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Best Cloud Storage Solutions

The Best Cloud Storage Solutions
PC Magazine
If you don't have a cloud storage service in place, you need one—or maybe more than one. Many of the best cloud storage solutions do something specific, like backup and make accessible your music library, or help you not only save copies of files, but ...

The 4 cloud computing resolutions you should make for 2013
It's 2013. Cloud computing is another year older. As adopters, we're making fewer mistakes, but I suspect we'll repeat many of the same errors from 2012. Now is the time to work on cloud computing improvements, to set reasonable goals -- and to make ...

Netflix open sources tool to clean up your AWS cloud
That leads to a profusion of under-utilized or totally unused resources — the untidy closet aspect of cloud computing. netflix-logo Before, Netflix engineers could use its Asgard cloud deployment tool to manually delete these unused resources but ...


What do you want from cloud computing? A conversation with Zenoss
Often cloud computing services are being selected based upon the the expected costs rather than what the service will do for the organization. These perceptions often are developed by business decision makers without the help of IT support ...

Hard Truths About Cloud Differences
We're long into the hype cycle of cloud computing. That means clear criteria to assess and evaluate the different options are critical. Which of the many cloud approaches should medium to large enterprises take to optimize their data center operations?

Cloud computing skills gap is widening, warns IDC
About 1.7 million cloud computing-related job roles globally could not be filled in 2012 because applicants lacked training, certification and experience needed to work in a cloud-enabled world, according to a study by IDC. The demand for cloud-savvy ...

Why the feds keep stumbling in the cloud
According to a 2012 survey of federal civilian and defense personnel, $5.5 billion had been saved through the use of cloud computing technology. However, the survey respondents also stated that wider cloud adoption could have saved as much as $12 ...

Top 10 cloud storage providers, according to Gartner
Like many other aspects of cloud computing, Amazon Web Services is considered a market leader in cloud storage. It's been an early and aggressive player in the market and its services drive offerings from competitors, Gartner says, while its pricing is ...

Focusing on Cloud Computing & Office 365 Migration Solutions, Agile IT ...
Marketwire (press release)
SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - Jan 4, 2013) - Today, Agile IT released its 2012 year-end results, showing that business is booming for this San Diego cloud computing company focused on fixed price Cloud and Office 365 Migration Solutions. "This year has ...

Chicago Picks Microsoft Cloud For Email
Cloud computing, which often seems too much hype and too little reality, is starting to capture real customers. And government organizations, cities in particular, are paying attention and starting to sign up for cloud services. Chicago, a city not ...

PITB launches data centre & cloud computing services
The News International
The PITB will offer all required services of a Tier-III (international standard) compliant data center andcloud computing to host applications and services for public and private sectors at the Arfa Software Technology Park's data centre. Dr. Jawaid ...

Proceed carefully with cloud storage, Gartner warns
The benefits of cloud-based storage are similar to those offered by other forms of cloud computing: It can provide significant cost and agility benefits to end user customers. Concerns around security, privacy and accessibility - which are common ...

The year in cloud computing: Key points in 2012 | TechRepublic
By Thoran Rodrigues
Thoran Rodrigues looks at some of the developments in cloud computing in 2012. ... Throughout the year, cloud services experienced several significant reliability issues, and Amazon, the market leader, took center stage on many of these.
on TechRepublic

Gartner: Top 10 cloud storage providers
That means there's a pretty good sized market for the cloud, and specifically cloud storage. Gartner predicted in 2012 $109 billion was spent on cloud computing ...

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