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Amazon competition to highlight cloud usage among startups

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Amazon competition to highlight cloud usage among startups
By Mikael Rickn√§s | IDG News Service Amazon Web Services has opened the fifth annual AWS Start-Up Challenge, a contest that aims to recognize innovative uses of its cloud computing platform, the company said on Monday. Cloud services are a good fit for ...
BlueBridge Powered by Bluemile Creates a Unique Regional Cloud Product
PR Newswire (press release)
1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- BlueBridge Networks, the Cleveland provider of data center services such as work group recovery, virtualization, cloud computing and managed services, has announced a multimillion-dollar joint investment with Columbus based ...
Advantages and drawbacks to public cloud services
Public cloud computing services offers organizations the opportunity to realize many of the advantages offered by private clouds, but without many of the costs. There are, however, drawbacks to public cloud options that could outweigh the potential ...
Sales for Zenith Infotech's "Cloud Technology" Continue to Rise
PR Newswire (press release)
1, 2011 /PRNewswire/ -- Zenith Infotech, an international company that specializes in delivering remote monitoring and management, innovative business continuity, and cloud computing solutions for IT service providers, today announced that more than ...
Westpac to save with own private cloud
The Australian
WESTPAC Banking Group expects to slash tens of millions of dollars from its IT budget thanks to a "private cloud" delivered by Microsoft and Fujitsu in Australia. The bank believes the private cloudwill allow it to become "more nimble" and help its ...
Netmagic Launches Third Generation of Enterprise-Grade Cloud Services
By Laura Stotler, TMCnet Contributing Editor Netmagic Solutions, a pure-play managed IT hosting services firm based in India, has launched the third generation of its enterprise-grade, on-demand public cloud services. The SimpliCloud (Cloud Services on ...
ServiceNow Announces Knowledge11 Europe, the Leading User Conference for Cloud IT
PR Newswire (press release)
ServiceNow Knowledge conferences are the fastest-growing IT management user events in the world, and are still the only conferences focused exclusively on cloud services built for enterprise IT. The Knowledge11 Europe agenda will feature more than 50 ...
Issues about Cloud computing
Times of India
PUNE: Most Indian enterprises have apprehension over adopting cloud computing as they have experienced more security issues while using Cloud service than their global counterparts, a recent global cloud security survey conducted by Trend Micro has ...
Loughborough University, Logicalis and JANET® Move Hybrid Cloud into Mainstream
PR Newswire (press release)
The exercise has validated Loughborough's conviction that hybrid cloud is a viable IT service delivery platform, and demonstrates the true capabilities of cloud as far more than just a hypervisor workload enabler. Leveraging Logicalis' industry leading ...
IceWEB 6000: Secure and Redundant When it Comes to Cloud Computing
PR Newswire (press release)
IceWEB.com, a leading provider of Unified Data Storage and building blocks for cloud storage networks released its "Cluster-in-a-box" 6000 HA (High-Availability) storage system. The 6000HA features secure redundancy at every level. ...
Cloud Computing Isn't All About Cost Savings
Business Insider
Put aside, just for a minute, the many benefits of a public cloud. Here's the real reason so many companies are migrating (or considering a migration) to this model: money. With this move, companies can save money. Here's the more complicated reality, ...
More on cloud computing insurance
Returning to our discussion of cloud insurance, if I may: A couple weeks ago I wrote about an idea that IEEE's CIO, Dr. Alexander Pasik, had discussed with me, which is that a widespread cloudcomputing insurance paradigm to guarantee against security ...
Cloud firms offer start-up package
Cloud Pro
Accessible through www.cloud-start-up.com, the offering helps form a company by providing a domain name, signing the new firm up to @UK PLC's ecommerce site and giving it a start-up version of Liquid's SaaS-based accounting software. ...
Huawei 'makes first cloud-computing phone'
China Daily
It is now drawing on the popularity of Italian Supercoppa with hundreds of millions Chinese soccer fans in the hope of promoting its cloud-computing smart phones. These new handsets can provide easy downloads and enable the sharing of movies, ...
How cloud computing will change the way you do business
Smart Business Network
You may not know it yet, but cloud computing is going to change the way you do business. Gone will be the days of provisioning hardware and software, creating space to house them, doing data backup and paying for maintenance. ...
Disaster recovery in the cloud explained
Disaster recovery in the cloud is a relatively new concept, and like many technology trends, there's a lot of hype and misinformation out there. In this Storage magazine article from Jacob Gsoedl, you'll learn about the top cloud disaster recovery ...
James Caan talks cloud
Cloud Pro
James Caan has teamed up with security goliath Symantec to spread the news about risks to corporate networks, but cloud also seems near the top of his agenda. “It has changed the landscape quite significantly,” he told our sister title, IT Pro. ...
Immature migration tools stall long road to the Cloud
Computerworld Australia
Virtualisation to Cloud (V2C) migration tools are not enterprise-ready making it a time consuming process that is prone to failure, according to Gartner analyst, Kyle Hilgendorf. In a research note on moving applications from data centres to external ...
How To Decide Which Cloud Based Service Is Best For Your Business
Portfolio.com (blog)
by Nicola Kean The cloud is getting pretty crowded these days. The professional version of Google Apps has had the market cornered for a while, but now Microsoft is getting in on the action, launching its cloud offering, Office 365, at the end of June. ...
Sourcefire to Share Best Practices for Defending against Malware and Advanced ...
Bradenton Herald
Sourcefire, Inc. (Nasdaq: FIRE), the creator of Snort® and a leader in intelligent cybersecurity solutions, today announced that Oliver Friedrichs, Senior Vice President of Sourcefire's CloudTechnology Group, and Joel Esler, Sourcefire's Open Source ...
Appirio CEO talks Workday, SaaS momentum, IPO
ZDNet (blog)
By Larry Dignan | August 1, 2011, 2:56am PDT We caught up with Appirio CEO Chris Barbin to talk shop, cloud computing and market trends. Larry Dignan is Editor in Chief of ZDNet and SmartPlanet as well as Editorial Director of ZDNet's sister site ...
Cloud tech webinar this Wednesday | Game Development | News by Develop
Online panel to share knowledge on the new technology.
Healthcare Spending for Cloud Services Making a Big Jump ...
By Robert Manto
Even though there has been wide adoption of the cloud by most industries, the healthcare industry continues to be slow in adopting cloud computing. This slow pace in embracing the cloud is mainly due to prevailing concerns in ...
WSO2 releases Stratos 1.5 PaaS, CTO sees cloud adoption growth ...
By shehani
Fremantle believes that as employees use cloud in their personal lives, trust in the cloud will grow and manifest in the enterprise. “People's own comfort level is influenced by day to day usage,” said Fremantle.
Music Ally | Blog Archive » Google opening up its cloud music ...
By musically
Google is starting to widen out the user base for its Music Beta by Google cloud service. Current users have been given two invites each to get friends onto the service, which is following the example set by previous Google offerings ...
Music Ally
Perspectives - SolidFire: Cloud Operators Becomes a Market
By James Hamilton
A sign of the maturing of the cloud computing market is there now many companies interested in offering a cloud computing platform not all of which have substantial systems software teams. There is now a much larger number of companies ...
Cloud computing serves as a green solution, says report | IPM
As more organizations recognize the benefits associated with cloud computing, the technology may offer a more eco-friendly advantage.
The Infrastructure of Cloud Hosting and How it is Set to Change ...
By Jonathon Linnell
The term "cloud computing" is often heard in relation to hosting solutions. Just as often, its meaning is illusive. Private cloud hosting, public cloud hosting, dedicated servers, availability, scalability, and redundancy are common ...
SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources
Benoit Bertrand: Essential Cloud Trends and Answers–VP, CTO ...
By Stephen.Ibaraki
The Align IT program is dedicated to keeping IT leaders informed about what really matters in business and technology through in-person events, web casts, podcasts and the Canadian IT Manager's Blog. You can find more information about ...
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The Open Cloud Initiative Launches
By Fabian A. Scherschel
Today the Open Cloud Initiative (OCI), a non-profit organization established to advocate open standards in cloud computing, announced its official launch [...]. Its purpose is to provide a legal framework within which the greater cloud ...
Simplify your Cloud Migration | Challenging Complexity...
By Orlando Scott-Cowley
Migrating to the Cloud at the moment? Or at least planning to sometime soon? Lots of businesses are either moving key IT services out to the Cloud right now, or are planning to in the near future. Many organizations have adopted the ...
Challenging Complexity...
Thought Leaders In Cloud Compu… | AW WebBiz & Social Media Blog
By Gretchen Glasscock
Thought Leaders In Cloud Computing: Steven John, Strategic CIO Of Workday (Part 1): By Sramana Mitra and guest a... http://bit.ly/oNYtt5.
AW WebBiz & Social Media Blog
Excel Data in the Cloud | Excel Software with Excel Data Integration
By Kien Leong
Excel Data in the Cloud. Build Excel Software, share and integrate Excel Data with different users in the cloud using Dropbox or other providers.
Show 55 – Questions You Should Be Asking Your Cloud Provider
By packetpushers@gmail.com (Greg Ferro, Ethan Banks, Dan Hughes)
We cover a bit of news, and then discuss the security and economic implications of outsourcing your applications to the cloud. Or…the “blah blah cloud” as those of us worn out by marketing hype like to think of it. ...
Packet Pushers Podcast
Comparing costs of cloud computing providers | Cloud Computing ...
By Marcin Okraszewski
When considering ROI maximization of cloud computing solutions it is crucial to minimize costs ofcloud hosting, especially that differences can be very big. Anyone who has tried to compare prices of IaaS providers knows that it is a ...
Cloud Computing Economics
ServiceMesh - Cloud: It's all about the apps!
By Dave Roberts
When we talk about cloud computing, those of us “in the biz” often go on and on about clouds themselves. But ultimately, IaaS and PaaS clouds don't do anything themselves. They are merely a substrate on which to build other things, ...
YouSendIt delivers unlimited cloud storage (video) - CNET News
The Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 4G will launch this Thursday, Apple forces developers to update their apps to remove external links to e-books and subscriptions ...
Best Buy Joins The Cloud
The first limitation is that Music Cloud can only sync with songs that are in iTunes. Unlike Google Music Beta and Amazon Cloud Drive, you cannot upload ...
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