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Google Drive versus SkyDrive versus iCloud

Google Drive Versus SkyDrive Versus iCloud: Cloud Storage Battle Hotting up
Mobile & Apps
By Johnny Wills | April 29, 2012 11:16 AM EDT Cloud computing became popular in 2008, after the launch of Dropbox. Realizing the demand for cloud backup solutions, world's top tech giants like Apple, Microsoft and Google have stepped into the cloud ...

Mobile & Apps

Storm blows over about your rights on cloud storage
The News Journal
AP FILE AP SAN FRANCISCO -- Google is already facing spasms of suspicion and confusion as it tries to persuade people to entrust their personal documents, photos and other digital content to the company's new online storage service.

Google Drive Competitors Upgrade Their Offerings
The launch of Google's new cloud storage and collaboration service this week has convinced several competing companies to upgrade their own services -- and not simply with more capacity at the same or lower price. On April 24, after more than six years ...

Cloud computing co Gizmox raises $3.5m
Cloud computing company Gizmox Ltd. has raised $3.5 million at a company value of $26 million. Gizmox shareholder Maayan Ventures Ltd. (TASE:MAYN), which owns 30.4% of the company, announced that investment funds IVIC and CIG invested $2.5 million, ...

Cloud and the evolution of the enterprise architect
Enter cloud computing. As I've discussed before, cloud computing is creating an environment in which software components and data collections intertwine to create a complex adaptive system. What this means is that “control” over the design parameters ...


Cloud Computing and its Effects on the CAD Industry
IT News Online
Cloud Computing is the new talk of the technology town. Will it stay or be rejected and slip away as fast as it came? Like every product, and technology, cloud computing has its own pros and cons. In this article, we will try to understand the pros and ...

Cloud computing startup deal offered
Radio New Zealand
Icehouse business incubator manager Nick Egerton says cloud computing is becoming an increasingly important tool of the trade for startups, and a new corporate partnership should help up-and-coming businesses get to market faster.

Clarifying mysteries of the Cloud
By MJ Shoer I've written a lot about the Cloud lately. Mostly because I continue to get a lot of questions about just what is the Cloud. I've been searching for a good explanation and I think I have found it, so I want to share that with you this week.

Say goodbye to April with one of these 36 downloads
By Mark Wilson Cloud was the big news this past week, and there were exciting developments in the world of online storage. After what seems like years of waiting, Google Drive 1.0 finally released, extending the idea of Docs and providing users with ...


Time To Buy This $10 Cloud Computing Stock
Seeking Alpha
The move to cloud computing has enabled significant data center growth and demand for virtual services as well as storage solutions. This trend should continue for the foreseeable future. One stock poised to benefit from this theme that looks ...

Google Drive: Why one competitor believes it has an edge
Washington Post
Box CEO Aaron Levie just can't stop cracking jokes about Google Drive, even as the new service's existence threatens Levie's fast-growing cloud storage business. At small dinner I attended last night with Levie, CloudOn CEO Milind Gadekar, ...

Condensing a new growth strategy
Hindu Business Line
With Azure, Microsoft is hoping to replicate its desktop success in the enterprises business through cloud computing. However, it faces an uphill task as competition from and to some extent Amazon and Google intensify in the Indian...

Hindu Business Line

SkyDrive for Windows
ZDNet UK (blog)
By First Take , 29 April, 2012 01:07 Just before Google finally released Google Drive cloud storage and sync (see our First Take here), Microsoft made some improvements to its owncloud sync and storage service, SkyDrive, including releasing preview ...

7 Easy Ways to Speed Up Your Business Computers
The company is founded on the premise that cloud computing and crowd-sourced applications will revolutionize the performance of personal computing. Few activities are more frustrating than staring at your old computer, helplessly willing it to move ...

Voice of the Free Press: Revenue creator or job decimator?
This is the trouble with the mystical tax on cloud computing. Sen. Tim Ashe, a bright legislator from Burlington, put it perfectly at a Finance Committee meeting when he said, “We act like we know what we are talking about, but despite being the ...

O'Brien: Now that Google Drive has landed, I ask: 'What took so long?'
San Jose Mercury News
"The market needed to transition to the point where personal cloud services could appeal to mainstream consumers and not just enthusiasts or business users," he wrote in an email. That said, the battle is on. And that means we are in the first scenes ...

Top Tech News: Dropbox Improvements End a Cloudy Week
NewsFactor Network
With cloud services moving quickly, veteran service Dropbox has unveiled several updates. The enhancements come on the heels of announcements in recent days about the launch of Google Drive, a new API for, and a new version of Microsoft's ...

Google Drive Support Looks Promising For Chrome OS
Hot Hardware
But surely, surely Chrome OS is on the list to get a pinch of the company's cloud storage service, right? Right. This week, Google pushed out the first developer build of Chrome OS 20, and yes, there's support for Google Drive in there.

Hot Hardware

Google Drive Officially Launches with 5GB Free!
The awaited cloud storage by Google is finally available! Launched last week, Google Drive safekeeping as well as convenient sharing of you valuable documents! You can also edit documents, reply to comments, receive notifications and as mentioned you ...

Supply Chain Canada conference keynote speaker to focus on crime, terror and ...
Canadian Transportation & Logistics
Allstream's conference exhibit will demonstrate how the services it delivers through its robust and reliable national IP network – in particular IT Security and Cloud Services – address some of the key challenges faced by the industry today,” Allstream ...

Big Data: The billable project angle
ZDNet (blog)
Sure, Tellago's work with cloud computing and mobility solutions still represents the majority of its revenue and pipeline, but Big Data is becoming an important part of the mix. Tellago is working on real Big Data engagements right now and is seeing ...

Tablets expected to oust PCs, report says
As a result, the tablet will replace the PC as the user's digital hub, connecting devices such as smartphones, desktop computers and content stored in personal cloud services -- remote servers that can be accessed from anywhere with an Internet ...

HelloFax integrates with Google Drive, makes it a fax machine
by Marti Trewe in Tech News - April 28, 2012 · 11 Comments HelloFax already challenged the traditional fax machine by going totally paperless, and even adding digital signatures, but now, documents in the newly launched Google Drive cloud storage, ...

Google Drive
ZDNet UK (blog)
Once your Google Docs account has been upgraded to Google Drive, you get 5GB of online storage, and a new user interface for your cloud documents. The web isn't all, and Google Drive installs a sync-client on PCs and phones (Android only at this point, ...

Google Drive Signaling the End of Microsoft Office? Umm No.
To add some additional items to the mix, larger (enterprise class) corporations do not like the use of cloud storage as it leaves their data in someone else's hands. They are going to maintain this internally and use a VPN (Virtual Private Network) or ...

Burlington legislator sees silver lining to marathon debate
TAXES: Negotiators on the tax bill, named Saturday, face a challenge trying to find middle ground on whether the state should declare cloud computing subject to sales tax.The Senate's view iscloud computing should never have been taxed while the House ...

COMEX commences today
Oman Daily Observer
This section enables business enterprises to showcase the latest in ICT technology namely 4G technologies, Cloud Computing solutions, Social Commerce tools and much more and will put the spotlight on those flexible communication and collaboration tools ...

Telco sues KPA for Sh1.2bn over fibre optic cuts
Business Daily Africa
The government and local telecom operators that include Safaricom, Jamii Telecom, Wananchi, Essar, Kenya Data Networks, Access Kenya, Telkom Orange and Bandwidth & Cloud Services own the TEAMs cable under a Public Private Partnership model.

Business Daily Africa

Will Samsung Use Galaxy S3's Specs For its Windows Phone 8 Device?
The specs also include Near Field Communication (NFC) capabilities, dedicated camera button, Samsung's cloud storage service and enhanced Photo Studio. The company appears to offer support for its new cloud storage service S-Cloud which is expected to ...

Google Drive – Another Option for Cloud Storage — The Gadgeteer
By Ian Lim
Another option for those who need more Cloud storage, Google has just released Google Drive. 5GB is available to all Google users free, and plans allow you to upgrade to up to 16TB. With Google Drive, you'll be able to create and ...
The Gadgeteer

Google Drive launch: Another decent option for (free) cloud storage ...
By Dejan Levi
With the launch of Google Drive last week, there's now plenty of very reliable and attractive options for people looking for cloud-based storage to back up.

[Weekend Poll] Have You Switched Your Primary Cloud Storage ...
By Aaron Gingrich - rss.feedsportal
This is the latest in our Weekend Poll series. For last week's, see Do You Use Cloud StorageWith Your Android?Google's much-anticipated cloud storage.
Android Headlines

Who Needs Cloud Computing? | Tech Please
By jeff
With all of the chatter around Google Drive and the like, you may be wondering whether you should have a cloud drive somewhere. Some people live blissful digitally disconnected lives — free of smartphones, free of Facebook, devoid of a ...
Tech Please

Comparison of the 5 Biggest Cloud Services for Ad Agency New ...
By Michael Gass
cloud storage, cloud computing, icloud, ad agencies, new business, online storage. The best advice on where you ... plans but the dollar-for-dollar value. Pocket-lint's ranking of each of the 5cloud services in six primary usage categories: ...
FUEL LINES Fueling Ad Agency...

Building a Dynamic Enterprise App Store in the Cloud at Cloud Expo ...
He has over 13 years of experience in operating systems and middleware, specializing in SaaS platforms, cloud computing and virtualization. Prior to co-founding UShareSoft, Weir held several software development positions at Sun ...
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Time To Buy This $10 Cloud Computing Stock - All VoIP News
By AllVoIPNews
The move to cloud computing has enabled significant data center growth and demand for virtual services as so then as storage solutions. This trend should continue for the foreseeable future. One stock poised to benefit from this theme that ...
All VoIP News

Celebrity Gossip » Blog Archive » Do You Know About Cloud Storage
Ooh Sunday what will you bring? I can hardly wait too find out! (currently sitting in pants reorganising my cloud storage). monkey. 29/04/2012. Dropbox eller Google Drive? Svaret. rebeca. 29/04/2012. Newegg – Western Digital 1TB My Book ...
Celebrity Gossip

Great Cloud Storage Resources | Jake Ruston
By Jake Ruston
Great Cloud Storage Resources. Author: Jake Ruston. 29 Apr. Gone are the days when computers took up entire rooms. I've heard stories about those times, but when looking at a smartphone I find it hard to believe that at any time it took (literally ) ... world. Dell cloud storageoffers large companies access to store large amounts of information on the cloud. By usingcloud services, along with Dell virtualization, companies are able to help employees save time by not having to save files ...
Jake Ruston

Cloud Computing Startups Raise Big Money: UPDATE 12 ...
Cloud Computing Startups Raise Big Money: UPDATE 12 This is the thirteenth in a continuing series on startups raising funding. You can read the latest in the.

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