Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Google, Googlers, the Cloud

Google CIO Ben Fried on How Google Works - Liz Gannes - Enterprise - AllThingsD: " . . . So, how much does Google, as an enterprise, really trust the cloud? “The overwhelming philosophy of my organization is to empower Googlers with world-leading technology,” said Fried in a recent interview. Based in New York, Fried took the CIO role at Google five years ago, after 13 years at Morgan Stanley. “But the important part,” Fried said, “is that we view our role as empowerment, and not standard-setting or constraining or dictating or something like that. We define our role as an IT department in helping people get their work done better than they could without us. Empowerment means allowing people to develop the ways in which they can work best. . . .”

Cloud Computing's Confusion: Pricing
To understand why the pricing of cloud computing is so confusing and semi-chaotic, take a look at the cloud's confusing ... What's a unit of cloud services cost?

Herding Clouds: IT Faces Its Hybrid Future
The latest InformationWeek State of Cloud Computing Survey found that 40% of respondents use cloud services, up seven points since 2011, with an additional ...

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