Monday, December 22, 2014

Google Cloud, Autoscaling, Google Compute Engine

From the Google Cloud Platform Blog: Autoscaling, welcome to Google Compute Engine:"The true power of cloud computing is unlocked when developers can build resilient and cost efficient applications that use just the right amount of resources necessary at any given time. So the same team that designed the scaling infrastructure for products like Google Search and Gmail have brought a highly anticipated feature toGoogle Compute Engine - intelligent horizontal Autoscaling. Today we are releasing the service into Beta, which means it is now available for everyone to start using. Autoscaling allows customers to build more cost effective and resilient applications. Using Compute Engine Autoscaling, you can ensure that exactly the right number of Compute Engine instances are available at any given time to handle your application’s workload. This saves you money when your application’s usage is low, and ensures your application is responsive when utilization is high. The Compute Engine Autoscaler is able to intelligently and dynamically scale the number of instances in response to different load conditions by defining the ideal utilization level of a group of Compute Engine instances. This means that when the actual utilization of your service increases or decreases, Autoscaler will detect the change and adjust the number of running instances to match. Autoscaler can respond to a number of different metrics such as CPU load, QPS on a HTTP Load Balancer and metrics defined using the Cloud Monitoring service...." (read more at link above)

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