Monday, April 28, 2014

Cloud Computing News Updates

Cloud Computing News Updates:

Why Cloud Fits File Synchronization At Enterprise Scale
The core of any cloud storage system is an object store. ... storage using on-premises hardware andcloud services, accessed via an appliance.

Creating the Gold 'Standard' for Cloud Computing
Raise your hand if you remember the 1990s. I'm not talking about plaid flannels or the Spice Girls. I'm referring to the digital revolution that took place.

Level 3 Introduces Video Cloud Services
Level 3s Video Cloud Services combine Level 3's content delivery, video broadcast and cloud storage capabilities to create a more scalable, secure ...

Analysis: Cloud computing — the higher you get, the clearer the skies
Jakarta Post
Growing in prominence in the wake of the global financial crisis in 2009, cloud computing was quickly seen as a method that organizations use to ...

Cloud services vendors declare price war: How low will competitors go?
Tech Times
Whoever coined the phrase competition is good likely wasn't thinking about cloudservices and cloud storage, but the phrase fits perfectly as cloud ...

Brazilian cloud computing market to reach $1.1bn by 2017
The Brazilian cloud computing market should see a jump in market revenues ... Verticals where cloud services have had a significant uptake in Brazil ...

Is cloud computing about to get cheaper because of Linux?
Computer Business Review
Cloud could finally prove cheaper than on-premise thanks to a new Linux-based technology that renders cloud hosting half the price of Amazon Web ...

India cloud services market to touch $1.3 bn by 2017
Business Standard
The Indian cloud landscape is expected to grow two-fold to touch $1.3 billion in the next three years. Currently, a $600 million opportunity, the market ...

Kaspersky obtains patent for cloud services security
Kaspersky Lab has obtained a patent for a method of protecting cloud servicesused by antivirus solution developers to more effectively combat ...

The 39 Most Important People In Cloud Computing
No question about it: cloud computing is changing the world. It's the invisible part of your smartphone and tablet, the part that holds your apps and files, ...

Bringing Speed To Cloud Storage
This includes various high performance applications, caching, and increasingly as performance elements in a cloud storage architecture. The trend ...

New Areal Density Point for Cloud Storage HDDs
Seagate has announced a 6 TB hard disk drive for data center applications. While other companies, such as Western Digital 's HGST division have ...

IBM Celebrates 50th Anniversary of Mainframes, Unveils Cloud Services
CIO Today
Lyndon B. Johnson inhabited the White House when IBM first introduced its System/360 mainframes. Now, 50 years later, IBM is commemorating the ...

Cloud Computing Brightens Indies' Outlook
Cloud storage, the most familiar cloud service, makes shipping tapes, reels or disks obsolete. But cloud services include rendering and more.

Major Uptake of Cloud Services in Colombia will Catapult the Market to $196.6 million by 2017 ...
Broadway World
SAO PAULO, April 8, 2014 /PRNewswire/ As Colombian companies become increasingly familiar with the concept of cloud computing, both current ...

Cloud Control: Launch of Entrust IdentityGuard Cloud Services Simplifies Certificate Management ...
IT Business Net
To help streamline these efforts and reduce costs, Entrust announces the launch of Entrust IdentityGuardCloud Services. The cloud-based service ...

Accenture and Orange Business Services Collaborate To Drive Cloud ComputingTransformation ...
Wall Street Journal
The alliance was formed to provide large enterprises with end-to-end cloud services that will help them to simplify the management of their IT ...

Federated Cloud Services Offer Response To Commodity Pricing
As cloud services rapidly become a commodity, smaller local service providers are feeling the heat as market leaders Amazon Web Services, Google, ...

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