ...

(ISC)2, CSA partner on new cloud security certification
Two prominent industry groups have announced plans to collaborate on a new professional certification program targeting cloud computing information security, though it's unclear how it may avoid overlap with existing industry certifications. The ...

Microsoft works to connect the cloud to your car
San Jose Mercury News
The beefed up version of Toyota's Internet site Gazoo.com starts May 30 in Japan, and will be based on "cloud" computing from Microsoft called Windows Azure. Overseas plans are still undecided. According to the U.S. software giant, it is the first time ...

Amazon is going to do to enterprise cloud companies exactly what it did to ...
As evidenced by Eschenbach's comments, Amazon's competitors in cloud computing are in denial about how well Amazon's strategy of being the lowest price provider will work in a space as high tech, and high stakes, as cloud computing. Delivering books is ...

RightScale sees uptick in cloud adoption and multi-cloud use
Companies larger than 1,000 employees appear to be a bit further ahead of smaller companies when it comes to adopting cloud computing. Of those larger companies, 77 percent have adopted cloudsin some way, compared with 73 percent for companies ...

Windows Azure: Improvements to Virtual Networks, Virtual Machines ...
By ScottGu
Software VPN Device and Dynamic DNS Support; Virtual Machines: Remote PowerShell and Linux SSH provisioning enhancements; Cloud Services: Enable Remote Desktop Support Dynamically on Web/Worker Roles; Ruby SDK: A new ...
ScottGu's Blog

6 Key Moves For Developing Highly Effective Cloud Services
Best practice advice on cloud operations, coming from a cloud-based managed services company that has built a ... CLOUD COMPUTING LEARNING CENTER ...

Top Cloud Computing Myths Of 2013 [Infographic] - The Official ...
All of the information and misinformation around the real benefits of cloud computing is enough to make your head spin. To stop the spinning, we've compiled ...

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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chrome For Business Gets Cloud-Based Management

Chrome For Business Gets Legacy Browser Support, Cloud-Based Management | WebProNews: "“With Legacy Browser Support, employees on Chrome are automatically switched to a legacy browser when they begin using an older app,” he explains. “IT managers simply define which sites should launch from Chrome into an alternate browser, and then set this Chrome policy for all employees. And while Chrome Frame helps developers build apps for older browsers, Legacy Browser Support lets IT admins of organizations embrace the modern web.” With the cloud-based management feature, employees will be able to access default apps, custom themes, and curated app web stores when they sign into Chrome with their work account, whether they’re on their work computer or their personal computer. Admins can customize over a hundred Chrome policies and preferences for employees."

Amazon CEO Bezos: AWS an example of 'internally driven motivation' | ZDNet: "Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos defended the company's investments in ventures like Amazon Web Services and touted a "trusted advisor" service in beta that saves enterprises money. In his annual shareholder letter (PDF), Bezos hit a familiar theme: Customers come first and Amazon isn't going to sweat stock price swings. Bezos also illustrated why AWS can be so disruptive. As noted before, Bezos doesn't have to protect the profit margins his enterprise cloud rivals do."

The State of Cloud Computing in 2011 (Infographic) - ReadWriteCloud

Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Providers | Crunchy Hub:
Google Drive: Create Your Google Drive Account Here
Dropbox: Create Your Dropbox Account Here
Windows Skydrive: Create Your Skydrive Account Here
Amazon Cloud Drive: Create Your Amazon Cloud Drive Account Here
Box: Create Your Box Account Here

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Thursday, April 25, 2013

More than Half of US Businesses Now Use Cloud Computing

More than Half of US Businesses Now Use Cloud Computing --
If you've attended a technology conference over the last couple years it's hard to avoid the obvious buzz around cloud computing. Almost every vendor has ...

The week in cloud: SAP stakes cloud claim; legacy and new-look vendors arm ...
Sometimes we forget: cloud adoption is just in the baby step phase; SAP says it's profiting from cloud; battle for legacy and new app workloads gets more nuanced....


5 Ways Cloud Collaboration Improves Hiring - Mashable
In the age of social media, it doesn't take a lot for companies to see the benefits ofcloud collaboration for internal projects. Just take a look at the success of companies like Salesforce and SamePage — they're driving online workplace ...

Forecast for the cloud: it will come in a million varieties
It became popular a few years back to claim that the cloud would finally redeem the oft-mocked prediction famously (and likely apocryphally) attributed to legendary CEO of IBM Thomas Watson, Sr.: that ultimately there would be worldwide demand “for ...


HTG Explains: What is Cloud Gaming and Is it The Future?
By Chris Hoffman
Cloud gaming has much in common with streaming videos. Essentially, the cloud-gaming server runs a game and streams a video of the gameplay to you. Your keyboard, mouse, and controller input actions are sent over the network to the ...
How-To Geek

SAP's cloud computing push stalls in Asia | Reuters
FRANKFURT (Reuters) - SAP AG's Asian business stumbled at the start of 2013 when top sales managers left the business software company, giving rivals an ...

Microsoft Takes Aim at Amazon With a New Cloud Service ...
On Tuesday, Microsoft will begin offering a new, more basic cloud computing service that competes directly with Amazon's similar services. And to make sure it's ...

The Cloud Is Officially Boring. Finally – ReadWrite
Much as we might want to hype the cloud, CIOs just want it to be boring. Finally they have their wish, as recent announcements from OpenStack and Microsoft ...

Jolicloud's Jolidrive adds search to its cloud-based services hub
Jolicloud's missions have been many over the years, from its initial open-source Joli OS ambitions to its brief stint as netbook manufacturer and now an.

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Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Avoid Costly Cloud Surprises

5 Ways To Avoid Costly Cloud Surprises
How can you avoid cost overruns with infrastructure as a service (IaaS) from Amazon and other cloud services? Cloud usage assessment vendors Cloudability and Cloudyn share tips....(read more at link)

SAP co-CEO McDermott says profits from cloud computing to exceed traditional ...
Washington Post
In cloud computing, customers pay SAP a subscription fee to use software on SAP's servers rather than installed at the customers' businesses. The approach is a shift from the company's longstanding model of selling software and then profiting both from ...

Cloud Computing Has Democratised ICT Use
In the late 1800s, Frederick Taylor birthed the field of management science, which fundamentally altered organisational structure, and helped pave the way for entrepreneurs to effectively participate in the industrial revolution. Taylor, for example ...

Eight Cloud Storage Pitfalls to Avoid
Enterprise Storage Forum
Of course, many of the early websites and e-commerce outfits were complete duds, which offers a warning for those eager to adopt cloud computing. So here are some cloud storage pitfalls to watch out for—rather than just trying to set an Olympic record ...

The 10 Most Important Companies In Cloud Computing
Business Insider
In just a few short years, cloud computing has become a tech that affects everyone's daily lives. Our personal files are stored in the cloud. We maintain our friendships via apps in the cloud. Mobile phones and tablets run powerful apps via the cloud ...

Business Insider

Seacom entry stirs up cloud business
The Standard Digital News
The fibre optic cable company, Seacom, has entered the Kenyan cloud services market. The move is likely to see prices for cloud-computing services go down with small and medium-sized enterprises emerging as winners. Through its new subsidiary, ...

Accenture Invests To Enhance Cloud Platform Services
Seeking Alpha
Realizing these trends and helping its clients to get the most business value from cloud computingalong with an anticipation of a greater demand for public cloud, Accenture PLC (ACN) has launched the Accenture Cloud Platform. Also, Accenture will ...

ZeroVM Creates Software for Cloud Computing
Silicon Hills News
The team from Israel has created an open source platform for cloud computing that is fast and efficient. The open source program runs on Openstack, the operating system for the cloud, which Rackspace created along with NASA. The ZeroVM Team has spent ...

Silicon Hills News

Cloud Computing SLAs: What You Should Ask - Information Management
Information Management (blog)
The promises of performance, storage and savings in a cloud deployment are only as strong as your service level agreement. Even as cloud users become more savvy and vendors more capable, there remain a slew of tricky issues surrounding what is ...

Cloud computing market sees tough competition
VietNamNet Bridge
VietNamNet Bridge – Local information technology (IT) companies are racing to launch new products to claim their shares in the cloud computing market. Cloud computing market, tough competition, iNet Solutions, IT companies. Representative of Lac Viet ...

VietNamNet Bridge

Accenture to invest over $ 400 m in cloud technologies
Hindu Business Line
“As part of this strategic initiative, Accenture will invest more than $ 400 million in cloudtechnologies, capabilities and training by 2015 to focus on delivering the right cloud services from its network of providers, as well as blending its own ...

NREL Cools Cloud Computing Costs With Warm Water
NREL Cools Cloud Computing Costs With Warm Water. by Randy Woods. The advent and rapid proliferation of cloud computing has revolutionized the way we store, process and manage data, but it comes at an environmental cost that's not always obvious.

Cloud Expo New York: Cloud Without the Management Headaches
SYS-CON Media (press release)
... and self-service, but with a cloud that is solely dedicated to your organization. Learn how to simplify the provision of cloud services to your workforce while focusing on driving company strategy. ... The recent Cloud Expo at the Santa Clara ...

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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Cloud computing is the new normal

Is cloud computing the new normal?
Cloud computing, the whole scenario has changed for which during the last few years, is becoming a stronger answer to infrastructure-related needs of companies and a lot more. With more and more companies adopting cloud solutions, does there lie a ...

Microsoft organises Private Cloud Immersion session in Pakistan
Pakistan Observer
Cloud computing is a major paradigm shift in how IT resources are designed, managed and delivered. This new model opens a matchless avenue for innovation and covers virtualized infrastructure, advanced storage management, deep application ...

Cloud computing can reduce IT business costs by half, expert says
Kroll Ontrack
"Cloud computing is all about building a shared pool of configurable computing resources – network, servers, storage, applications and services – and letting the end user consume these resources, whenever he wants," Mr Islam noted. Microsoft described ...

Dropbox, Fix Today:GET̚Update with BEST UNLIMITED Cloud Storage
Melfort Journal
ꞌIf you are a Dropbox user, you are acutely aware of the problems and as you look for an online backup service to meet your needs, you are likely to consider Dropbox vs. Google Drive but unfortunately this cloud service has security, sync or privacy ...

Melfort Journal

Here comes the cloud
Hindustan Times
This is a clear example of both cloud computing (exchanging messages, running filters, tagging them) and cloud storage (saving of messages, calendar, attachments in messages etc). Social media. The whole social media movement is around us, whether ...

Hindustan Times

Lawsuit could put kink in Microsoft's push for cloud security
A lawsuit could put a crimp in Microsoft's reported plans to implement two-factor authentication for users of its consumer cloud services. Two-factor authentication—which supplements a user's password with a PIN or code generated by a local ...

Dropbox – Cloud Storage for documents and a whole lot more
Hertfordshire Mercury
www.dropbox.com is a type of 'Online Memory Stick' – it stores your pictures, documents and files in the cloud, and synchronises them to all your devices, including tablets and smartphones. Dropbox also has some fantastic sharing functionality which ...

States Taxing the Cloud: It Was Only a Matter of Time
If the latter, won't cloud providers just shift as much of their infrastructure as possible to data centers in tax advantaged areas — especially areas like Idaho and Vermont, where legislators have come out in support of tax-free cloud computing? Then ...

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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Microsoft Adds Cloud Chargeback To Windows Server

Microsoft Adds Cloud Chargeback To Windows Server
Microsoft has teamed up with a third-party software producer to give Windows Server 2012 and the System Center management system its own billing and chargeback mechanism for use with Microsoft's Azure cloud services. The third party is Cloud Cruiser ...

Cloud computing can cut business cost by half
The Express Tribune
For its cloud services solutions, MS has partnered with Fujitsu, the Japanese hardware provider forcloud computing. MS claims to be different from competitors for its core strength is in cloud that is offered on customers' terms – that is hybrid cloud ...

Aereo Ruling a Win for TV Viewers, Future of Cloud Computing
Huffington Post
Beyond what hung in the balance for consumers, the Aereo case was also a critical test for thecloud computing industry, with huge implications for both the tech sector and the broader economy. Cablevision had established that when an online service ...

For a cloud career, learn to operate at the edge
Cloud computing jobs are on the rise, no matter what analyst firms you ask these days. Of course, "cloud computing jobs" can mean many things, ranging from architects to operators. However, the demand seems to be for those who have development ...

Cloud Computing Security: IT Leaders Too 'Hands Off' When it Comes to Cloud ...
Formtek Blog (blog)
About half of organizations have policies in place that for vetting cloud computing applications for possible security risks before deploying them, according to a report from the Ponemon Institute on the state of Cloud User Security in 2013 ...

'Create infrastructure for cloud computing'
Hindu Business Line
With cloud computing entering both individual and enterprise segments, India needs a proper infrastructure for cloud-based security. In an interaction with the media here, Mahendra Negi, Global CFO and COO, Trend Micro, a Japan-based cloud and Internet ...

MTN to roll out Cloud services across Africa
African Business Review
MTN Group is going live with its bouquet of distinct cloud services this April, following a highly successful trial period in six of its major markets across Africa. The operator launched the MTNCloud pilot project in December last year, targeting ...

Gartner: Long Hard Climb to High Level of Cloud Computing Security
CIO India
The economic appeal of cloud computing is strong and sometimes it does appear economic benefits outweigh potential risks. Gartner is advising clients in general to allow low-sensitivity data to be considered for cloud services; but if it falls in the ...

Five myths of cloud computing
Times of Malta
Here are five cloud computing myths and facts. Myth one: the public cloud is the most inexpensive way to procure IT services. A characteristic of the public cloud is a relatively inexpensive pay-as-you-use model: for resources that are needed ...

Designing Dependable Cloud Services - Cloud Computing ...
The Trustworthy Computing blog shares Microsoft perspectives about cloud computing. From security in the cloud to the evolution of IT, we show how Microsoft ...

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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Cloud Computing and the Future of IT Organizations

What Cloud Computing Means For the Future of IT Organizations ...
At this year's Cloud Connect conference, discussion moved from defining cloud computing to discussing practical enterprises applications of the cloud. That is ...

Making Cloud Computing Pay
You can find an executive summary of the study here, Cloud Computing Research. In February, Joe McKendrick's post titled Cloud Computing Boosts Next Generation of Startups, Survey Shows covered the findings from this survey from a start-up standpoint.

UoP to introduce cloud computing in four faculties
Indian Express
"The cloud computing system has been approved in the board of examination meeting Wednesday. The system will be tested in some colleges, where we will store examination papers in the university's cloud. We will give passwords to the colleges selected ...

MTN Launches Cloud Services for SMEs
Mobile telecommunications operator MTN went live in Ghana and Nigeria on Wednesday with a range of cloud computing services for small and medium enterprises (SMEs), with launches in Cameroon, Cote d'Ivoire, South Africa and Uganda to follow later ...

Secure cloud storage outfit Tresorit posts $10K hacker bounty
Popular cloud storage services such as Dropbox and Google Drive are terrifically easy to use, but only boast middling security (hence the existence of third-party client-side encryption services such as BoxCryptor). However, there are many rivals out ...


There's more to cloud computing than just hosting
Coming to the present, we ended up with some interesting conclusions when we looked beyond the messaging and posturing that surround cloud computing. We might baulk at the top-line claims of some of the evangelists who proclaim that we are heading ...

Gartner: Long hard climb to high level of cloud computing security
It's still a long, hard climb to get to a high level of security in cloud computing, according to Gartner research vice president Jay Heiser, who said business and government organizations with sensitive data appear likely to hold back from cloud-based ...

Cloud Computing And Organizational Inertia
CloudTweaks News
Having spent this last week at the Cloud Connect event in Silicon Valley, I have had a number of interesting discussions with people involved with various aspects of cloud computing. While industry analysts such as Gartner and IDC are projecting that ...

TwinStrata and Google Take Cloud Storage Big with Webinar Featuring Analyst ...
Sacramento Bee
Co-hosted by TwinStrata, Inc., an innovator in cloud-integrated storage solutions, and Google CloudPlatform, the webinar is part of an on-going series that takes a look at the current and potential relationship between big data and cloud storage.

Private Cloud Computing Guide Promotes Efficiency, Lower Costs
2X Software, a global leader in virtual desktop and application delivery solutions, today announced that they have published their latest whitepaper, Private Cloud Computing Essentials. This new 2X guide explains how to optimize corporate IT ...

Piston Herds Cows with Enterprise OpenStack 2.0 Cloud
While working for NASA as a cloud architect, Joshua McKenty helped to build the Nebula compute project and start the OpenStack open source cloud platform. McKenty has since gone on to found Piston Cloud computing, which launched its first public ...

Cloud tools abound. Is enterprise IT ready? - Network World
Enterprise Cloud Computing ... business applications to the cloud, enable full orchestration ofcloud services and provide monitoring across multiple clouds.

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Saturday, April 13, 2013

Google Cloud Gets Twilio Voice and SMS

Google Cloud Gets Twilio Voice, SMS
Then in 2011, Google got serious about attracting businesses to its platform and competing with the better-established Amazon Web Services platform. It changed its pricing model and committed to a service level agreement, among other things. In a post ...

Amazon Is the Cloud to Beat, but Google Has the Cloud to Watch. Here's Why
Amazon Web Services (AMZN) is by far the biggest and most experienced public cloud provider. Accepting that, the next question is: What cloud vendor can give AWS a run for its money? Increasingly the money is on Google (GOOG)—at least in computing ...

Amazon Cloud is great, but not for business
PCWorld (blog)
The new Cloud Drive Sync app keeps files in sync across different devices and platforms, and pits Amazon Cloud Drive head-to-head against rivals such as Google, Microsoft, and Apple. However, businesses should steer clear of Amazon Cloud Drive.

PCWorld (blog)

Wireless is the 'energy monster' of cloud computing: Experts
The proliferation of cloud computing has meant more datacentres are being built to supply cloud services. Datacentres, particularly older models, are often cited as energy inefficient although through new design principles, they are gradually becoming ...

The Morning Download: HP's Moonshot Could Lower Cloud Computing Costs
Wall Street Journal
If those figures are borne out, the new line of servers could help CIOs derive greater savings fromcloud computing. Brent Juelich, vice president of application services for cloud computing provider Savvis Inc. tells CIO Journal that “finding more ...

Does Cloud Computing Mean the End of Traditional Storage Networks?
Cloud storage is slowly replacing traditional storage, especially as more businesses start to adoptcloud computing. Has your company embraced cloud storage to store or back up your data? comments, called-out. Comment Now. Follow Comments Following ...

Profitable Ways To Invest In Cloud Computing
Cloud computing supports the delivery of services over a network. Some of the jargon of abbreviations include: Saas (software as a service), middleware, and more recently, SDN (software-defined networking). [More Analysis by Chris Lau: Catchy Ads Could ...

Good growth of cloud adoption and cloud services in Singapore: IDA
PC Advisor
"For Singapore to be a cloud computing hub in the region, there is a need for ultra-high speed and seamless broadband connectivity as well as secure storage and processing of data," he said. "The development of major infocomm infrastructure such as the ...

StorServer Enters Cloud Market with Public, Private Backup, DR Service
Talkin' Cloud
StorServer is getting into the cloud backup and disaster recovery business with the launch of threecloud storage services aimed at midmarket companies. Advertisement. Data backup vendor StorServer is getting into the increasingly competitive cloud ...

MTN goes live with cloud services
MTN is going live with its bouquet of distinct cloud services this April, following a trial period in six of its major markets across Africa. The operator launched the MTN Cloud pilot project in December 2012, targeting small and medium enterprises ...

Cloud computing and 4G: made for each other
It focussed on "how 4G wireless combined with cloud computing will drive a new wave of innovation and RoI for operator content, services and applications." It identified the main challenges to offeringcloud services as being "strategy, investment, and ...

Cloud storage security service BoxCryptor previews business-friendly new version
BoxCryptor, the German startup that provides added security for information held incloud storage vaults such as Dropbox, SkyDrive and Google Drive, is previewing a new version of its client-side encryption tool. The new version of BoxCryptor is more ...


Sony Launches Media Storage Cloud Services
Data Center Knowledge
The Ci cloud platform will feature infinite scalability, pay-as-you-go pricing, and a number of browser-based applications. Ci MediaBox will collect, organize, preview, share and archive every media type and size using studio-designed cloud storage ...

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Thursday, April 11, 2013

White Box Switches and Software

You Can't Have Google's Pluto Switch, But You Can Have This | Wired Enterprise | Wired.com: " . . . Google now uses OpenFlow to shuttle data between its massive data centers, and many of the big-name hardware sellers are now behind the technology, including Cisco, Juniper, HP and Dell. Shashi Kiran — a senior director of market management for data centers at Cisco — tells us that the hardware maker is developing a wide variety of OpenFlow switches, and though these are not yet publicly available, he says, the company offers software that lets you add OpenFlow to existing switches. Big Switch is already working hand-in-hand with some of these hardware makers — including Dell and Extreme Networks — in an effort to speed the adoption of OpenFlow, but the startup feels the commercial market has been too slow to adopt the technology. Thus the new switch operating system. . . . (read more at link above)

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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Amazon cloud for spooks

A cloud for spooks makes sense, but from Amazon? | ITworld: "According to a report in Federal Computer Weekly, the CIA has asked Amazon to help it build a private cloud. Just like any large business, it makes sense for the CIA to want to adopt a cloud architecture. The organization surely is a huge consumer and processor of data. Shifting to the cloud could increase the efficiency of its data centers and make it easier for developers to build and upgrade applications. Amazon is reportedly building a private cloud for the CIA Source: scampion, via Flickr Of all government agencies, it must have some of the most sensitive data so probably can’t even consider a public cloud. Looking for help converting a traditional data center to a cloud architecture makes sense. . . . " (read more at link above)

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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Rackspace taking on Amazon

How Rackspace is taking on Amazon now - Fortune Tech: "When it comes to cloud computing services, Amazon (AMZN) is the clear leader. But San Antonio-based Rackspace Hosting (RAX) has been gaining traction with OpenStack, the open-source cloud computing platform it helped develop. Earlier this month IBM (IBM) announced that all of its future cloud services and software will run on OpenStack. Other tech heavyweights--including Hewlett-Packard (HPQ), Dell (DELL) and Intel (INTC) are now backing OpenStack." (read more at link above)

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Thursday, April 4, 2013

Why doesn't Apple iCloud 'just work'?

Apple's broken promise: why doesn't iCloud 'just work'? | The Verge: "Nearly two years later, customers demand iCloud integration more than ever from third-party developers, but it’s a total mess to implement. "iCloud hasn’t worked out for us," wrote Daniel Pasco, CEO of development studio Black Pixel this past week. "We spent a considerable amount of time on this effort, but iCloud and Core Data syncing had issues that we simply could not resolve." Pocket lead developer Steve Streza piled on with a cutting tweet: "Remember that @blackpixel has many of the brightest people in Cocoa development. If they couldn’t get iCloud working, who can?""

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Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cloud Storage Matters

Cloud storage matters. Really matters...
In the webcast cloud storage matters we looked at why the storage architecture you will need for a private cloud deployment will probably be very different to what you have today. Freeform Dynamics' Tony Lock was there to reveal why storage was so ...

Chromebook Pixel: My First Week Living In Cloud
Or a fit of self-flagellation to directly experience the contortions necessary to live and work completely in the world of cloud services and mobile apps? Either way, for more than a week I didn't touch a conventional computer. No Macs, no Windows, no ...

Cloud-computing platform for robots launched
(Phys.org) —Researchers of five European universities have developed a cloud-computing platform for robots. The platform allows robots connected to the Internet to directly access the powerful computational, storage, and communications infrastructure ...

Seacom expands into cloud services
Seacom, the company behind the undersea cable of the same name, has launched a new company, called Pamoja, to offer small and medium-sized enterprises the ability to provide cloud computing-based services to their customers without the capital outlay ...


Listed cloud computing firms surge
The combined market worth of New Zealand's two NZX-listed cloud computing firms, Diligent and Xero, which listed within months of each other in 2007, has jumped by $258 million in the past week. The gain is more than the two companies raised through ...

DSB task force urges security mandates for DoD cloud computing
The task force also recommends that the DoD CIO and DISA establish standard service level agreements for both private- and public- cloud computing, and that the DoD CIO establish a central repository to document the cloud computing transition.

Seven myths which prevent success of Cloud
InformationWeek India
There could be situations where a cloud could be more expensive. We often overlook several associated costs to compute the cloud expense. More often this myth is created as rhetoric by product vendors to make a business case for cloud computing.

What IBM's embrace of Rackspace really means
InfoWorld (blog)
The first product to bundle OpenStack is IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator, now in beta, which enables customers to compose cloud services using a drag and drop interface. Working behind the scenes. Before talking to Diaz, I had no idea how much influence ...

Oppenheimer's Sixth Annual Cloud Computing/Services One-on-One ...
SYS-CON Media (press release)
This year's conference was hosted by Oppenheimer's leading Research Analysts covering this sector: Timothy K. Horan, CFA, Managing Director and Senior Analyst heading up the Communications and Cloud Services research team; Shaul Eyal, Managing ...

How Cloud Computing Works | Formstack Blog
By Lance
If you've been on the edge about how exactly cloud computing works, then watch this quick video we've created to help better explain cloud computing. YouTube Preview Image. Read a further explanation of cloud computing in our recent post ...
Formstack Blog

What is Cloud Computing | Open Source Private and Hybrid Clouds ...
According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), "cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network ...

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