Monday, August 25, 2014

NSA Revelations, Losses to US Cloud Industry Staggering

NSA Revelations Could Prove Costly to U.S. Cloud Industry | Statista: Infographic: NSA Revelations Could Prove Costly to U.S. Cloud Industry | Statista

The U.S. dominance in the cloud computing industry could soon be challenged by international competitors, as the revelations about the extent to which U.S. government agencies have obtained data from U.S. companies have damaged the trust in American cloud providers. Gartner recently valued the global cloud market at $131 billion with American companies taking the lion's share of that total. That was prior to the NSA leaks however. The Information Technology & Innovation Foundation (ITIF) put out a research paper ... quantifying the potential damages inflicted on the U.S. cloud industry between $22 and $35 billion in the next three years alone.(read more at link above)

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