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5 tips for surviving a cloud outage

5 tips for surviving a cloud outage
Amazon Web Services itself experienced a much publicized four-day service disruption last April, another outage in August and it had plenty of company from other cloud service companies last year. Microsoft's Windows Azure cloud platform in February ... 

Cloud services and search warrants: When are users notified?
Los Angeles Times
By Michelle Maltais Most cloud-service privacy policies address how they deal with your personal information and data about your usage, but less clear is whether they would tell you when and if law enforcement sought access to your files residing on ...

Cloud Storage Privacy - What's Really At Stake
By Antone Gonsalves / April 27, 2012 10:39 AM / View Comments The launch of Google Drive this week brings to the forefront the issue of privacy and the use of cloud storage services. It's not that Google's privacy policies are significantly better or ...


How to Choose Between Cloud Storage Services like Google Drive and Dropbox
By Jared Newman | @OneJaredNewman | April 27, 2012 | + Cloud storage is in the spotlight this week with the launch of Google Drive and the relaunch of Microsoft's Skydrive. Along with competitors such as Dropbox and SugarSync, you've now got lots of ...


Huawei: Touch-free Smartphones and Infinite Cloud Storage Are on the Way
But the firm has been ambitiously expanding into both the consumer and enterprise sides of the technology business, aiming to provide products including Huawei branded smartphones, tablets along with servers and cloud computing offerings.

Cloud computing is like the 'Wild West'
Minneapolis Star Tribune
We talk about cloud computing as if the bits and bytes of our lives are stored somewhere up in the air, but, really, the "clouds" are terrestrial. What's more up in the air are the laws that govern who can access your stuff and how.

Cloud Storage: 5 Alternatives, What's in It for You?
By Jose Vilches on April 27, 2012 It's cloud storage week, with Dropbox rolling out an update that improves how its users can share things, Microsoft's SkyDrive getting dedicated desktop apps and a revamped feature set, and Google Drive finally making ...

Google Drive for Android: Quality Cloud Storage, with a Few Caveats
CIO (blog)
Google this week unveiled its long-rumored Google Drive cloud-storage service along with an associated Android app. blogger James A. Martin says it was worth the wait, especially if you're a Google Docs fan. Earlier this week, Microsoft made ...

CIO (blog)

Privacy Policy Is Not Main Risk Issue with Cloud Storage
IT Business Edge (blog)
By date: Three days out from the grand opening of Google Drive, the search giant's new cloud storage service, and the predictable media ruckus over privacy concerns has begun to die down, at least a bit. One of the more interesting news bits, ...

Cloud storage: a pricing and feature guide for consumers
Ars Technica
By Casey Johnston | Published April 26, 2012 4:52 PM Cloud storage services are cropping up left and right, all enticing their customers with a few gigabytes of storage that sync seemingly anywhere, with any device. We've collected some details on the ...

How does Google Drive stack up against other cloud storage services?
Cool Mom Tech
It works in a nearly identical manner as other cloud services, where you download a program to your computer, then create a central folder for all your documents, files, and photos that you want to access from other devices, or to share.

Google Drive Problem Is a Public Cloud Problem, Says Privacy Expert
Nilay Patel, writing a comparison of cloud storage services in The Verge, says that while Google's terminology may be "a little off-putting," it is actually a bit more restrictive than some others. For example, he notes that Dropbox's terms of service ...

Google Drives Recent Flurry of Cloud Services
By Evan KoblentzContactAll Articles Cloud services became somewhat more accessible to legal professionals this week, as technology giants and niche players alike introduced new supporting products. Meanwhile, experts continue to note that while putting ...

Cloud Storage Options for Linux Users: Now's the Time
OStatic (blog)
by Sam Dean - Apr. 27, 2012Comments (0) One of the biggest stories of this week was Google's announcement of its long-awaited Google Drive cloud storage solution. You can sign up for 5GB of free storage from Google, use it efficiently with your Android ...

Cloud Computing: Fabled Google Drive Arrives, Creates Rights Panic
SYS-CON Media (press release)
By Maureen O'Gara Google finally introduced its long-trumpeted cloud-based Google Drive Tuesday hours before Apple released its Q2 results. Drive happens to compete with iCloud and Apple's results, which could have been, shall we say, edgy, ...
SYS-CON Media (press release)

How To Get Customers Thinking About Hybrid Cloud Services
Here, George Watt, VP of Strategy for Cloud Computing at CA, shows why customers are often more comfortable working with solution providers using hybrid cloud services. —Jennifer Bosavage, editor For many companies planning to adopt or expand cloud ...

Cloud Storage: Five Alternatives Compared
By Jose Vilches I fail to see how Dropbox wins on easy of use? Both SkyDrive and Google Drive are as easy. Also navigating SkyDrive is faster. They both also let you create, edit, collabrate asynchronously, and share documents online while on the go.


2 more cloud myths busted: Lock-in and locked up
By David Linthicum | InfoWorld The world of cloud computing grows like a weed in summer, and many assumptions are being made that just aren't correct. I've previously exposed four cloud myths you shouldn't believe. Now it's time for me to climb up on ...

Cloud Computing and the Consumer
Even if consumers don't know what cloud computing is, they're probably using it. 'Lick' has a lot to answer for. In 1963 Joseph Carl Robnett Licklider, 'Lick' to his friends, wrote a memo to his colleagues entitled 'Members and Affiliates of the ...


Google Inc. (GOOG) Announces 'Google Drive' Cloud Storage Service
Touch Reviews
On Tuesday, Google Inc. released a more streamlined cloud experience for its users, the long-awaited Google Drive. The service provides users with 5GB of free storage, which is also integrated with Google Docs and many of Google's other online services ...

Google Drive Launch Delivers 10 Good Reasons to Try It Out
NEWS ANALYSIS: Google Drive will be the latest cloud storage service to hit the market in a few weeks, joining a large crowd of competitors. But it will provide a lot of good reasons for consumers and businesses to try it out.

Cloud Storage Provider Symform Gets $8M Investment, Waits For Strategic Investor
By Joseph F. Kovar, CRN Symform, developer of technology to build a distributed storage cloud that backs up one user's data across multiple users' storage devices, has closed a new $8 million round of investment, and it is looking for a strategic ...

How Cloud Computing Can Help Your Small Business
BostInno (blog)
Large multinational firms have been excited about cloud computing for years. For them, cloud computing means freeing up technology resources, software, and hardware needed to build and run parts of their businesses. The move toward the cloud has ...

Cloud Computing: Judge Plans to Tell Jury Java APIs Are Copyrighted
SYS-CON Media (press release)
By Maureen O'Gara Judge Alsup - who really wishes Oracle and Google had settled so he wouldn't have to hear the Java trial - is proposing to decide whether APIs are copyrightable himself and not have the jury wade into that legal brier patch.

SYS-CON Media (press release)

Google Drive Alternatives: 5 Cloud Storage Platforms To Host Your Files
International Business Times
By IBTimes Staff Reporter: Subscribe to IBTimes's RSS feed Google's latest product announcement -- Google Drive -- has put the company in a better position to compete in the growing cloud storage market. But how does Google Drive stack up to other ...

International Business Times

Google, Microsoft, Apple: What's the best cloud service?
Mother Nature Network
comFri, Apr 27 2012 at 11:59 AM EST From Apple's iCloud to Microsoft's SkyDrive and all of Google's various services, cloud storage and applications are quickly becoming critical to consumers' mobile lives. Forget about lugging USB drives or emailing ...

Mother Nature Network

The Cloud Is Going to Be Huge: Winklevoss Twins
Cloud computing is the next big thing, Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, of Winklevoss Capital Partners, told CNBC on Squawk Box. "We think the cloud is going to be huge, it already is," Tyler said. The Winklevoss twins are widely known for their role in ...

Cloud Storage from Google – Google Drive
By Sufyan bin Uzayr
As with any other cloud storage service, Google Drive lets you store your data online, edit/modify it as per your needs and share it with others and/or collaborate while working. Drive itself looks like an enhanced cousin of Google Docs – just ...
Speckyboy Design Magazine

Polls: Do You Use “Cloud” Services? | Hypebeast
By Alex Maeland
The main catalysts to the success of Cloud computing trace back to the core desire for efficiency, peace of mind and convenience; as the ability to simply put things “in the cloud” and access them anywhere is quickly becoming an industry ...

Jobs Migrate to the Cloud and Generate Employment | MetroFocus ...
By Doris Martinez
Cloud computing is projected to create 60000 jobs in New York in 2012 and a hackathon weekend lets developers play with cloud technology.

TechSpot: Cloud Storage Services, Five Alternatives Compared ...
By Julio Franco
We've hand-picked some of the most established and consumer-friendly cloud storage services and took them for a spin to see how well they stack against each other.

Cloud Storage Now Benefits the Royal Army! :: JustCloud News
By admin
A lot of people wondered quit where the phenomenon which is cloud storage would go next, and we know that it has now come to the armed forces as late last year the British Army gave $250 million to a … Continue Reading...
JustCloud News

Cloud Computing in Financial Services
Cloud computing is the latest tool/ or invention in today's world since the evolution of information and communication technology. It is the fifth generation of computing in the family of Mainframe, Personal Computer, Client-Server computing ...
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Google Drive for Android: Quality Cloud Storage, with a Few ...
By James A. Martin
Google this week unveiled its long-rumored Google Drive cloud-storage service along with an associated Android app. blogger James A. Martin says it was worth the wait, especially if you're a Google Docs fan.
CIO Blogs

How big is Amazon Web Services? Bigger than a billion — Cloud ...
By Barb Darrow
Trying to determine just how big Amazon's cloud is — in terms of servers, in terms of instances, by any metric — has become a popular parlor game, as GigaOM reported last week. Last October, GigaOM's Derrick Harris, using numbers from ...

Google Launches 'Drive' Cloud Storage Service | RISMedia
By susanne
“At the heart of it, Google is about cloud computing — letting people live on the cloud and get things done on the cloud,” says Sundar Pichai, the Google executive who heads the company's Chrome browser and cloud apps efforts. ... But Pichai said Drive can differentiate itself from its competitors because it will leverage unique existing Google cloud services like its Goggles service — a image-recognition search feature that can recognize millions of well-known objects such as the ...

Government Cloud Services Firm CGS Names Former ServerVault ...
By Liam Eagle
Government IT and cloud services provider Clear Government Solutions Inc said this week that it had named hosting industry veteran and former ServerVault chief John Kraft its CEO, bringing on an expert in delivering hosted services to ... Earlier today, we ran a story on a report published by research and consulting firm MeriTalk on the US Federal market for cloud computing services, revealing that government agencies were seeing $5.5 billion in savings of a possible $12 billion in ... - Daily Web Hosting News

edd blog online: Cloud storage booming, but trouble brewing
By Jeffery Fehrman
A look into the ever evolving landscape of legal discovery to include but not limited to big data, cloud computing, data privacy, digital forensics, electronic discovery, social media, technology assisted review and proactive discovery ...
edd blog online

The Economics of Cloud Computing
Join us for the live webcast with Sprint, CSC, and ETS executives discussing the impact of cloud computing on their business models and bottom lines.

Cloud storage: a pricing and feature guide for consumers
Cloud storage services are cropping up left and right, all enticing their customers with a few gigabytes of storage that sync seemingly anywhere, with any device.

Plantronics Blogcentral | SMB Soundbites
A recently released study from Microsoft indicates cloud computing is high on ... surveyed in 16 countries expect to be paying for one or more cloud services.

How can you use Cloud Services to Extend your Data Center ...
Lots of companies have headed into the world of cloud computing and most of them without searching for the best options for their particular company. Analysts ...

Get 5GB of Free Cloud Storage With Google Drive [Updates]
Watch out Dropbox, Amazon Cloud and Microsoft SkyDrive! Google introduced today its free, 5GBcloud storage service, Google Drive. Available to anyone with ...

Law Firms And Cloud Computing - meshIP Blog
Cloud Computing & Hosted PBX News – Dallas, TX. Skip to content ... Cloud Computing Versus SaaS · Accenture Recomends Four Steps to Scale The Cloud → ...

VMware Cloud Ecosystem Starts to Mature - Cloud Computing news ...
But as cloud computing evolves, the relationship between on premise clouds and public cloud services is going to become much tighter. It's unclear at this point ...

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