Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Cloud Storage Matters

Cloud storage matters. Really matters...
In the webcast cloud storage matters we looked at why the storage architecture you will need for a private cloud deployment will probably be very different to what you have today. Freeform Dynamics' Tony Lock was there to reveal why storage was so ...

Chromebook Pixel: My First Week Living In Cloud
Or a fit of self-flagellation to directly experience the contortions necessary to live and work completely in the world of cloud services and mobile apps? Either way, for more than a week I didn't touch a conventional computer. No Macs, no Windows, no ...

Cloud-computing platform for robots launched
(Phys.org) —Researchers of five European universities have developed a cloud-computing platform for robots. The platform allows robots connected to the Internet to directly access the powerful computational, storage, and communications infrastructure ...

Seacom expands into cloud services
Seacom, the company behind the undersea cable of the same name, has launched a new company, called Pamoja, to offer small and medium-sized enterprises the ability to provide cloud computing-based services to their customers without the capital outlay ...


Listed cloud computing firms surge
The combined market worth of New Zealand's two NZX-listed cloud computing firms, Diligent and Xero, which listed within months of each other in 2007, has jumped by $258 million in the past week. The gain is more than the two companies raised through ...

DSB task force urges security mandates for DoD cloud computing
The task force also recommends that the DoD CIO and DISA establish standard service level agreements for both private- and public- cloud computing, and that the DoD CIO establish a central repository to document the cloud computing transition.

Seven myths which prevent success of Cloud
InformationWeek India
There could be situations where a cloud could be more expensive. We often overlook several associated costs to compute the cloud expense. More often this myth is created as rhetoric by product vendors to make a business case for cloud computing.

What IBM's embrace of Rackspace really means
InfoWorld (blog)
The first product to bundle OpenStack is IBM SmartCloud Orchestrator, now in beta, which enables customers to compose cloud services using a drag and drop interface. Working behind the scenes. Before talking to Diaz, I had no idea how much influence ...

Oppenheimer's Sixth Annual Cloud Computing/Services One-on-One ...
SYS-CON Media (press release)
This year's conference was hosted by Oppenheimer's leading Research Analysts covering this sector: Timothy K. Horan, CFA, Managing Director and Senior Analyst heading up the Communications and Cloud Services research team; Shaul Eyal, Managing ...

How Cloud Computing Works | Formstack Blog
By Lance
If you've been on the edge about how exactly cloud computing works, then watch this quick video we've created to help better explain cloud computing. YouTube Preview Image. Read a further explanation of cloud computing in our recent post ...
Formstack Blog

What is Cloud Computing | Open Source Private and Hybrid Clouds ...
According to the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), "cloud computing is a model for enabling ubiquitous, convenient, on-demand network ...

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