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Cloud Computing Fueling Global Economic Growth

Cloud Computing Fueling Global Economic Growth: London School of Economics study
The development of cloud computing will promote economic growth, increase productivity and shift the type of jobs and skills required by businesses, according to a new study by the London School of Economics and Political Science.


Fujitsu, ServiceMesh Expand Cloud Offerings
Fujitsu and ServiceMesh have a new partnership that looks to brings more public and private cloudofferings to their enterprise customers. Cloud platform vendor ServiceMesh has forged a relationship with Fujitsu, giving ServiceMesh customers access to ...

Create word clouds with Wordle
by Eddie Cho January 27, 2012 9:59 AM PST Wordle is a simple Web app that's useful for creating eye-popping "word clouds" just by inputting text. A picture is worth a thousand words, but with Wordle, a thousand words is worth a word cloud.

Why you can't afford to resist the cloud
ZDNet (blog)
By Phil Wainewright | January 27, 2012, 1:48pm PST Summary: Large and small enterprises are creating new business opportunities through their use of the cloud, at the expense of those who are slower to adapt. While many are still digging in their heels ...

Shooting the clouds
MEGAUPLOAD'S service was a form of cloud computing in the sense that it served as off-site data storage – it just so happened that one piece of data stored by one user could be accessed and copied by thousands of others.

Facebook Scammers Redirect Victims Through Amazon's Cloud
By Lucian Constantin, IDG News Facebook scammers have started redirecting victims through Amazon's cloud in order to bypass malicious URL filters, according to security researchers from antivirus vendor F-Secure. One Facebook survey scam recently ...

Adobe to base new cloud services in Ireland
US technology giant Adobe is to base the European side of a new cloud-based service in Ireland. US technology giant Adobe is to base the European side of its new cloud-based service in Ireland. Adobe Chief Technology Officer Kevin Lynch told RTÉ News ...

Verizon Relies On Cloud Services For Future Growth
By Andrew R Hickey, CRN Verizon's record fourth quarter revenue was due, in part, it its full-on emersion in the cloud market, an area Verizon plans to hammer as it integrates a pair of high-profilecloud acquisitions and further sharpens its cloud ...

GaleForce control freak paints clouds KVM red
By Timothy Prickett Morgan • Get more from this author Gale Technologies, one of the many companies that wants to manage your private and public clouds, has revved up its GaleForce cloudcontrol freak to 6.0, and is improving its support for ...

Ping Identity Kicks Off Free Cloud Identity Security Training Series
MarketWatch (press release)
DENVER, Jan 27, 2012 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- Ping Identity(R), The Cloud Identity Security Leader(TM), today announced that its 2012 Free Online Training is underway. Ping Identity provides a wealth of free educational information on its website for those ...

Apple iCloud: will the cloud finally go mainstream?
Will the company popularise cloud computing the way it has other technologies? By Shane Richmond, Head of Technology (Editorial) It's unlikely that you have your own power station at home and you probably keep your money in a bank, not stuffed inside...

The cloud lords over London
By Shawn Langlois, MarketWatch Not the kind of cloud known to crush the souls of all but the hardiest London dwellers this time a year. Rather, the sort whose fervent backers claim it will (again) transform the digital, building efficiencies between ...

The US Military Cuts for the Cloud
New York Times (blog)
Those sectors are coping with enormous transitions in work, leisure, and personal relationships brought on by the rise of cloud computing and mobility. It is not surprising that the military should go through something like that too.

New York Times (blog)

VCU Team "Rams" Complexity from Cloud Technology to Win International ...
MarketWatch (press release)
The VCU team, which developed a cloud-based smart platform solution for small businesses, had earlier secured their spot representing the AT&T* division by beating out 60 teams from around the world. "After interviewing a handful of small business ...

Logica Says Cloud is 'Railway of 21st Century'
Logica has described cloud computing as "the railway of the 21st century", claiming that the community clouds it is building with Microsoft will help to promote sharing and collaboration among like-minded companies. By Sophie Curtis Techworld — Logica ...

Case Studies on Live Deployments Draw Big Sponsors to Cloud Fair 2012
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
A program focused on putting real-world case studies and user experiences on the stage has attracted the attention of a growing list of large sponsors for the Cloud Fair 2012 cloud computing conference. Box, Amazon Web Services, Google, Red Hat, ...

The Hybrid Cloud: A Major Focus In 2012
CloudTweaks News
A while ago I have written an article about the types of cloud computing an organization has the choice to adopt, About Private or Shared Cloud and Everything in Between. For medium sized and small companies and private individuals, the publiccloud is ...

CloudTweaks News

CloudPassage launches new security product for public clouds
By Jeremy Kirk IDG News Service - CloudPassage is launching a new security product for virtual servers in public clouds such as Amazon Web Services that it says takes care of the all-important need for security when using services from infrastructure ...

Small Business Knowledge of Cloud Capabilities Grows: Fonality
The study concluded that cloud-based unified communications (UC) could eliminate productivity shortfalls among SMBs. Small businesses are increasingly becoming educated about the benefitscloud computing holds for their companies, according to a report ...

G-Cloud catalogue available from March
The Guardian
The opportunity for suppliers to join the government's £60m G-Cloud framework is drawing to a close, according to Mark O'Neill, proposition director for innovation and delivery at the Government Digital Service (GDS). "We plan to launch the first ...

Cloud Computing: Amazon Goes After Enterprise Data
SYS-CON Media (press release)
Amazon's cloud, which, let's face it, is still pretty much developer turf, broadened its push into the enterprise Wednesday with the introduction of AWS Storage Gateway, a beta virtual appliance nominally meant to automate enterprise data backup to S3 ...

SYS-CON Media (press release)

Local governments opt for cloud-based information storage
The Detroit News
By Serena Maria Daniels Macomb County is joining governments throughout Metro Detroit and elsewhere in the country in dumping antiquated tech systems and turning to cost-effective, cloud-based technology from providers such as Google, AT&T, ...

What the Cloud Means for the Future of Content [VIDEO]
The promise of being able to access all of your content on any device is quickly becoming a reality as everything from productivity apps to entertainment moves to the cloud. Still, questions remain about issues like user experience and security.

CA AppLogic Gains Cloud Services Momentum With MSPs
Novatrend is the latest hosting and managed services provider (MSP) to embrace CA Technologies's AppLogic platform for cloud services. The news surfaces as roughly 100 MSPs prepare to attend CA Technologies' MSP Symposium (Miami, Jan. 29-31).

EnterpriseDB Launches Postgres Plus Cloud Database
EnterpriseDB delivers its Postgres Plus Cloud Database with support from CloudBees, Engine Yard and others. EnterpriseDB, a provider of PostgreSQL and Oracle database compatibility products and services, announced the general availability of the ...

3 reasons why even if your IT is cloud-centric, you must manage it
ZDNet (blog)
By Heather Clancy | January 27, 2012, 7:34am PST Summary: Switching to cloud services can save money but it doesn't negate the need for high-level IT strategy and management. Earlier this week, I had the honor of taking on my ZDNet commentator Chris ...

"Cloud computing" "The cloud" "Cloud server" - what!?
By RichGK
By: RichGK, Forum: SaaS and Cloud Computing, I'm not one for blindly running after the next IT buzzword (however old it is ;) possibly because.. well not everyone in IT is doing the same kind if stuff are they so we don't all have to...
Spiceworks Community

Google Supports the European Cloud Partnership
By Adam Swidler
Last year, we were excited about the effort initiated by the U.S. government to promote cloud adoption through the Cloud First initiative. Through this initiative, the federal government declared that taxpayers' money should be used in a more ...
Official Google Enterprise Blog

Europe stumps up £8 million for cloud computing strategy ...
By (Jennifer Baker)
One year after announcing her intention to develop a European Cloud Computing Strategy, Europe's Digital Agenda Commissioner Neelie Kroes this week made a first cash commitment to the initiative.
Computerworld UK Public Sector

Friday Cloud News Roundup | GMO Cloud America
By miccilopez
Cloud Computing News Highlights: Magellan Project, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI), Budgeting on the Cloud, Cloud in a Different Light, Cloud Security Alliance, Cloud Stocks.
GMO Cloud America

Global Services - Increasing Interest in Private Cloud
DynamicOps, cloud services provider, reported a 300 percent growth in the private cloud market through 2011. INetU, a managed hosting provider,last summer added a sixth data center. Rockspace, a cloud service provider,posted ...
Global Services - Latest Stories

Best Free Business Cloud Apps You Probably Haven't Heard Of ...
By Joseph Walker
The title might sound a bit presumptuous, but the writers at Cloud Nation worked hard to compile a list of cloud applications that most folks who don't spend time in the cloud aren't familiar with. All of these cloud hosted applications are free, but ...
SiteProNews: Webmaster News & Resources

Cloud Computing: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility ...
By cloudtweaks
Cloud Computing: With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility The cloud delivery model gives vendors a great amount of power. It is easier to create, deploy, - Cloud Computing...

This Week in Cloud: From SoundCloud to VMware's Datacenter App ...
By Maria Deutscher
Over in the PaaS space, Amazon has come up with yet another way to take over the cloud market.Cloud Gateway is the newest AWS offering, and hooks up on-premise apps with Amazon storage, providing it a very good way of tapping ...

Webinar: How to Monitor Public Cloud Infrastructure to Maximize ...
By carly
Running production applications and critical business processes in a public cloud requires sophisticated monitoring and correlation capabilities to ensure that businesses get a true organization-wide view of cloud services performance.

The Netflix Tech Blog: Auto Scaling in the Amazon Cloud
Since we began migrating our production infrastructure to the cloud in 2010, we have used Amazon's auto scaling groups to manage all of the server pools that ...

NetIQ Cloud Manager
With Cloud Manager, the promise of public cloud computing is in your reach by allowing you to gain the necessary policies, processes, and skills to handle ...

Cloud Computing Security | Symantec
Ensure control over your critical information with the right cloud computing security solutions. Find out about cloud security products from Symantec.

2012: Year of Cloud BI -- TDWI -The Data Warehousing Institute
There's no doubt that customers will continue their migration from in-house BI to BI in the cloud. We explore best practices for cloud BI and the limitations this ...

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