Friday, December 6, 2013

Google, Amazon, Cloud Computing, secrets of scalability

Google, Amazon reveal their secrets of scalability | PCWorld: "Internet giants such as Google and Amazon run IT operations that are far larger than most enterprises even dream of, but lessons they learn from managing those humongous systems can benefit others in the industry. At a few conferences in recent weeks, engineers from Google and Amazon revealed some of the secrets they use to scale their systems with a minimum of administrative headache. At the Usenix LISA (Large Installation Systems Administration) conference in Washington, Google site reliability engineer Todd Underwood highlighted one of the company’s imperatives that may be surprising: frugality. “A lot of what Google does is about being super-cheap,” he told an audience of systems administrators. Google is forced to maniacally control costs because it has learned that “anything that scales with demand is a disaster if you are not cheap about it.” As a service grows more popular, its costs must grow in a “sub-linear” fashion, he said." (read more at link above)

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