Friday, June 27, 2014

Cloud Computing, a Failed Revolution?

Gartner's Lydia Leong echoed this perspective in a couple funny tweets, plaintively noting that, far from being finished with cloud implementations, many IT personnel don't even really understand cloud computing. -- Has Cloud Computing Been a Failed Revolution?
Talk to IT personnel, or study what they look up on Google, and you may think they're done with cloud computing. Talk to analysts, though -- or, more ...(read more at link above)

Google Embraces Docker, the Next Big Thing in Cloud Computing
Google is putting its considerable weight behind an open source technology that's already one of the hottest new ideas in the world of cloud ...

Google battles Amazon for corporate clouds
By Joab Jackson, IDG News Service | Cloud Computing. June 17, 2014, 4:50 PM —Google says it's in the enterprise cloud market to stay and and will ...

Cloud Computing: Google Says Docker Shares its Vision
Social Times (blog)
The future of personalization is cloud computing, with the Linux open-source operating system underpinning the servers that drive the Internet. Docker ...

How cloud computing is like getting a rental car
The Tennessean
... or online word processors, like Google Docs, cloud computing can involve ... to small businesses that wish to leverage cloud computing capabilities.

Cloud computing breathing new life into Microsoft
Investor's Business Daily
Cloud computing breathing new life into Microsoft ... to better compete with (NASDAQ:AMZN), Google (NASDAQ:GOOGL) and others.

Google Stands to Dockerize the Future of Cloud Computing
Back in 2012, Google Inc. hired Eric Brewer, a computer science professor from the University of California, Berkeley, to redesign a brand-new ...

Acer to release new cloud apps in June, eyes partnerships in smart devices
The cloud computing market is filled with plenty of competitors such as Google, Microsoft and Amazon. But Acer's Shih believes the company can ...

Google looks to the day when it can quit building its own servers
As cloud deployments get bigger and more widespread, the industry will eventually catch up to Google's style of computing and the company will no ...

Cloud Computing's Second Act Is All Business
He conveys the observation that Google search traffic for the term “cloud ... The curtain is now opening on cloud computing's second act, which is all ...

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