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EU aims to make cloud computing energy efficient

EU aims to make cloud computing energy efficient
Researchers say that move could potentially save companies using cloud computingtechnology in their data centers billions of euros. The EuroCloud server project is headed by a team of researchers from the UK, Cyprus, Finland, Switzerland and Belgium; ...


Researchers Steal Cloud Computing Power Via Browsers
Computer scientists at North Carolina State University and the University of Oregon have demonstrated that it is possible to conduct large-scale cloud computing tasks anonymously at no cost by abusing cloud-based browsers, such as Amazon Silk, Cloud ...

Amazon's Vogels on 21st-century apps and “IT life events”
Maybe big businesses really do understand cloud computing after all. When I sat down with Amazon CTO Werner Vogels at the Amazon Web Services re:Invent conference on Wednesday, we began the discussion by talking about applications designed to ...


Businesspeople Take Charge of Cloud Computing, But Still Depend on IT: Survey
Cloud computing may represent the beginning of a shift of control of business technology away from information technology departments and into the hands of managers and professionals from other parts of the business. While a third of executives ...


Workday Sales Beat Estimates on Corporate Cloud-Computing Demand
Workday Inc. (WDAY), a maker of Web-based human-resources software, reported third-quarter revenue that beat analysts' estimates as more companies switched to its cloud-computing tools to manage their workforces. In its first quarterly report since ...

GFI MAX™ Partners with Cloud Services Depot to Offer MSPs Network ...
Sacramento Bee
CLEARWATER, Fla., Nov. 29, 2012 -- /PRNewswire/ -- GFI Software™ today announced that GFI MAX RemoteManagement™ users now have the ability to add Network Operations Center (NOC) services from Cloud Services Depot to their managed services ...

Cloudian® to offer S3 Cloud Storage Support for Apache CloudStack
Sacramento Bee
The Cloudian solution enables cloud service providers and enterprises to seamlessly deploy S3-compatible cloud storage quickly and cost-effectively along with a state-of-the-art cloud computingplatform under a common user interface and single ...

Hybrid Mobile-Cloud Computing: Driving the Future of Enterprise Mobility
Sacramento Bee
Hybrid Mobile Cloud (HMC) computing represents a systems in which a local, native mobile application with a great user interface, is married with cloud computing to provide an intelligent and scalable solution that is better than either native mobile ...

Symantec gets into cloud file sharing with Norton Zone
Accessibility from virtually anywhere with an Internet connection on the most popular computing and mobile devices are the basic requirements for any cloud storage service these days. So all of the talk about real-time updates and seamless photo ...

Asian tech companies are eating HP, Dell and IBM's cloud lunch
Summary: Cloud computing is rearranging the datacentre infrastructure market: large server makers are seeing their dominance wane as competition grows from low-cost Asian manufacturers that sell directly to the clouds of Google, Amazon and others.


Cloud storage giant Amazon cuts S3 prices, waits for rivals to die
Generally it is agreed that Amazon leads in offering cloud services with companies like Google (see news yesterday) and Microsoft, with its Azure offering, some distance behind. Amazon's idea is to build up its cloud computing infrastructure and gain ...

Google Cuts Cloud Storage Prices by 30%
By Emil Protalinski
Google on Monday announced new Cloud Platform features, including new storage and compute capabilities, lower prices, and more European Datacenter support. The price cut was some 20 percent, but after Amazon cut its S3 prices by ...
The Next Web

Google Cloud Storage - more value for performance - Google ...
By Scott Knaster
Earlier this week, we announced a collection of improvements across Google Cloud Platform including 36 new Compute Engine instances, Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) storage, Object Versioning, and European datacenter support. We also announced that we are reducing the price of standard Google ... by Raj Sarkar. Email ThisBlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook. Labels: app engine, cloud platform, cloud services, google cloud storage, google compute engine ...
Google Developers Blog

Not To Be Outdone By Amazon, Google Reduces Its Cloud Storage ...
By Frederic Lardinois
This is competition at work: earlier this week, Google announced that it would reduce the price of its standard Google Cloud Storage by just a bit over 20%. Then, Amazon announced yesterday that it would reduce the price of its S3 cloud ...

Cloud app services company rPath acquired by SAS — Cloud ...
By Om Malik
rPath, a cloud company, is rumored to be for sale and is close to being acquired, according to our sources. The buyer being mentioned: business analytics software maker SAS Institute.

Hackers can steal cloud computing time | SciTech | GMA News ...
A vulnerability in cloud-based mobile browsers may allow hackers to steal cloud computing time from users of such apps in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, a tech site reported Thursday.
GMA News Online

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