Thursday, April 11, 2013

White Box Switches and Software

You Can't Have Google's Pluto Switch, But You Can Have This | Wired Enterprise | " . . . Google now uses OpenFlow to shuttle data between its massive data centers, and many of the big-name hardware sellers are now behind the technology, including Cisco, Juniper, HP and Dell. Shashi Kiran — a senior director of market management for data centers at Cisco — tells us that the hardware maker is developing a wide variety of OpenFlow switches, and though these are not yet publicly available, he says, the company offers software that lets you add OpenFlow to existing switches. Big Switch is already working hand-in-hand with some of these hardware makers — including Dell and Extreme Networks — in an effort to speed the adoption of OpenFlow, but the startup feels the commercial market has been too slow to adopt the technology. Thus the new switch operating system. . . . (read more at link above)

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