Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Legally rip DVDs to the cloud from your couch

Legally rip DVDs to the cloud from your couch.
As streaming services continue to make headway in the home entertainment industry, Best Buy-owned CinemaNow has announced a new program that allows users to legally rip and store the DVDs to the cloud — all from the comfort of your own home.

Cloudy Skies Ahead: 3 Cloud Computing Predictions for 2013
So, it would seem as if cloud computing is fairly mainstream, right? Well, yes and no. Based on my predictions below, I anticipate an even broader adoption of cloud computing in 2013 as companies seek to leverage its inherent benefits. 1. IT will turn...


Almost 1.7 Million Cloud-Related Jobs Went Unfilled in 2012: Estimate
Cloud Services Principal Manager: “Provides business and technical leadership and direction for delivery of cloud services and utilities for IT infrastructure. Will direct a team responsible for standardizing Cloud computing technical designs ...


Red Hat Buys ManageIQ, Gains Hybrid Cloud Tools
Research: IaaS Buyer's Guide · Research: 2012 State of Cloud Computing · More >>. The acquisition is aimed at making Red Hat a stronger player in the creation of multi-hypervisor, on-premises clouds capable of working with various public cloud services.

2012 will go down as the year of cloud computing
Reno Gazette-Journal
During the past 12 months, Microsoft and many other technology providers have built and enhancedcloud services for both business and personal use. Cloud storage and solutions for backup, sharing files and collaboration have exploded. Everyone I know ...

Amazon Web Services to accommodate big data storage
High Storage, an Amazon EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud) package, is designed to run data intensive analysis jobs, such as seismic analysis, log processing and data warehousing, according to the company. It is built on a parallel file system architecture ...

Cloud computing: Dare to be boring
Cloud computing is one of the most exciting technologies to come along in a very long while. This is largely due to the race in the marketplace to provide the most innovative cloud features and functions. It's a race to keep up with the hype; it's also ...

Cloud computing: Only 5% techies are jobs ready
Times of India
CHENNAI: While cloud computing is widely recognised as the next big opportunity to watch out for, it has already made significant inroads in the industry. However, the IT workforce may not keep pace with the developments. The industry ready workforce ...

Times of India

Red Hat Buys ManageIQ For Hybrid Cloud Computing, Reports Revenue Jump ...
One final acquisition for the year — open source cloud management vendor, Red Hat has announced that it has agreed to buy enterprise cloud management vendor ManageIQ for US$ 104 million in cash. It has also announced a hike in revenues of 18 ...

How cloud computing, tablets will reshape the desktop
IT departments are embracing both cloud computing and mobile devices for their multiple benefits. At first, these two technologies may seem to be fairly independent; mobile technology focuses on driving efficiencies in data centers, while the cloud ...

First Steps to Creating a Cloud Computing Strategy for 2013 - Forbes
2013 will be one of the most pivotal years for cloud computing because trust in these technologies is on the line. Expectations are high regarding these ...

Research as a Service: Cloud Computing Accelerates Scientific ...
Ninety percent of these researchers were pleased with their ROI using cloud services to build their application and would use cloud resources again. Of course ...

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