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Why Cloud Computing Needs To - And Will - Go Open Source

Why Cloud Computing Needs To - And Will - Go Open Source
They're the “big three” buzzwords companies cite to justify their investments in cloud computing. But while today's leading cloud players have the best technological interests in mind, financial interests are prohibiting them from delivering an open environment ...

Xerox Promotes Cloud Services For SMBs
The public cloud is nearly uniformly an Intel x86 instruction set environment. But when Xerox quietly launched public cloud services aimed toward small and midsize business (SMB) users in early January, it needed to host IBM iSeries (the former AS/400) and ...

Small and Mid-Size Businesses See Productivity in the Cloud: Surveys
For small to mid-size businesses, the cloud represents opportunities to level the playing field with larger companies with tremendous IT assets. Cloud computing is a natural solution for smaller businesses that can't make the investments in rooms full of ...


Oracle Keeps Its Head in the Cloud
Wall Street Journal (blog)
A week after VMware unveiled its $1.26 billion deal for networking-software provider Nicira, Oracle says it's buying Xsigo, another company that greases cloud-computing systems by virtualizing the routers and switches that make the systems possible. In short ...

Wall Street Journal (blog)

Oracle snaps up Xsigo for SDN smarts
Xsigo's software-defined networking technology simplifies cloud infrastructure and operations by allowing customers to dynamically and flexibly connect any server to any network and storage, resulting in increased asset utilization and application ...


Oracle Buys Virtualization Provider Xsigo to Boost Cloud Services
PC Magazine
Software manufacturer Oracle announced today that it has acquired network virtualization provider Xsigo Systems in an effort to boost its cloud capabilities. San Jose-based Xsigo connects any server to any network, increasing customers' performance ...

Cloud Computing Data Protection Report: Privacy and IT Advisory Firm Eosensa ...
MarketWatch (press release)
The report, entitled "Protecting Sensitive Data In The Cloud," is available as a free download fromwww.eosensa.com . Data Privacy, Compliance, and IT Security professionals will find valuable information in the report that will assist them in designing and ...

Top Cloud Services for File Sharing and Syncing
Top Cloud Services for File Sharing and Syncing. With the help of cloud services, you can edit your documents on any Internet-connected device, and keep them up-to-date. We looked at Box, Dropbox, MediaFire, SkyDrive, and SugarSync to determine which ...

Cloud Computing: Apple Has Talked to Twitter about Investment: NYT
SYS-CON Media (press release)
At sometime in the last few months Apple talked to Twitter about making a strategic investment in the social networking firm, according to a story that ran in the New York Times last Friday and has subsequently gotten a lot of play. It says that if they ever come ...
SYS-CON Media (press release)

CDW Expands Cloud Offerings with Salesforce Cloud Services
MarketWatch (press release)
"This new partnership with salesforce.com is a cornerstone of our diverse cloud computingofferings," said Matt Troka, senior vice president, product and partner management, CDW. "Our customers in the public and commercial sectors are constantly looking ...

When there's a third party in the cloud
Computerworld Australia
When contracting for cloud-computing services, one challenge is that there may be more parties involved than your company and the cloud vendor. The vendor might outsource some of the services covered in the contract, or it ... Combining and integrating multiple cloud services into one or more new services that meet the client's needs, including integration and secure movement of data between the client and multiple cloud vendors. * Aggregating the demand forcloud services among a community of clients with ...

Distributed Computing (Cloud) Services
SYS-CON Media (press release)
Cloud Computing Journal: Forrester's James Staten: "Not everything will move to the cloud as there are many business processes, data sets and workflows that require specific hardware or proprietary solutions that can't take advantage of cloudeconomics.

SYS-CON Media (press release)

Oracle buys cloud computing firm Xsigo
Proactive Investors USA & Canada
Xsigo chief executive, Lloyd Carney added: “As customers are focused on reducing costs” and improving “their network utilization, virtualization allows customers to scale compute and storage for their public and private clouds to changing demands.” ...

Proactive Investors USA & Canada

Oracle Purchases Xsigo to Advance Cloud Computing Capabilities
Software-defined networking. That's the latest thing to have, if you're a giant software company intent on being a player in the age of the cloud. On Monday, Oracle announced it has entered into an agreement to buy Xsigo Systems, a move that strengthens the ...

Netflix open sources cloud-testing Chaos Monkey
Netflix has open sourced Chaos Monkey, a service designed to terminate cloud computing instances in a controlled manner so companies can ensure their applications keep running when a virtual server dies unexpectedly. In the past year, Chaos Monkey ...


Top cloud services for online backup
Backing up your valuable files is a necessary chore, but cloud services can make the process fairly painless. We tried three. By Paul Lilly, PC World | Storage, cloud storage Add a new comment .... The Webcast Cloud Computing Knowledge Vault was viewed ...

Oracle to Buy Cloud Infrastructure Provider
Wall Street Journal
Now, cloud-computing companies are taking a growing interest in controlling the routers and switches of networks by using a similar virtualization model in order to manage data-center hardware and cut down on bottlenecks and inefficiencies. VMware Inc.

Cloud driving DevOps transformation, importance
Cloud computing has placed additional emphasis on communication and cooperation between enterprise developers and IT operations in order for the DevOps model to work and for business needs to be met effectively, analysts say. Michael Azoff, principal ...

Cloud computing increases IT innovation says IBM study
MyHostNews.com (press release)
Web Hosting News – AUCKLAND, New Zealand – IBM (NYSE: IBM) today released the results of a nationwide survey of New Zealand IT managers' opinions on what Cloud computing means for in-house IT teams. The results suggest that Cloud adoption ...

Has Trust Really Moved to the Cloud?
Computerworld Australia
Trust, ladies and gentlemen, has moved into the cloud. This is different from expecting people to have confidence in the website of the bank they deposit their money in. Banks have not been able to position themselves as arbiters of trust the way social ...

SMBs slow to adopt cloud-based productivity applications
ZDNet (blog)
Summary: File sharing is by far the most popular use of cloud services by small businesses but most are sticking to on-premise spreadsheets or word processors, according to new research from IT social network Spiceworks. Heather Clancy. By Heather Clancy for Small Business ..."The two million IT professionals in Spiceworks are managing the transition to cloud computingevery day," said Adam Weinroth, executive director of vendor marketing at Spiceworks. "Many of the complex technologies once reserved for ...

Mexico hotel giant puts its IT in Texas
Computerworld - WASHINGTON -- The U.S. has been shipping application development work offshore for years, but cloud computing may help make America a data center services exporter. Take Grupo Posadas, a large hotel group in Mexico. It has five data ...

Oracle buys Xsigo for software-defined networking
IDG News Service - Oracle said Monday it has inked a deal to buy software-defined networking vendor Xsigo Systems, in a move that will support Oracle's ongoing foray into cloud computing. Terms of the acquisition, which is expected to close within a few ...

Oracle to buy cloud-infrastructure firm Xsigo
(NASDAQ:ORCL) agreed to acquire Xsigo Systems Inc., a provider of network virtualization technology, continuing its buying spree to embrace cloud computing. Financial terms weren't disclosed. Based in San Jose, Calif., Xsigo has more than 300 enterprise ...

Cloud computing growth causing increasing disruption: CompTIA
The increasingly integral role of cloud computing in IT operations is accompanied by significant change and disruption for cloud users, their IT staffs and their technology providers, according to new research from IT trade association Dell CompTIA. Few of the data in the study -- CompTIA's Third ... "There's still quite a bit of opportunity out there that for the channel that remains untapped, including integration and aggregation of different cloud services," April said. "The channel is playing a role in the customer not ...

Is The Cloud Really Ready For Business?
And there have been at least 10 times over the past year alone where my cloud computing service has hiccupped…throwing me offline or being inaccessible for anywhere between five minutes and an hour. All with good reasons. But it's still not very comforting. This is the state of The Cloud in 2012. And I endure. The tech guys tell ... It's just that big, reliable cloud services are still going down too often. And big companies, with big IT staffs and big budgets, are suffering. And to small business owners, already nervous ...

Gartner Says Nexus of Forces - Social, Mobile, Cloud and Information - Is the ...
MarketWatch (press release)
Without cloud computing, social interactions would have no place to happen at scale, mobile access would fail to be able to connect to a wide variety of data and functions, and information still would be stuck inside internal systems. The model of cloud computing is what Gartner calls a ... Mobile independent software vendors using cloud services have more options to access information and processes than ever before -- without having to own it all. Crowdsourcing can be done through mobile communities because ...

Oracle To Buy Cloud Infrastructure Technology Provider Xsigo
Fox Business
... Infrastructure Technology Provider Xsigo. Published July 30, 2012. Dow Jones Newswires. Oracle Corp. (ORCL) agreed to acquire Xsigo Systems Inc., a provider of network virtualization technology, continuing its buying spree to embrace cloud computing.

App Review: Box Cloud Storage App for Windows Phone ...
By Lucas
There are many cloud services out there: SkyDrive, which is built into your Windows Phone, iCloud, Dropbox and many more. One of ... WP8 leak points to separate Xbox Music cloud storage service 12 Comments Posted on: Jul 28th, 2012 ...

Daily Kos: What 'Cloud' Computing Is And Why It Should Worry You
By rss@dailykos.com (CartoonDiablo)
In order to fix this came "Cloud" computing which essentially outsourced the problem; large remote server hubs or "clouds" managed by private companies would take the place of buying servers. In these clouds websites would ..... One of the advantages of cloud storage is it give one the ability to remotely wipe a lost/stolen mobile device without losing the data in back-up. If we can trust the ... BTW, no one is forcing anyone to use cloud services, it's a choice. But if you use any 3rd party ...

Cloud Computing Data Protection Report | Telecom Reseller
By jeffowen
Privacy and IT Advisory Firm Eosensa Analyzes Cloud Data Protection Capabilities in New Industry Report TORONTO–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Eosensa, a leading information security …
Telecom Reseller

Boosting Productivity Through Mobility And Cloud Services ...
By Richard Roberts
Uptake of cloud services in SMEs is set to increase dramatically in the next three years, taking the adoption level of some cloud service or application moved into the cloud to almost 100 percent. Progressive companies that have already rolled ...
Business Computing World

How to Survive a Cloud Outage | Cloud Computing Journal
Cloud computing solutions offer organizations tremendous opportunities for efficiency, flexibility, and scalability. They also create some scenarios in which a business can find themselves in trouble. A single cloud outage can shut an ...
Latest News from Cloud Computing Journal
Hangout on Air - SADA Says
By SADA Systems
SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog. » Let's Hangout! Google Hangout ... you could be using Gmail! Add Google Enterprise and SADA Systems to your circles and enjoy being in the loop for relevant updates and news happening in the cloud!
SADA Says | Cloud Computing Blog

Cloud Computing: What Does It Mean to You?
By pierrekhawand
If you Google "cloud computing," you'll find more than 200000000 results. Yes, that's 200 million of them. But you don't even need to Google it. Just look around your office, and you are likely to find many cloud services that are in place: from ...
The TechSoup Blog

Cloud Computing Customer Services | Cloud Computing Australia
By admin
Cloud Computing comes into focus only when you think about what IT always needs to increase capacity or add capabilities on the fly without investing in new infrastructures, training new personnel, or licensing new software. It encompasses ...
Cloud Computing Australia
Securosis Blog | Proxies—Meet the 'Agents' of Cloud Computing
Proxies—Meet the 'Agents' of Cloud Computing. You remember agents, right? ... In terms ofcloud services, what does that all mean? For the last two years we ...

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