Friday, September 13, 2013

NSA damaging US cloud services industry

Companies in other nations may avoid U.S.-based cloud services, shrinking the industry's revenues by up to a quarter, or by as much as $35 billion over three ...

Where Cloud Computing Jobs Are Today
Gaining insights into cloud computing hiring trends is invaluable to understanding the competitive landscape and direction of new application and platform ...

Nebula's Kemp Challenges VMware's Cloud Vision
As the CEO of a cloud startup, it's a little frustrating for Chris Kemp to sit back and ... Kemp's company, Nebula, makes cloud software based on open source ...

Microsoft Increases Exchange Online Cloud Storage Capacity
Collaborative workspaces are also getting swept up in the cloud storagewindfall. ... our partners realize the opportunities in cloud computing—today," he added.


Cloud service provider code will remain voluntary: Fed Govt
Summary: "Inappropriate" to regulate cloud services market at this stage; ... of the new Cloud Computing Consumer Protocol, Keith Besgrove, first assistant ...
Of all the cloud computing revenues, about 50% comes from the US and currently ... and the Public Cloud Storage market will increase from a 2012 figure of $5.6 ...
IT Business Net
ColoGuard and GalaxyVisions, the New York metropolitan areas most customer-focused providers of colocation and Internet hosting solutions, announced today ...

Channel Partners
"Given that the use of cloud services currently constitutes only a very small part of ... "Cloud computing is set to have a considerable impact on business in the ...

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