Saturday, June 8, 2013

VMware Partners and Cloud Co-opetition

VMware Partners Wrestle With Cloud Co-opetition
Now the company is crowding some of those VMware-certified partners as it pushes into hybridcloud computing, providing services that some of these partners already provide themselves. Indeed, as VMware put the final touches to its vCloud Hybrid ...

NTT Expands Private Cloud Services
Those researchers will focus on cloud services and security research, Gomi said. Cloud will hold particular interest for it, as it works to add more services to its NTT Global Cloud offering. "The center of gravity has been shifting to the U.S. So we ...

What will 'cloud computing' mean in 10 years?
As a buzzword, like buzzwords of the past, cloud computing will eventually be baked into all our technology and barely discussed as a concept. Cloud ... In 10 years, pervasive cloud services will be the standard for assembling business solutions. We ...

Conroy unveils Australian government cloud computing policy
The Australian Financial Review
There are also concerns from some groups that many popular cloud services store information overseas, making it venerable to seizure by foreign agencies. Minister Conroy said cloud computinghelped save money and boost productivity. All public-facing ...

Hitachi Data Systems Launches Cloud Services Platform
—New version of Content Platform: One seamless cloud storage platform for data protection, enterprise mobility and content cloud, it features advanced metadata management and sets a foundation for big data and analytics. —Cloud Services: An extension ...

Govt cloud code due in 2014
The Australian
As foreshadowed in The Australian, the National Cloud Computing Strategy will promote the uptake of cloud services in business and government through a range of measures, with the Australian Government Information Management Office handling most ...

Conroy launches national cloud computing strategy
Computerworld Australia
Communications minister Senator Stephen Conroy today used the CeBIT trade show in Sydney as the venue for unveiling the government's national cloud computing strategy. The strategy is intended to boost adoption of cloud services and promote the cloud ...

Profits soar at cloud computing firm
BBC News
He added: "Trading since the year-end remains encouraging and in line with our expectations. "We continue to be well-placed to deliver an ever wider range of cloud services and with our growing credibility and strength we expect to be able to penetrate ...

Orange's cloud services group eyes North America, Asia
Its target: multinational accounts that are seeking a global platform and service provider that can help them move business applications into the cloud. One example is Tiens Group from China, a capital management firm that reaches across biotechnology, ...

Digital Foundry examines Xbox One cloud computation claims ...
By Richard Mitchell
Specifically, the company has said elements that aren't sensitive to the inherent latency of cloud computing – things like lighting and physics models – could be improved. Microsoft's Redmond Game Studios and Platforms GM Matt Booty has ...

LeoNovus to provide distributed cloud services for Trimark ...
By Dean Takahashi
“The rapidly growing demand for vast amounts of storage at data centers, whether for the enterprise or cloud services, needs a solution to lowering costs and ensuring data is secure,” said Gordon Campbell, Chairman and CEO at LeoNovus.

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