Friday, December 27, 2013

Simplifying CRM in the Cloud

Wall Street: Simplifying CRM in the Cloud
For those of us living in the more general realm of technology, terms like SMM, CRM, and even SEO only begin to scratch the surface of our periphery.


IBM Patents Cryptography Invention to Advance Security in the Cloud
IBM has patented yet another cloud computing innovation, this latest one for a breakthrough data ... In November, IBM patented its cloud-based BPM system for combining big data from cloud services with data stored on in-house IT ...


SCAM: Why IT sector will bet on Social networking, Cloud services ...
Economic Times
A trend that started a few years back, albeit in silos, social networking, cloudservices, analytics and mobile computing, or SCAM, is now converging ...

Economic Times

Amazon taps into China's cloud computing market
US retail giant Amazon will set up a data center to pilot its cloud computingservices in collaboration with enterprises in China in early 2014.


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