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Google Drive Coming Soon To The Cloud Storage Race

Google Drive Coming Soon To The Cloud Storage Race, Says 'Oopsie' Video
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Google has largely avoided the cloud storage race thus far, leaving iCloud, SkyDrive, Dropbox and the rest to tend to their own fields. But soon, that playground will have another rival on it, and Google will be delivering "Drive" to the mix.

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Weekend Poll-- Do You Use Cloud Storage With Your Android?
Android Police
Then again, some people use the cloud extensively. When it comes to your Android device(s), where do you stand? How much do you use cloud services? Do You Use Cloud Storage With Your Android? I use cloud services extensively with my Android device(s).

Questions to ask cloud computing providers
Business Insurance
Does the cloud provider conduct network penetration tests of its cloud service infrastructure regularly as prescribed by industry best practices and guidance? • Does the provider have the ability to logically segment or encrypt customer data so that, ...

Late To The Cloud? Hardly
Seeking Alpha
It's a statement that I hear often lately as more traditional software vendors start to invest in cloud computing- that they're "late to the cloud". Of course many of those who are saying it are "pure play" SaaS vendors that are no doubt starting to ...

Cloud hosting firms promote cost savings, fewer IT hassles
Florida Today
For now, security breaches and other concerns may slow the widespread adoption of cloud computing, which involves remotely storing and managing data on a network of computer servers connected via the Internet. In 2011, Amazon suffered a major data ...

Samsung Galaxy S3 Release Update: May 3 Event To Also Witness S-Cloud Launch...
International Business Times
The cloud-storage market is becoming viciously competitive. Apple and Samsung are going at it with original services. HTC's latest phones feature a whopping 25GB ofcloud space through Dropbox. Nokia's Windows Phone models feature Microsoft Skydrive ...

International Business Times

HP private cloud solution to boost customer satisfaction for VIVA
AME Info
HP announced that VIVA, Kuwait's advanced mobile telecoms provider, will transform its customers' communication, information and entertainment experiences with a private cloud solution from HP. HP CloudSystem Matrix will make VIVA's IT services,...

AME Info

Amazon and the network effect: Why would ISVs go elsewhere?
Traditionally, the cloud hype has been mostly around infinite storage capacity, scaling up, load balancing, elasticity, and capex vs.opex. I am going to let you in on a little secret: most companies out there are neither Zynga nor Netflix and their ...


IDC Research Paper Looks at Ensuring and Proving Big Data is Tamper-Free
Virtual-Strategy Magazine
San Francisco, CA, April 22, 2012 --( A new executive brief published by IDC examines one of the major obstacles organizations face when committing resources and applications to cloud computing. At stake is the issue of validating the ...

Microsoft to host TechDay Malta 2012 at Golden Sands
Malta Independent Online
According to a new study by analyst firm IDC, the public and private IT cloud services will generate nearly 14 million jobs worldwide between 2012 and 2015, while Central and Eastern Europe show an estimated growth between 158 per cent and 168 per cent ...

Amazon cloud set stage for rapid Pinterest growth
Australian Macworld
The explosive success of the social networking service Pinterest wouldn't have been possible without the easy scalability of the Amazon cloud services, an executive for Pinterest said. “The cloud has enabled us to be more efficient, to try out new ...

Samsung's S-Cloud: An iCloud Ripoff?
The Inquisitr
before Apple, have offered cloud services, some, such as and Dropbox, with similar names, but given Samsung's history of aping Apple, it would not be surprising to see the new S-Cloud being designed along identical lines to the Cupertino cloud.

Samsung Soon to Debut iCloud Competitor?
Hot Hardware
According to a South Korean newspaper, Samsung's iCloud/Google Drive cloud storage competitor, S-Cloud, is due to be revealed at the company's London event in early May. Apparently there will be no restrictions on the type of content you can deposit ...

Hot Hardware

O&B Launches Open 4 Business Online, Low-Cost Business Applications on the Cloud
Manila Bulletin
As an advocate and expert on cloud computing, Oliver recognized the need for an integrated service that will allow data sharing between applications and come with out-of-the-box features. “We decided to develop Open for Business Online because we saw ...

Samsung's Rumoured S-Cloud Service Could Compete With iCloud, Dropbox and SkyDrive
By Shruti Hirur: Subscribe to Shruti's RSS feed Samsung is set to unveil its Galaxy S3 on 3 May which could be accompanied by a cloud-based service, presumably called S-Cloud. According to the Korean Maeil Business, it is reported that Samsung will ...

Amazon S3 to exceed one trillion stored objects 'within months'
By Graeme Burton Amazon Web Services (AWS), the cloud services unit of the global online retailer, has launched AWS Marketplace, an online store where clients can find, buy and deploy software that runs on AWS. The Marketplace features software from ...


Greenpeace lauds Quincy as 'green' data center site
Columbia Basin Herald
... titled "How Clean Is Your Cloud," analyzed the energy policies and data center operations of leading technology companies such as Apple, Yahoo!, Microsoft and Dell, all of which store vast amounts of information used in cloud computing.

Telstra Australia plans to spend spare broadband cash
Telstra is investigating new growth areas opening up because of the national broadband network such as cloud computing, media asset management and expansion across Asia. Chief executive officer David Thodey says the telco is on the lookout for ...

Microsoft to host 'TechDay Malta 2012'
Times of Malta
According to a new study by the analyst firm IDC, public and private IT cloud services will generate nearly 14 million jobs worldwide between 2012 and 2015. TechDay 2012 is a unique opportunity for developers to get updated on the latest Microsoft ...

The Gaping Hole in Your Data Security: The Web Browser
Broadcast Newsroom
By Laurie Coffin Organizations are deploying enterprise web applications, SaaS and cloud servicesin an effort to provide anytime, anywhere access to information. Data compliance regulations are increasing and the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend ...

New growth areas research for Telstra
Sky News Australia
New growth areas research for Telstra Updated: 21:45, Sunday April 22, 2012 Telstra is investigating new growth areas opening up because of the national broadband network such as cloud computing, media asset management and expansion across Asia.

Telstra has big hopes for cash war chest
Sydney Morning Herald
TELSTRA has nominated cloud computing, media asset management and expansion across Asia as potential growth areas that could flow from the introduction of the national broadband network. The telco's chief executive, David Thodey, said he was on the ...

Virtual Intelligence Briefing » Secure Cloud Computing Platform ...
The lack of secure cloud computing has been one of the biggest issues facing companies that want to move their operations into the cloud, but which are concerned about the deployment of sensitive data into the perceived unsecure ...
Virtual Intelligence Briefing

Cloud 2.0 – Social Impact Cloud Computing – Cloud Computing ...
By Neil McEvoy
Hence the business value of IT in Government can be assessed by how effectively it can help achieve positive social change in these kinds of areas, leading us to 'Social Impact Cloud Computing'. The latest innovations emerging to help ...
Cloud Computing Best Practices

Free Cloud Storage for Small Entrepreneurs | welcome to ...
By admin
Small businesses can benefit from the offers of a number of free cloud storage service providers. Although a practically new idea in the world of computing, cloud storage permits users to keep information within the internet world. Virus attacks ...
welcome to

The Extraordinary Law Library: Time to learn computing
By Law_Lib_Extraordinaire
knowledge on the concept of 'cloud computing'. Now if you're anything like me, i.e. not a technophobe but not exactly on the cutting edge of every new technological development, then the term 'cloud computing' might be a bit hazy for you.
The Extraordinary Law Library

Using private and public cloud solutions on your terms - The UK ...
By Rosanna Clarke
Windows Azure is our cloud computing platform, which enables customers to build their own applications and IT operations in a secure, scalable way in the cloud. These cloud services require no large up-front expense, no long term ...
MSDN Blogs

BoxCryptor brings a new level of security to cloud storage ...
By Mobilityfeeds
BoxCryptor, the client-side encryption tool for Dropbox, and other cloud storage services, has come a long way since its early, Microsoft's Windows-only incarnation. These days, the tool works not only on Windows, Mac OS X and Linux ...

31(b)log: ABA Tech Show -- Mindmapping
By Criminal Law Department
One of our current, major issues is the security of our cloud storage. We don't have particularly goodcloud storage options, and before you post case materials in a non-DoD cloud, you need to make sure an IT person blesses off on what you are doing. Sean and I will be dropping some posts about what we learned over the next few days. Some of this will be related to cloud computing and outside software (which might not be net worthy). Read this stuff even if you might not be able to ...

[INFOGRAPHIC] How Cloud Computing is Saving the ... - Rackspace
The nature of cloud computing solves for many IT problems and in the infographic below, we have illustrated how cloud computing is making a difference.

10 Cloud Storage Providers Reviewed & Compared
Read our reviews of the best cloud storage and backup options available. ... With our suite of cloud services including storage, sync, sharing and .... 11 Things Every Developer Should Know About theCloud: Cloud computing opens a world of ...

No Substitute for Actual Cloud Computing Experience | Blogs ...
Theres a natural tendency to think that IT organizations should spend a massive amount of time getting their applications ready for the cloud. But in a webcast.

HP takes on Amazon in cloud services - Times Of India
Cloud computing has become popular because of its convenience and low cost, ... will let companies choose from public, private and "managed" cloud services, ...

Oracle quietly plotting ambitious cloud computing plan
Oracle quietly plotting ambitious cloud computing plan. Oracle cloud plan includes software, platform and social collaboration tools .... Group prefers the cloud · 10 most powerful IaaS companies · THE ARCHIVE: Enterprise Cloud Services ...

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