Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Hosting Provider Savvis, CenturyLink Technology Solutions

Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, SunGard, Verizon, and now . . .

Hosting Provider Savvis Is Now CenturyLink Technology Solutions | TechCrunch: "... CenturyLink seeks to leverage its customer base, which still uses hosting for the most part. But by calling Savvis “CenturyLink Technology Solutions,” the company is using terminology that has a deep association with the IT of old, not the new application-centric infrastructure that cloud providers offer. Instead, it’s a general term meant to show customers that CenturyLink offers end-to-end solutions. CenturyLink Cloud will have a deeper emphasis on cloud services stemming from its roots in providing infrastructure services and sophisticated orchestration to ... But there are some strong competitors that the company has to face. Amazon Web Services, Rackspace, SunGard and Verizon are all tough competitors with deep infrastructures of their own that will be selling their own innovations in the changing app economy."

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