Monday, July 18, 2011

The Cloud, $50,000, and a coffee shop around the corner

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Amazon's Vogels: cloud, start-ups, treadmills
ZDNet Australia
The cloud has levelled the playing field for business, says Amazon's chief technology officer Dr Werner Vogels. Ten years ago, a start-up needed $5 million. Now, Vogels says, it's "just $50000 and a coffee shop around the corner". ...
Companies move into cloud computing
Financial Times
Less predictable is the emergence of companies that see their future in the cloud. They believe they can find rapid growth in cloud computing. This is where internet software is accessed by PCs and other devices remotely: applications such as Facebook ...
Amazon expanding cloud computing operations to Australia
Experian QAS Australia
Online shopping giant Amazon could be expanding its cloud computing operations, with rumours suggesting it plans to set up a data centre in Australia. According to an article in The Australian, the firm's Web Services cloud computing division will be ...
Cisco's one-stop shop for cloud computing equipment
PC Authority
by Alan Lu on Jul 18, 2011 Networking giant Cisco has updated its Unified Computing System for companies looking to equip and enhance their datacentres to deliver cloud computing services. Cisco believes its Unified Computing System (UCS), ...
Catching the Cloud | Monday Note
By Frédéric Filloux
When it comes to contracting for a computer service, there is little choice but hoping for the best. Small or mid-size companies, especially those located.
Monday Note
5 real-world uses of big data — Cloud Computing News
By David Smith
The explosion of “big data”--much of it in complex and unstructured formats--has presented companies with a tremendous opportunity to leverage their data for better business insights through analytics. Here are examples of how big data ...
GigaOM — Tech News, Analysis...
Microsoft's Office 365 Could Validate Cloud Strategy
Microsoft's Office 365 marks a substantial foray into cloud computing and carries some substantial risks for the company. For quite some time now, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer and his executives have been touting an “all in” strategy regarding the cloud ...
TPG swoops on cloud hosting firm
By Natalie Apostolou • Get more from this author TPG Telecom, the Australian ISP, is to buy cloudhosting outfit IntraPower for $128m, well above market price. IntraPower has offices in Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane and provides IT, infrastructure, ...
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