Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Cloud Is the New Normal, says Amazon Web Services Exec

New Normal = The Cloud

'The cloud is the new normal,' Amazon Web Services executive says | Computerworld: "... Increasingly, however, AWS is finding that organizations are moving entire data centers, as well as their entire IT operations, to the cloud, Jassy said. An organization may have a lease coming up on a data center or need to do an expensive hardware refresh, and the pending costs or long-term commitment to infrastructure "that is kind of frozen in time," may cause it to more heavily consider the cloud, Jassy said. This is a trend that is accelerating at a very fast rate," he said. AWS' win of a government contract to run the services of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency in 2013 caused a lot of other organizations to take notice, Jassy said. "A lot of customers would say if it's secure enough for the CIA, it is probably secure for us too," Jassy said...."

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