Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Public cloud market to hit $191B by 2020

Security remains the biggest hurdle for cloud adoption, according to the report.(infra)

Security concerns aside, the public cloud market will hit $191B by 2020 | VentureBeat | Cloud | by Jordan Novet: "The public cloud market has taken a few years to take hold, but enterprises are starting to bite, and there’s more upside than you might have expected. In a new report today, Forrester forecasted that the public cloud market will reach $191 billion by 2020 — a figure almost 20 percent higher than a $160 billion estimate the analyst firm made three years ago. “While the last several years can best be characterized as exploratory for most enterprises, cloud services and cloud platforms are now an undeniable part of the IT landscape,” Forrester infrastructure analyst James Staten wrote in a blog post on the report. Basically, Staten wrote, the world has begun its shift to the second stage of cloud adoption. Or you could call it a hypergrowth phase. In recent months others have suggested the trend is playing out, and now a big analyst firm is confirming it....But impact of the cloud market’s expansion surely will also extend to the infrastructure as a service (IaaS) providers. Amazon Web Services, the IaaS market leader, should be in for good times in the years to come. Fast-rising ones like Microsoft Azure, Google Compute Engine, and smaller but increasingly visible DigitalOcean are likely to enjoy the benefits of a bigger public cloud market in general...."

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