Thursday, November 13, 2014

Google Cloud, Container Engine, Kubernetes

Google Builds New ‘Freeways’ to Its Data Centers for Cloud Push - Digits - WSJ: ".... Google built one of the world’s most powerful networks of data centers, but fell behind Amazon and Microsoft in the business of renting this remote computing horsepower to other companies. Google executives said they’re now an option for companies considering running projects in the cloud, something they couldn’t have said 18 months ago. Executives said they are less interested in projects that shift existing applications from a company’s own data center to the cloud, and more interested in persuading companies to create new applications in the cloud. “Are we winning in yesterday’s workloads? Probably not. But that will be how the minority of workloads are managed in the cloud in the future,” said Brian Stevens, vice president of cloud platforms at Google. Google is hoping to leapfrog Amazon by pushing its own approach to cloud computing, known as containers. The technology is considered faster and more efficient than more standard cloud computing technology known as virtual machines, experts say. In June, Google released an open-source version of the technology, called Kubernetes, to encourage adoption.... the company unveiled Container Engine, a service that Google said will automate much of the work involved in running applications using this technology."

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