Friday, August 29, 2014

Google Cloud Platform, Mesosphere, Kubernetes, Containers

Google Partners With Mesosphere - Ramps Up Its Container Commitment: ".... it’s interesting to hear that the two companies are collaborating to bring together Mesosphere, Kubernetes and Google Cloud Platform in an effort to make it easier for users to run applications and containers at scale. What this means is that Mesosphere is delivering an application that enables customers to deploy Mesosphere clusters on the Google Cloud Platform rapidly. In addition they are incorporating Kubernetes into Mesos to manage the deployment of Docker workloads. Using the app, developers can spin up a Mesosphere cluster on GCP in a few clicks – the app installs and configures everything required to run the cluster. There is no charge for using the app, beyond the service fees for the Google Cloud Platform resources used. Customers can schedule Docker containers side by side on the same Mesosphere cluster as other Linux workloads such as data analytics tasks like Spark and Hadoop and more traditional tasks like shell scripts and jar files...."

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