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How Cloud Computing Is Disrupting Businesses

How Cloud Computing Is Disrupting Businesses Everywhere: " . . . cloud is a disruptive technology, but now let’s talk about how it’s altering your business. Now I know what you’re thinking, this doesn’t or won’t ever affect me. In reality, cloud computing isn’t just changing the role of developers; it is changing the role of your marketers, your sales force. And in the coming years, even the roles that having seemingly nothing to do with cloud will be affected. There are of course the skeptics, but here are a few ways it’ll transform the business. IT for Everyone It’s no longer up to the IT department to make decisions on which software will be used. Shadow IT is lurking in every department where 30% of IT spending being done is happening outside the official IT budget. You don’t need any approval; just a credit card and a third party service provider can deliver your department the cloud computing software it needs to run quicker. . . ."

Cloud computing for small businesses: it's time to follow the herd
The Guardian (blog)
When it comes to embracing cloud computing, the main worry on most people's minds is security. By accessing cloud services over the internet, you are sharing them with people and organisations that you don't know, possibly including business competitors.

The Guardian (blog)

OVF 2.0 Takes On Cloud Lock-In Worries
It can embed this information in the combined package of files that represents a cloud computingworkload so that it may be used by the next cloud service, or it can be kept external to the package. That would allow the networking information to be ...

SugarSync Targets SMBs With Unlimited Cloud Storage
PC Magazine
With small companies and startups throwing their data at the cloud with tremendous force, cloud storage providers are competing hard for their business. SugarSync, which owns the cloud-based file syncing program of the same name, today announced a ...

Investors open gates for 'online but off-cloud' storage device
Traditional hardware storage is not connected to the internet which makes it challenging to share and sync data, while cloud options can be expensive and unreliable for people with large storage needs. The Transporter bridges the gap between the two.

Cloud Services Provider Tier 3 Names New CEO
Cloud services provider Tier 3 named veteran technology executive Matthew Schiltz as its president and CEO. Schiltz most recently was CEO of Symform, a Seattle-based cloud storage provider. He also was at the helm of startups DocuSign and CourtLink.

The cloud computing market forecast for 2013: Experts predict what to expect
Subscribe today to ensure you receive the premier issue of this online magazine focused exclusively on building enterprise data centers, while keeping an eye on tectonic shifts in trends like cloud computing, virtualization and consumerization. You'll ...

State of Cloud Computing: Cloud PBX
Business 2 Community
Internal telephone networks, switches, wires, and other equipment used to make up a significant part of the enterprise infrastructure. The rise of cloud computing has changed this and nowadays you have a cloud computing alternative to consider, as with ...

Major Security Issues with Cloud Computing Being Ignored
However, one issue which is being ignored by the vast majority of organisation is security, with a Pricewaterhouse Coopers survey from last year showing that more than three quarters of respondents across a range of companies believed cloud computing...

The Biggest Pitfall in Cloud Computing: Security
CloudTweaks News
Technology is not without its pitfalls even if it has so many benefits, especially if it is not used properly. Cloud computing is no exception; in fact a lot of people think that cloud computing has more pitfalls than the current solutions that they ...

TeleProviders Delivers Presentation on How to Choose a Cloud Services ...
PR Web (press release)
TeleProviders Inc., a premier communications and technology solutions provider, announced that its Regional Manager Donna Kruse and Director of Converged Cloudand Data Services Jo Peterson, presented at the San Diego Technology Symposium in...

PR Web (press release)

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