Tuesday, January 8, 2013

The Cloud Challenges Amazon

The Cloud Challenges Amazon
New York Times
That's because problems with Amazon's cloud computing service, which provides storage and computing power for all kinds of Web sites and services, caused Netflix to go down for much of the day. In updates on a Web site that reports on the status of its ...

Cloud Computing And Big Data
CloudTweaks News
The cloud is all about applications, media and information. But of the three, media seems to be the largest with applications coming in at close second, while information ranks last place. But what we are seeing in the last two years suggests that ...

The EU's Cloud Computing Initiative
Mondaq News Alerts (registration)
The European Commission, in its communication titled "Unleashing the Potential of Cloud Computing in Europe," recently announced a new strategy for cloud computing in the EU. According to the statement released by the EC, the strategy is designed to ...

Cloud Computing Is Why The New SimCity Needs An Always-On Connection ...
Kotaku Australia
A couple weeks ago, the SimCity gang at Maxis held an AMA at Reddit. That may not have been such a smart idea. They don't like DRM over there, for any reason, and SimCity's gonna require an always-on Internet connection to play it, in any mode.

Calxeda finds a new market in storage
As the market for scale out computing, storage and networking changes the demands made on IT equipment, Calxeda and others are seeing an opportunity that may have begun in servers and the cloud computing environment, but certainly isn't stopping ...


Nirvanix Improves Cloud Performance with Flash Storage
Talkin' Cloud
Cloud storage service provider Nirvanix recently updated its 10 global data centers that make up the backbone of its Cloud Storage Network to include flash memory arrays from Violin Memory. According to Nirvanix, the addition of flash memory ...

How Cloud Computing will Shape 2013
There is no question about it; cloud computing is going to grow even larger than it already it is in 2013. Traditionalist accounting firms will find it increasingly difficult to ignore organization's prevailing use of cloud storage internally and with ...

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