Monday, September 8, 2014

Cloud Robotics

Robots With Their Heads in the Clouds — Aspen Ideas — Medium: "....The Five Elements of Cloud Robotics are:
  1. Big Data: indexing a global library of images, maps, and object data, 
  2. Cloud Computing: grid computing on demand for statistical learning, and motion planning, 
  3. Open-Source: humans sharing robot code, data, algorithms, and hardware designs, 
  4. Collective Robot Learning: robots sharing trajectories, control policies, and outcomes that can be analyzed with statistical machine learning methods and 
  5. Crowdsourcing and call centers: offline and on-demand human guidance for evaluation, learning, and error recovery. 
"Cloud Robotics will build on related effort including the “Internet of Things,” “IBM’s Smarter Planet,” General Electric’s vision of the “Industrial Internet,” and Siemens’ concept of “Industry 4.0.” These approaches have enormous potential but also open a Pandora’s Box of issues related to privacy and security. But when robots have their heads in the clouds, the sky’s the limit..." (read  more at the link above)

More Cloud News below--computing, storage, infrastructure, security (on mobile @ web version -- link below)

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