Friday, November 15, 2013

Cloud Computing, Physical Offices

Is cloud computing making physical offices obsolete? | "The benefits for small businesses are obvious; cost, efficiency, mobility and also the ability to upgrade or switch when new programmes become available. For business owners such as Andy Atalla, founder of digital marketing agency atom42, the choice was a no-brainer. His business was established in 2007, but as it began to grow he was increasingly persuaded by the benefits of cloud computing. “Cloud computing isn’t just important to what we do, it’s part of the fabric of how we operate. Almost everything we do is cloud-based. Without these services, we wouldn’t be able to operate.”" (read more at link above)

Cloud Computing and the Brave New World
But with cloud computing and the technological advancements all around us, it doesn't take a science fiction writer to point out how our corporate world will soon ...

TIBCO Launches Cloud Services
Data Center Knowledge
By the end of this year TIBCO will have new cloud services ready, with additional services scheduled in the first quarter of 2013. TIBCO GeoAnalytics is a cloud ...
Network World
Cloud computing has transformed the way IT resources are utilized, but the... For instance, online retailers can leverage cloud services to effectively implement ...

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