Monday, February 10, 2014

Microsoft, the Cloud, Satya Nadella

The Gigaom Interview: A chat with Microsoft’s Satya Nadella from before he was the (likely) next CEO — Tech News and Analysis: "...Cloud is perhaps the most secular growth engine out there because it scales with a number of devices, it scales with a number of apps, so it scales with the users and their devices and their apps. So that means all of those things are calling back home, they need more compute, they need more storage, and so therefore, cloud is the one thing you can bet on, is that there is going to be more cloud. Just because you can imagine all of those other things exploring. Now then the question is, what is that nature of the cloud? That’s where I think, those three things that I mentioned: one is proliferation of SaaS applications and in particular … the question of what’s the most ubiquitously used SaaS application? And the race is on for us and the industry and I think that’s where I think it will be something around communications and collaborations. That’s why Office365 is super important to us. The second thing that I think is also going to be true is, who are the scale players who can actually satisfy that demand? ... There is Amazon, there’s us, and maybe Google if they are serious about the enterprise infrastructure business...."

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