Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Amazon Outage, Cloud, Dark Lining

Another Amazon Outage Exposes the Cloud's Dark Lining - Businessweek: "It was likely another eventful weekend for the engineers in Amazon’s Web Services division. On Sunday afternoon, a hardware failure at Amazon’s U.S.-East data center in North Virginia led to spiraling problems at a host of well-trafficked online services, including Instagram, Vine, AirBnB and popular mobile magazine app Flipboard. Amazon blamed the outage on glitches with a single networking device–what it called a “‘grey’ partial failure” that resulted in data loss–and said it was conducting a forensic analysis. The entire incident lasted all of 49 minutes, but like many recent cloud service outages, the resulting questions are likely to last considerably longer. Why are so many prominent Web companies overly dependent on a single cloud provider–and a single data center?"

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