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Cloud Computing Is Disrupting Businesses Everywhere

How Cloud Computing Is Disrupting Businesses Everywhere
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In reality, cloud computing isn't just changing the role of developers; it is changing the role of your marketers, your sales force. And in the coming years, even the roles that having seemingly nothing to do with cloud will be affected. There are of ...

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Is it Time to Mandate Cloud Storage Preservation?
Should cloud storage guaranty associations be required by law, as insurance guaranty associations are? Maybe that'll have to ... Many of which, scattered on various cloud services, are not faring as well as my 2002 Radio UserLand blog. Jon Udell is an ...

VMware Will Ride The Cloud Computing Market Wave In Q4
Seeking Alpha
This will enable EMC and VMware to focus on their core competencies while pursuing the growingcloud services market. The BYOD Opportunity. VMware leads the BYOD revolution with its View Mobile Secure Desktop offering which provides a safe and ...
BitTorrent to Launch Cloud Storage Service
Web Host Industry Review
With the new BitTorrent Sync will compete against the Mega service, as well as popular cloud storage services like Dropbox, Amazon, and Google. “We're hoping that users like you can help us build something sick,” BitTorrent said in a blog post. “If you ...
Cloud Connection: Seven Steps To Effective Public Cloud Services
CRN (blog)
Page 1 of 2. Today, business adoption of cloud computing is on the rise and expected to increase. In fact, Gartner predicts the worldwide market for public cloud services will experience 100 percent growth by 2016, significantly outpacing overall IT ...

State of Cloud Computing: SaaS
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State of Cloud Computing: SaaS image saas If your business has stayed informed on the trends of cloud computing, there is no doubt Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) has come to mind. Software has traditionally provided significant overhead for IT, from ...

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Healthcare Cloud Computing Market is Expected to Reach USD 6.79 Billion ...
The Herald |
The rising costs of delivering healthcare services to the patient community helped the healthcare industry to evolve as one of the largest industries with trillions of dollars spent within the public and private sector. Aging population and global ...

Businesses Save Money by Storing Files in Clouds
LAPTOP Magazine recently highlighted how using cloud services can save businesses money. ... Spiceworks has found that 52 percent of the businesses in its survey used some type of file sharing service while 62 percent used general cloud services.


Microsoft could help save Dell to further its own cloud ambitions
Indeed, both Microsoft and Dell have ambitious cloud computing aspirations -- understandably so as we witness the shift from the personal PC era to the virtual desktop era, where users care more about 24/7 access to their apps and data than they do ...

Dimension Data Aims to Accelerate Cloud Migration
Talkin' Cloud
Dimension Data hopes to move along enterprise adoption of and migration to cloud with a suite of new cloud readiness services. The information and communications technology provider has been ramping up its cloud offerings by consolidating its cloud ...

IBM's cloud computing business boosts earnings, Dow Jones index
Gains in its cloud computing business helped IBM (NYSE: IBM) beat Wall Street expectations for its fourth quarter earnings released late Tuesday, according to a report by the AP. IBM posted a net income of $5.8 billion in the fourth quarter of 2012, up ...

Venture capitalist Mark Ashida takes reins at cloud storage startup Symform
That's what is occurring at Symform, the cloud storage and backup startup which just last week scored $3 million in fresh funding. Today, the company is announcing that Mark Ashida, a former partner at OVP Venture Partners, has replaced Matthew Schiltz ...

Cloud Computing: Fast Facts
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Cloud Computing: Fast Facts image cloud computing 300x189 Making the switch from hardware to the cloud is a decision that requires a lot of thinking. While there are a lot of pros that can be said, there are also some cons which may affect the way a ...

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InsightCloud UK to Expand Cloud Services via Datapipe Partnership
Web Host Industry Review
Both companies are working together to help customers in running their businesses more cost-effectively via the benefits of cloud computing. Datapipe's cloud solution enables organizations to move their data to self-service cloud environments, cloud ...

Cloud Computing, HANA Database Sales Boost SAP's Q4 Revenue
Reaping the benefits of its initiatives in cloud computing, mobile technology and its HANA in-memory database, software giant SAP Wednesday reported double-digit growth for its fourth-quarter and fiscal 2012 sales. SAP also is undergoing a ...

Cloud Computing: Fast Facts - Yahoo! Small Business Advisor
Cloud Computing: Fast Facts image cloud computing 300x189 Cloud Computing: Fast FactsMaking the switch from hardware to the cloud is a decision that ...

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