Saturday, April 27, 2013

Chrome For Business Gets Cloud-Based Management

Chrome For Business Gets Legacy Browser Support, Cloud-Based Management | WebProNews: "“With Legacy Browser Support, employees on Chrome are automatically switched to a legacy browser when they begin using an older app,” he explains. “IT managers simply define which sites should launch from Chrome into an alternate browser, and then set this Chrome policy for all employees. And while Chrome Frame helps developers build apps for older browsers, Legacy Browser Support lets IT admins of organizations embrace the modern web.” With the cloud-based management feature, employees will be able to access default apps, custom themes, and curated app web stores when they sign into Chrome with their work account, whether they’re on their work computer or their personal computer. Admins can customize over a hundred Chrome policies and preferences for employees."

Amazon CEO Bezos: AWS an example of 'internally driven motivation' | ZDNet: "Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos defended the company's investments in ventures like Amazon Web Services and touted a "trusted advisor" service in beta that saves enterprises money. In his annual shareholder letter (PDF), Bezos hit a familiar theme: Customers come first and Amazon isn't going to sweat stock price swings. Bezos also illustrated why AWS can be so disruptive. As noted before, Bezos doesn't have to protect the profit margins his enterprise cloud rivals do."

The State of Cloud Computing in 2011 (Infographic) - ReadWriteCloud

Top 5 Free Cloud Storage Providers | Crunchy Hub:
Google Drive: Create Your Google Drive Account Here
Dropbox: Create Your Dropbox Account Here
Windows Skydrive: Create Your Skydrive Account Here
Amazon Cloud Drive: Create Your Amazon Cloud Drive Account Here
Box: Create Your Box Account Here

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