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Cloud Computing and a NoSQL database: How OMGPOP scaled to 36 million users in three weeks

How OMGPOP scaled to 36 million users in three weeks
OMGPOP can thank the cloud for its acquisition by Zynga on Wednesday. The gaming startup, whose Draw Something iPhone app used cloud computing and a NoSQL database to scale from zero (relatively speaking) to more than 35 ...


Honeywell Introduces Attune(tm) Advisory Services, Connects Cloud Computing ...
San Francisco Luxury News
Honeywell (NYSE: HON) today introduced its new Attune ™ Advisory Services, a suite of professional services that combines cloud-based tools and analytics with a global network of operations centers, and energy and facility experts to provide ...

Giant Movers in the Cloud
New York Times (blog)
All of them have, at different times, sought ways to cope with the immense changes wrought by the Internet, cloud computing and mobile computing. Disruptive as those three things were to the hardware business, the consequent changes in both business ...

New York Times (blog)

Green House Data Brings More Clouds to Oregon
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
This expanded cloud platform, located just west of Portland, offers both new and existing customers a disaster recovery cloud, high-performance primary cloud and hybrid cloud services out of both this new location and its central United States location ...

Has Amazon solved its private cloud dilemma?
ComputerworldUK (blog)
Amazon Web Services (AWS) is great, but many of our enterprise clients want those cloud services and values delivered on premise, behind their firewall, which may feel more comfortable for protecting their intellectual property (even if it isn't).

Why IT Professionals Aren't Monogamous
Editor's Note: Alexander Haislip is a marketing executive with cloud-based server automation startup ScaleXtreme and the author of Essentials of Venture Capital. Follow him on Twitter @ahaislip. Pity the enterprise software conglomerate, ...


Poll: Are Blu-ray and DVD movies now obsolete?
by Edgar Cervantes on March 25th, 2012 at 3:03 pm The industry has seen a big leap from streaming and cloud services, especially the past year. According to a study held by IHS Screen Digest, about 3.4 billion movies will be legally streamed during ...

Computers & cars drive demand for high efficiency in power sector
Electronic Technology & Products
Cloud computing and carbon emissions controls will see the extinction of the silicon semiconductor, as the power discretes market demands superior products, according to a new report by business intelligence experts GBI Research, New York.

Windsteam Vs. Sprint: Which For Stronger Gains?
Seeking Alpha
Windstream (WIN) is a provider of advanced network communications including cloud computing and managed services to businesses in the US It also offers broadband, phone and digital television services to consumers, primarily in rural areas of the US ...

Top 5 Data Center Stories, Week of March 24th
Data Center Knowledge
The company may not be a household name, but it's busy building the data centers that will power two of the world's largest cloud computing operations. In keeping with its name, NxGen has developed next-generation modular designs, with pre-fabricated ...

Data Center Knowledge

Healthcare Innovation – Not Business As Usual
Innovation Excellence (blog)
In my interview with Jack Corrao, the managing director of the Corrao Group, he stated that the healthcare landscape is being challenged by innovations such as cloud computing, microsensor devices, and most of all, healthcare consumerism.

63 New APIs: Microsoft, TED, TripAdvisor and HP
ProgrammableWeb (blog)
This week we had 63 new APIs added to our API directory including a cloud storage service, TEDTalks video library, energy efficiency certification processing service, Microsoft services connection platform and a travel review and recommendation service ...

Press Release: Lenovo and SugarSync open cloud service to consumers worldwide
MEED (subscription) (press release)
Lenovo and SugarSync announced Lenovo Cloud Storage by SugarSync, the first Cloud storageservice to be integrated as an out-of-box experience broadly on Lenovo's PCs and tablets. Daily online access and weekly analysis in print, MEED helps you make ...

Apps an Office when you're out
New York Post
You can access files through e-mail attachments, cloud-storage services like Dropbox and MobileMe or locally stored folders. Within these files, you can edit the text, including the size and style of the font; adjust the formats of paragraphs and cells ...

3 Solid Tech Buys With 20% Or More Upside This Year
Seeking Alpha
While Microsoft has significant opportunities in cloud computing, Activision Blizzard has the potential to yield the highest risk-adjusted returns from concerns over World of Warcraft churn. Activision trades at a respective 13.8x and 12x past and ...

Social Government?
Enterprise Irregulars
In addition I hoped to get a better idea of cloud adoption among federal agencies, particularly since there is a mandate for agencies to make greater use of cloud computing both to save money and to close the technology gap with private sector.

Enterprise Irregulars

HTC: do you still want to be "quietly brilliant"?
Android Authority
Cloud storage has become the new way to meet many users data storage needs. With Apple and ASUS creating in-house cloud storage services with iCloud and ASUS Access, HTC appears to have acted in a similar fashion. While they haven't brought their ...

Android Authority

CenturyLink: A Strong Call In 2012
Seeking Alpha
CenturyLink purchased Savvis in April of 2011 for $2.5 billion, to enter the cloud computingmarket. The acquisition of Savvis gives CenturyLink the ability to expand its data storage services for companies around the world, extending its reach outside ...

Citrix Streamlines Delivery of Cloud-Hosted Apps and Desktops
Zawya (registration) (press release)
Dubai, UAE - March 25, 2012 - Citrix is introducing a new "Cloud Provider Pack" for hosting providers delivering Windows apps and desktops as a hosted cloud service. This powerful new collection of enabling technologies, available exclusively to ...

Review: IO Safe SoloPro Disaster Proof backup hard drive
Canadian Reviewer
By Gadjo Cardenas Sevilla We have a variety of backup solutions today ranging from inexpensive cloud storage as well as high capacity external hard drives. Critical personal and business data needs to be backed up and safely stored and while most ...

Canadian Reviewer

Streamlined Windows Server 8 Offers Key Benefits
PC Advisor
David Cross, Partner Program Manager in Windows Server group, discussed on the Windows Server Blog Tuesday how the Windows Server 8 Server Core could be used to build more efficient cloud services. Microsoft spent one year and $10 million dollars ...

Cloud driving CIO ambitions to become CEO | Rust Report
By admin
CA Technologies (NASDAQ:CA) has released the results of a new global report: 'The Future role of the CIO' which reveals the extent to which cloud computing is transforming how CIO's view themselves and their role in their business.
Rust Report

More North East firms are taking up cloud computing - All VoIP News
By AllVoIPNews
THE number of businesses in the North East taking advantage of the benefits offered by cloud computing has rapidly increased in the last year. Web search giant Google said the region saw a 167% year-on-year rise in companies adopting its ...
All VoIP News

Honeywell Introduces Attune™ Advisory Services, Connects Cloud ...
Honeywell Introduces Attune™ Advisory Services, Connects Cloud Computing and Facility Know-How to Cut Energy and Operating Costs. ... Media Invited to 'All About the Cloud' -- Leading Annual Forum for Cloud Computing ...

In the Cloud: Cloud Computing — State Library of Iowa
Join us for a discussion of cloud computing: what it is, the advantages and disadvantages, and some of the ways in which you might use the cloud—or might ...

Cloud Storage - Why You Need It! | Technology Blog by Ash Chuan
And what do customers of services such as Egnyte's cloud storage get for making the switch? Benefits of the ... Tags: Cloud, cloud computing, Cloud storage ...

Cloud computing calls for rebuilding enterprise IT
By Bernard Golden, CIO | Cloud Computing 1 comment March 24, 2012, 7:53 AM — Everyone's had the experience of discussing a concept with someone and suddenly seeing the look of understanding appear on their face as the meaning of the concept sinks in.

Cloud security registry slow to catch on
By Brandon Butler, Network World | Cloud Computing 1 comment March 24, 2012, 7:51 AM — Last August the Cloud Security Alliance (CSA) announced at the Black Hat security conference in Las Vegas a registry that it hoped would serve as a place for ...

Amazon Teams with Eucalyptus to Court Enterprise Cloud Customers
Amazon's public-only stance on cloud computing further erodes as it officially teams with Eucalyptus. Amazon is cautiously venturing into on-premise private clouds by partnering with Eucalyptus Systems, a provider of commercial cloud infrastructure ...

Cloud Computing India Has Bright Outlook as Large Number of Companies Move to ...
Technology Digital (press release)
The report begins with a market introduction to cloud computing, illustration of evolution and structure of cloud computing followed by a brief description about the various types of cloud services prevailing in the industry. The cloud computing ...

Datalink Achieves Cisco Cloud Infrastructure Designation
Business Wire (press release)
“The investments we have made in cloud computing-related training, certifications, and field-tested best practices across the unified data center translate into tangible benefits for the organizations we serve.” The recognition from Cisco reflects ...

World's Best CEOs Square Off
By MARK VEVERKA | MORE ARTICLES BY AUTHOR Oracle Chief Executive Larry Ellison's head isn't in the clouds. Ever since the popularity of the cloud-computing trend began to bubble up at the turn of the decade, the long-time software magnate started ...

Cloud services offer new silver lining on IT horizon
Indian Express
The outsourcing, what is being referred to as “cloud computing”, is not only enabling employees to access data while they are travelling but is also emerging as a major cost cutting initiative with companies only being charged for the number of users.

Mobile Cloud, Social Cloud and Cloud Data Storage Dictate the Future of IT
CloudTimes (blog)
By Irmee Layo On March 24, 2012 · Leave a Comment Two studies made by SAP and Microsoft brings light to the long standing economic crisis as cloud computingcreates jobs and fuels the business market. Sand Hill Group who conducted the study said that ...

CloudTimes (blog)

Baidu Launches Cloud Storage Platform
And just like the big G, Baidu isn't content to sit back, instead looking for avenues to expand into - with its latest plans being the launch of a cloud storage platform. Tech In Asia reported that Baidu announced its platform at a developers ...


Monitoring VMWare with Monitis
SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)
By Hovhannes Avoyan Turn your datacenter into a flexible cloud infrastructure with the performance and reliability needed to run enterprise applications on the platform trusted by the most demanding datacenters around the world.

SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)

Cloud computing could call for rebuilding IT
Many IT executives think introducing a cloud computing solution requires a simple swapping of a legacy system for the cloud setup, but Bernard Golden writes on that businesses may have to completely revamp enterprise IT systems.

Cloud 2.0 = Red Tape Reduction
SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)
By Cloud Ventures For this blog I thought I would repeat the same main message as the previous blog, with the main idea of this one to be to suggest the idea that 'Cloud 2.0 = Red Tape Reduction'. The idea that the only benefit of Cloud Computing is to ...

SYS-CON Media (press release) (blog)

Profiles of the World's Best CEO's
Benioff, 47, left a sales post at Oracle in 1999 to co-found, which delivers cloud services to corporations to manage customer relationships. It's now the largest corporatecloud-computing company anywhere, with $2.27 billion in revenue.

More North East firms are taking up cloud computing
by Iain Laing, The Journal THE number of businesses in the North East taking advantage of the benefits offered by cloud computing has rapidly increased in the last year. Web search giant Google said the region saw a 167% year-on-year rise in companies ...

Rackspace to Present at Investor Conference in April
SYS-CON Media (press release)
Rackspace Hosting (NYSE: RAX) is the service leader in cloud computing, and a founder of OpenStack™, an open source cloud operating system. The San Antonio-based company provides Fanatical Support® to its customers and partners, across a portfolio of ...

Top Five Private Cloud Computing Trends, 2012: "Private cloud computing continues to heat up, and there are several key trends defining private cloud computing in 2012: 1) Real Deployments: We’ll see about a 10X increase in private cloud deployments in 2012. "
Gartner gives top cloud trends of 2012
With cloud computing and related technology heating up, Thomas Bittman, a vice president at Gartner Research, gave his top private cloud computing trends for 2012. The first, he said, is an increase in real deployments. "We'll see about a 10X increase ...

IBM: Internet Security Better, Exploits Worse
Cloud computing presents new challenges: In 2011, there were many high-profile cloudbreaches affecting well-known organizations and large populations of their customers. IT security staff should carefully consider which workloads are sent to ...

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