Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Xbox Live outage temporarily disconnecting cloud storage

Xbox Live outage temporarily disconnecting cloud storage for some users
Microsoft added a cloud storage feature to the Xbox 360 in its fall 2011 dashboard update, but today an outage has taken it offline for the last several hours and counting. As noted by Joystiq, trying to access your cloud saves is resulting in a ...

Xbox Live encountering issues with cloud storage
Well, this blows. Earlier today, Microsoft reported that Xbox Live was suffering from a few annoying issues. Among the affected features were HBO Go, Hulu Plus, and Netflix. Additionally, cloud storage was also undergoing some problems, with players...


Xbox Live cloud storage currently down, Microsoft working on a fix
If you've been having issues retrieving your Xbox 360 saves from the cloud, you're not alone. As it turns out, Microsoft is experiencing some problem with Xbox Live at the moment, which is causing a couple of different headaches. The first (obviously ...

Xbox Live's cloud services are currently down
By John Callaham
Microsoft is currently experiencing some downtime for part of its Xbox Live online service, specifically with its cloud-based features which affects the Xbox 360 console and Xbox.com.

ERC grant awarded to cloud computing researcher - Cordis - Europa
ERC grant awarded to cloud computing researcher. [Date: 2012-12-28]. Illustration of this article. Scientists engaged in frontier research, whether it is physical or ...

This Tech Stock is a Good Cloud Computing Bet - ELOQ, IBM, ORCL ...
In the modern days of technology, the term “cloud computing” has been spread widely. Businesses are putting a lot of efforts on improving productivity, cutting ...

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