Monday, July 1, 2013

Microsoft cloud computing vision for Xbox One remains unchanged

Microsoft's cloud computing 'vision' for Xbox One remains unchanged
Whitten listed a host of examples of how cloud computing still exists as part of the Xbox One plan, noting players will "see great games like Titanfall take advantage of the cloud processing power" as well as have the ability to get games from the ...

Cloud Computing Courses And Advantages Explained
CloudTweaks News
Cloud computing is the latest technology in the field of computers and Internet based services. This new technology has helped businesses and individuals to save data efficiently in a cost effective manner. The industry now seeks professionals who are ...

Cloud computing can create a level playing field for SMEs across Europe (video)
Europe needs to move to create standards and rules around business agreements and what happens to data used in cloud computing services, said Dr Andreas Goerdeler, deputy director general in charge of Information Society and Media at the German ...

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