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Don't tax the cloud!

Don't tax the cloud!
There are lots of opinions about whether the government has the authority to tax cloud computing. But there are no hard-and-fast laws, regulations, or court precedents to provide definitive answers as to whether cloud services can be taxed and, if so ... 

Microsoft Azure Tops Cloud Developer Platform Survey
[ Want to learn more about what the previous survey showed about developers' attitudes toward the best cloud computing environment? See VMware's Cloud Foundry Ranked Top Developer Platform. ] Microsoft has an inherent advantage in an Evans ...

Salesforce Takes On Dropbox With Cloud Storage And File Sharing Services
Forbes's CEO, Marc Benioff announced at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in San Francisco that the company is planning to roll out an online storage and file sharing service competing with the likes of Dropbox. It also plans to release an ...

Riverbed Intros Major Upgrade To Whitewater Cloud Storage
Riverbed Technology this week unveiled a new cloud storage gateway appliance as well as a new version of its operating system it said was designed to help companies better leverage cloud storage to manage the growth of their data. ... Riverbed's ...

QNAP Symform Cloud Storage Backup Solutions Announced
Benchmark Reviews
QNAP Systems, Inc. today announced its Symform cloud storage backup integration has been upgraded with unlimited cloud storage capacity by trading local storage capacity for cloudcapacity, and now includes new Google Drive Sync feature.

Cloud Storage Subscriptions to See Triple Digit Growth
CloudTimes (blog)
cloud computing Cloud Storage Subscriptions to See Triple Digit Growth The volume of cloud storage subscriptions services by companies will experience explosive growth globally, reaching 500 million this year, compared to 300 million subscriptions made ...

CloudTimes (blog)

Can Cloud Computing Save Money?
Business 2 Community
In fact, one of the beautiful things about cloud computing is that it provides flexibility for small businesses and allows access to capabilities that were once only accessible for a large company with a large budget. For large businesses, it provides ...

Cloud Computing in the Supply Chain
Supply Chain Digital
Today's cost- and resources-constrained business world requires executives and IT managers to constantly find new ways to innovate, and the potential that cloud services offer continues to be attractive. A recent study from the research firm IDC ...

Cloud computing standards debate heats up with CAMP formation
In a surprising move to improve interoperability and portability between public and private clouds, seven cloud services providers took off their competitive gloves and formed Cloud Application Management for Platforms (CAMP) last week, the first ...

From Personal Clouds to Community Clouds
The other day I installed Ubuntu on a spare laptop and was invited to join Ubuntu One in order to “discover the freedom” of my personal cloud. That makes it an official industry standard. You can get 5GB of cloud storage from Google, from Microsoft ...


Amazon Web Services simplifies private cloud configuration, adds SQL Server
A private cloud is usually seen as something that runs within an enterprise's data center, but that isn't always the case, according to market research company Gartner. Private cloud computing is defined by privacy, not location, ownership or ...

Report: Acer Nukes Smartphone Launch Due to Google Threat
Tom's Hardware Guide
According to Reuters, the phone was a joint venture between Acer and Alibaba Cloud Computing, deemed as the first to use the latter company's new mobile operating system, Aliyun. Acer and Alibaba originally planned to launch the device in Shanghai on ...

Cloud Computing Drives Revenue, but Many Midsize Business Are Left Curbside
Midsize Insider
It's easy to talk about cloud computing, but often more difficult to realize this technology's long-term benefits. Despite aggressive marketing by both tech giants and start-up companies, a recent market study found that small and midsize enterprises ... takes on SalesForce with Unlimited Cloud Storage and File Sharing, the world's most popular cloud CRM with over 260,000 customers worldwide has announced today that it's Pro Edition will now come with unlimited cloud storage for files, allowing teams to share and collaborate on documents and any media ...

Sponsor post: A three-part strategy to accelerate cloud computing
That was the case when Diane Bryant, VP and general manager of the Datacenter and Connected Systems Group (DCSG) for Intel Corporation, talked about cloud computing at an IDF session. Diane explained that Intel's cloud strategy has three parts: 1.

Hype around cloud making it cloudy: Gartner
Times of India
Ongoing hype around private cloud computing is creating misperceptions about private cloud, according to Gartner. To help reduce the hype and identify the real value of private cloud computingfor IT leaders, Gartner explains five common misconceptions ...

Life Gets a Little More Digital with Cloud Storage for Warranties
Hot Hardware
Record keeping is a prime target for cloud storage services. Bank statements, checks, insurance records, receipts – any paper record that might get lost in disaster is something that you can store online, and many services are more than happy to help...

Hot Hardware

Consider tradeoffs if going cloud for data archival
While cost optimization is big part of the appeal of cloud storage, "the cheaper the service, the less dependable and secure it is typically", he highlighted. Last month, Amazon Web Services (AWS) announced its Glacier data archive service for ...

Resellers and cloud providers need to play dating game
IT channel turns its back on cloud, and cloud vendors don't understand the channel. Cloud computing is one of the most over-used terms in the technology industry today, yet ironically when it comes to the channel, it's one of the least understood areas ...

Cars as a Service? Mercedes-Benz latest to use cloud to flog vehicles
Network World
Some may even question Mercedes' use of the term and whether being able to download apps into a car's computer system fits the definition of cloud computing. But Boyadjis says there can be some helpful benefits from using the technology. The idea of ...

Understanding 'The Cloud'
Northwest Cable News
"Seattle is really ground zero for cloud computing with the presence of Amazon, founded here, Microsoft here and Google having a substantial presence here as well,” said Bill Howe, a University of Washington professor. Thanks to the cloud, new ...

Microsoft kills the little guys at 'cloud scale'
And surely, with all of the cloud services available today, such as managed Exchange, and with server hardware being so powerful, a business can grow reasonably large before it even needs more than one server, let alone a cluster. The answer to that ...

IBM Boosts Cloud Initiative with zEnterprise EC12 Mainframe Server
CloudTimes (blog)
The zEnterprise EC12 mainframe is designed for securing large volumes of transactions and data analysis ideal for cloud computing and big data. The mainframe ... “As a result, large enterprises can deliver cloud services internally,” he added. In ...

Cloud SLAs: Does Your Deal Leave You Exposed?
CIO Insight
If a cloud vendor fails to live up to that promise, there are certain, often exclusive, remedies available to the customer, usually in the form of service credits. Sometimes, if negotiated into the SLA, you'll even have right to terminate the cloud ...

ProfitBricks Sees Performance as Cloud Opportunity
Data Center Knowledge
If you're Achim Weiss and Andreas Gauger, you set your sights on the cloud computing market. Weiss and Gauger were pioneers in the European hosting sector, and helped build Germany's 1&1 Internet into a web hosting juggernaut. With their new company ...

Data Center Knowledge

Backblaze Cloud Backup Review: Worth It at the Low Price?
Notebook Review
To be fair, cloud-based backup and restore can be very slow, anyway. Moreover, many users have complained online about a range of problems with competing cloud services, including lengthy restoral processes, installation headaches, exclusion of certain ...

Akamai Buys FactSoft - Analyst Blog
According to Gartner, the cloud services market is expected to grow over 3 times by 2015 to $177.0 billion. According to market research firm IDC, spending on public cloud services is expected to increase four times faster than the entire IT market ...

AnyPresence Named a 2012 Emerging Cloud Computing Vendor by CRN
IT News Online
RESTON, Va., Sept. 14, 2012 /PRNewswire/ -- AnyPresence, a leading enterprise mobile platform-as-a-service, today announced that it was named a CRN 2012 Emerging Vendor. The company was recognized as one of the key players that are significantly ...

Informatica Cloud Hosts First Annual Cloud Connect Conference
During the Cloud Connect Conference, Informatica will announce the winners of the second annual Informatica Cloudy Awards, honoring organizations and individuals who have pushed the bounds ofcloud computing innovation and achieved measurable success ...

Any Future For Open Source Cloud Computing? | CloudTweaks
By John
Apart from the earlier stated benefits, open source cloud computing ensures that the end users access free source codes that they can freely share. Since this software will be open to change and improvement to fit varying needs, its popularity ...

Building a Bridge to the Cloud – Cloud Computing Best Practices
By Neil McEvoy
One of the key focus areas of our Privater Cloud 2.0 series is that the 2.0 part represents the 'outside world', even though it is focused on a Private Cloud scenario. This is simply because it is inevitable and one of the valuable features of the ...
Cloud Computing Best Practices

OakLeaf Systems: Windows Azure and Cloud Computing Posts for 9 ...
By Roger Jennings (--rj)
Microsoft's Windows Azure Online Backup, currently in preview, is a cloud storage service for Windows Server 2012. Plus, the online backup service now supports System Center 2012 SP1 and Windows Server Essentials ... While those channel- friendly company position their cloud servicesfor partners, Talkin' Cloud continues to wonder how Windows Azure Online Backup will engage VARs and MSPs. I doubt if many enterprises will trust their cloud backups to an “upstart” provider.
OakLeaf Systems

Cloud Computing – Millennials versus Boomers - Concept Searching
For example, 51 percent of respondents, including a majority of Millennials, believe stormy weather can interfere with cloud computing. Nearly one-third see the cloud as a thing of the future, yet 97 percent are actually using cloud services ...
Enterprise class auto-classification...

Research uncovers the reality of cloud computing for nonprofits ...
By Microsoft Citizenship Team
10,500 NGOs Worldwide Respond to the TechSoup Global Cloud Computing Survey. Editor's Note: We work with TechSoup Global to deliver our nonprofit software donations program to tens of thousands of nonprofits around the world every ...
TechNet Blogs

Global Cloud Computing Survey on NGOs – 2012 « GuideStar ...
By guidestarinternational
In 2012, TechSoup Global and its network of partners conducted a survey of NGOs, nonprofits, and charities around the world. The goal was to better understand the current state of their tech infrastructure and their future plans for adopting ...
GuideStar International's Blog

Addressing common private cloud fallacies « CopperEgg
By CopperEgg
When first introduced, there was a mad rush within the private sector to implement public cloud computing in an effort to reduce IT expenses, enhance server performance and boost overall efficiency. Unfortunately, many early adopters found ...

By Gadget
Welcome to The Gadget Professor's NetCast. Show #73 hosted by Don Baine. DropBox, Google Drive, Just Cloud, Mega Cloud, Sugar Sync, PogoPlug – what cloud service should you be using? What are the differences? How do I use them?
Geek News Central

Software can spot, then stop, brewing storms in cloud computing ...
By admin
Cloud computing can improve efficiency by tapping the power of multiple virtual machines. But what if one of those machines encounters a problem that then cascades through the entire system? Researchers at North Carolina State University ...

There's a Culture shift on IT Outsourcing, Cloud Computing ...
By admin
Nearly 60pc of IT and business decision makers now believe organisations must place the priority on outsourced infrastructure over traditional in-house services, a study from global cloud infrastructure and hosted IT solutions provider Savvis ...

3 Geeks and a Law Blog: The Inevitable Cloud
By Ryan McClead
Several months ago I was asked by a partner to review the privacy policies and terms of service for a number of consumer cloud storage providers and to rank them according to how well they met his requirements based on firm policies, ABA missives, and a handful of other relevant opinions about client confidentiality and the cloud. Long story short, they ... The ABA will eventually make some coherent and unambiguous statements about the acceptable use of cloud services. And all of ...
3 Geeks and a Law Blog

Cloud Recap: True Big Data Cost, Netflix Shift to Cloud, Open Cloud
By Travis Balinas
Post image for Cloud Link Roundup #70 – True Big Data Cost, Netflix Shift. Every Friday we like to highlight some of our favorite posts on IT Operations, Cloud Computing, DevOps, Virtualization and anything else that grabbed our attention over the week. ... Cloud computing is one of the hottest trends in small business. Seventy-four percent of companies expect to use cloud services in the near future, and the small business cloud market is expected to reach $85 billion by 2015.
Transforming IT Operations

MC OECN | Cloud Journey to Shared Services
By user
Sam began the presentation with the historical backdrop for cloud computing as an evolving paradigm shift, discussed the parallels with the electrification of the nation from the mid-1800′s through the end of the twentieth century and ...

No comments - The Journey of Humanitarian Relief
By Graham Caywood
90% of respondents worldwide are using cloud computing; 60% say lack of knowledge is the greatest barrier to adoption; 79% say the greatest advantage of adoption is easier software/hardware administration; 47% say cost-related changes and ease of setup would be the greatest motivators for moving their IT to the cloud; 53% report plans to move a "significant portion" of their IT to the cloud ...The nonprofit sector in many ways should be at the forefront of adopting cloud services.
The Journey of Humanitarian Relief

Monitoring in the Cloud | Cloud Computing Journal
Cloud services and solutions play a critical role in the cloud ecosystem. ... dead yet, but with the adoption of virtualization and cloud computing models it's barely ...

Cloud Hosting | GoGrid
GoGrid Cloud Storage is available on-demand and is instantly scalable. Provisioning takes just a few clicks through our web-based management console .

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