Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Healthcare Industry to Spend Upwards of $5B on Cloud Solutions by 2017

Healthcare Industry to Spend Upwards of $5B on Cloud Solutions by 2017
A recent report finds that the fun is just beginning for healthcare in the cloud. The cloud computingmarket is poised to expand by an estimated 20.5 percent over the next five years to become a $5.4 billion market by 2017, according to “Healthcare ...

Case for cloud storage not that clearcut
The Australian Financial Review
“Cloud computing” refers to IT storage and processing that is located outside a user or organisation's local IT infrastructure. This means that traditional IT services, such as the provision of email and the storage of company records or financial ...

The Australian Financial Review

Cloud computing sans barriers may increase EU GDP by €250bn in 2020: IDC
Computer Business Review
Removing barriers to cloud computing in Europe through policy action could generate about €250bn EU GDP Growth in 2020, according to a new IDC study. The study found that policy actions intended at removing barriers to adoption of cloud services will ...

CloudLock aims to protect Google Apps from rogue apps
The beauty of cloud is that users can easily download and install lots of cool applications — from a variety of app stores. The danger of cloud… is also that users can easily download and install lots of cool applications from a variety of app stores ...


Factors That Hurt Cloud Computing Confidence
CloudTweaks News
Cloud computing has been called a saint and other great names by friends and foe. It promises great benefits, cost cuts and efficiencies at individual and enterprise level. However, even as momentum grows, uptake figures have not been at all impressive.

Cisco Brings More Services and Solutions to the Cloud
... Communications Strategies Logo Sm. Cisco is enhancing its cloud services in an effort to provide a more advanced suite of cloud offerings. Stocking up its one-stop shop for collaboration solutions, Cisco customers can now access enhanced ...

Dilbert disses cloud (or at least cloudwashing)
Dilbert's boss (he of the awesome two-point hairdo) tells Dilbert to move some of the company's functions to the Internet but to call the Internet “cloud.” Why? Because no one “will take us seriously unless we're doing something in the cloud,” says Mr.


Cloud, circa 2017
Technology and non-technology companies will be indistinguishable: Not only will non-tech enterprises (say, car parts manufacturers or business services) be consuming cloud services, but they will be both providing their own services out of their data ...

Google upgrades Chromebook 'cloud laptop' and chops price to £229
Google has announced a major update of its Samsung Chromebook 'cloud laptop', chopping the price, upping the cloud storage on offer and overhauling the hardware spec. Google just won't give up on its Chromebook and perhaps, as with its best-selling ...

How cloud can threaten the end-user experience
As the government embraces initiatives such as cloud computing virtualization and data center consolidation, however, it should be aware of the downside. Such technological advances create a new layer of complexity that can wreak havoc on the end-user ...

Five cloud computing tips for SMBs - ReadySpace
By David Loke
You've read countless case studies of how small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) have turned to cloud computing to raise productivity, improve customer service and stay ahead of the competition. But is your company ready to jump onto ...
ReadySpace Cloud and Managed Hosting

NAMA boosts operations with cloud computing — The Punch ...
By oayodele
The Nigerian Airspace Management Agency said it had subscribed to cloud computing through its recent deployment of the Windows Server 2012, thereby boosting its operations and cutting Information Technology cost. NAMA's Chief ...
The Punch - Nigeria's Most Widely...

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