Monday, January 27, 2014

The Cloud, Cybersecurity Threats, Malware

Cyber-Criminals Turn to Big U.S. Web Hosts to Spread Malware
eWeek - Two studies, one produced by Cisco and the other by Solutionary, find that cyber-attackers increasingly use popular U.S. cloud services as a ...(read more at link above)

Cloud-Based Security Threats Present Challenges and ...
Australian Techworld - Cloud computing has fundamentally changed the way businesses and ... While the cloud has delivered a multitude of benefits to technical and ... (read more at link above)

Cloud Computing in the Financial Institutions 2014 to be held in Xiamen
What's on Xiamen - Under this background, Noppen will launch its Cloud Computing in the Financial Institutions 2014 in Xiamen during April 24-25, 2014. For further ...

Store your stuff for free: how to make the most of free cloud storage
TechRadar UK - In Depth There's terabytes of free cloud storage out there. .... as we're all about the free storage and many of these cloud services offer you ways to ...

Sholay (sort of) 3D
SYS-CON Media (press release) - Is Your Business 100% Ready for the New Era ofCloud Computing and Big Data? The Only Enterprise IT Event in 2013 Covering the Entire Scope of ...

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