Thursday, December 20, 2012

What 100M computing hours on Google’s cloud can do

Cloud computing a boon for research--

Scientists show what 100M computing hours on Google’s cloud can do — Cloud Computing News: "The projects, most of which are led by university researchers (and one by a Google researcher), tackle a variety of pharmaceutical and biological challenges, as well as the problem of analyzing petabytes of data generated by a forthcoming astronomical survey project. . . . Google’s Exacycle program is hardly the first attempt to use to cloud for good. In 2010, for example, Microsoft launched a version of the NCBI BLAST data-analysis tool on its Windows Azure cloud and gave away free access to researchers. Amazon Web Services also hosts its own research grant program that awards access to its cloud computing infrastructure. Both companies also host large genomic and other datasets that are available to anyone using their services. Free or not, though, cloud computing has proven a boon for researchers hungry for computing power but not keen on waiting in line for supercomputer resources or sending massive data across the network. . . . "

Cloud Computing: Four Predictions For The Year Ahead
The cloud has become a well-used buzzword, but for good reason. Cloud computingstrategies have provided organizations with many benefits in 2012, especially as budgets, products and applications were set aside for both public and private cloud ...

ETF Chart of the Day: Cloud Computing
ETF Trends
As phones such as the Samsung Galaxy SIII and the Apple iPhone 5 flood consumer markets worldwide, we have a second opportunity to examine an ETF that focuses specifically on “Cloud Computing.” SKYY (First Trust ISE Cloud Computing Index) debuted ...

VPR News: Panel Says Don't Tax Cloud Computing
Vermont Public Radio
A legislative study committee has recommended that lawmakers oppose taxing computer software that's accessed over the Internet. The committee, which included members of the business community, debated whether a cloud computing tax will hurt...

Tax study committee recommends exemption for cloud computing
Those against the tax on cloud computing said the economic benefits of an exemption would outweigh lost tax revenue, by keeping businesses, jobs, and especially software companies in the state. The legal and tax definition of cloud computing is ...

Let's not repeat the mistakes of Web history in the cloud | Cloud Computing ...
InfoWorld (blog)
I've often pointed out in this blog that the rise of cloud computing has some parallels with the rise of the Web and the technology created to support the Web in the 1990s. There were clear mistakes made back then, and it appears that some of us are ...

A Look Back At The Cloud Computing Trends Of 2012
CloudTweaks News
This year, the winds of change have blown the cloud to a higher level. Studies predict that cloud computing will be on the rise for some a long period of time and that it will be a major source of revenue and employment globally by 2015. Industry ...

Cloud computing predictions for 2013
Broader IT skill sets required: As the tech industry continues its shift towards cloud computing and companies continue to implement public, private and hybrid clouds at an increasing rate, the typical IT manager, system administrator and even the CIO ...


6 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2013
The research spoke of Forrester's top 10 cloud predictions for the year 2013. According to James Staten, Forrester US infrastructure and operations principal analyst, next year enterprises will realize the do's and not's in the cloud computing platform ...

Outlook 2013 — Cloud Computing & Communications Channel Challenges
Channel Partners
Channel Partners recently polled analysts, providers and partners about the outlook forcloud computing and communications in 2013. Each respondent shared their top three industry predictions, channel opportunities and channel challenges. This slide ...

Cloud Computing: Businesses Fret Over Weak Cloud SLAs
Formtek Blog (blog)
By Dick Weisinger, on December 18th, 2012. Before jumping into Cloud computing, many customers worry about the risk of losing control of their data and applications once they move to the cloud vendor. Â It seems like there might be good reason to worry.

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