Friday, January 31, 2014

Amazon Web Services, AWS Update

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Amazon Web Services Blog: AWS Update - New M3 Sizes & Features + Reduced EBS Prices + Reduced S3 Prices: "AWS Update - New M3 Sizes & Features + Reduced EBS Prices + Reduced S3 Prices I've got lots of great AWS news today! Here's a summary: M3 instances are now available in two additional sizes. Several additional features are now available for newly launched M3 instances. Prices for S3 storage have been reduced by up to 22%. Prices for EBS Standard volume storage and I/O operations have been reduced by up to 50%. Let's take a closer look! M3 Instance Type News We announced the M3 instance type a little over a year ago. Our customers and our partners have found them to be very attractive. For example, a wide variety of top software is available to run on M3, with offerings such as aiScaler, Syncsort, Riak, NITRC available with 1-click deployment on AWS Marketplace The M3 is our Second Generation General-purpose EC2 instance type. They have a balance of CPU power, RAM, and networking capacity that is suitable for a very wide variety of applications. Today we are making the M3 instance type even more useful, with support for two new instance sizes and some new features." (read more at link above)

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