Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Microsoft Azure Cloud, Internet of Things, IoT Services

Satya Nadella Pitches Microsoft ‘Difference’ to CIOs - The CIO Report - WSJ: "... Microsoft’s distinguishes its cloud strategy by offering applications, platforms and infrastructure software, while others only offer some of those capabilities, he said. Microsoft also has a valuable asset in supporting its Office 365 cloud productivity suite with the Azure infrastructure services, ensuring security and reliability. “Microsoft’s differentiation is the total package,” he said. A crucial extension of Microsoft’s strategy is the Internet of Things, in which everyday devices include sensors for remote control or automation. Mr. Nadella said that ThyssenKrupp Elevator uses sensors and IoT services, hosted in Microsoft’s Azure cloud, to monitor one million elevators worldwide to notify technicians when they require maintenance. IoT is strategic for Microsoft. “We are well into it,” he said...."

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