Friday, July 15, 2011

Microsoft integrating Cloud and Security solutions

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Microsoft Plans Increased Integration Of Cloud, Security Technologies
By Joseph F. Kovar, CRN Businesses, their partners, and their customers face multiple security challenges when moving to the cloud, but Microsoft is providing solutions to mitigate those concerns, the company told partners this week. ...
Verizon Adds Two-Factor Authentication to Cloud-Based Identity Management
Verizon enhanced Enterprise Identity Services with two-factor authentication and digital-signing capabilities to help organizations with user authentication into cloud services. Verizon enhanced itscloud-based identity-management service with new ways ...
Citrix Makes a Run at the Cloud
But the future of the tech business isn't PCs, it's cloud computing—running applications on distant servers rather than on the machine in front of you—a fast-growing business where Citrix has made little headway. Now it's embarking on a new push in ...
3M Powers Cloud Library eBook Lending Service with Proven Technology Platform
MarketWatch (press release)
PAUL, Minn., Jul 14, 2011 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- The 3M Cloud Library eBook Lending Service recently made its industry debut at the American Library Association (ALA) Annual Conference, showcasing the system's turnkey solution for libraries. ...
EMC Launches New Storage Manager for Cloud Deployments
EMC, which built its reputation by storing and securing data in physical quarters, has been working up the cloud platform for about two years. A couple of days after VMware revealed its new vSphere 5cloud systems management package, its owner, EMC, ...
VMware launches comprehensive cloud infrastructure suite
The Hindu
The virtualisation and cloud computing in the information technology industry have created a unique opportunity to have more agile and efficient infrastructure resources within data centres. Many companies, which provide virtualisation and cloud ...
Cisco Partners: Business Objectives Drive Cloud Conversation
By Chad Berndtson, CRN It's not enough to sell cloud computing solutions on the basis of promises, say Cisco partners. Enteprise customers, they say, are ready to embrace the cloud but require a business outcomes conversation with an airtight value ...
Bad News for Windows: IT Is Spending on Cloud, Not PCs
Network World
Within enterprises, a shift in spending to cloud and virtualization technologies has also softened PC demand, according to the IDC PC sales report. The United States was one of the weaker regions in IDC's report. Second-quarter PC sales in the US were ...
Spotify's Awesome... If You've Never Tried a Cloud Music Service
The Atlantic
By Alexis Madrigal You go to a cloud music website. Up comes a box and you search for nearly any song you've ever heard. Can's "Paperhouse" from their album Tago Mago, say. Boom! There it is. You hit play and the music comes out of your speakers. ...
IBM's Cloud Is Big in Japan With Two New Data Centers - Arik ...
By Arik Hesseldahl
Big Blue brings its SmartCloud to Japan, and also launches a second data center devoted to LotusLive.
InfoQ: Private Cloud Roundup
By Lee Ackerman
Private clouds continue to grow in popularity and offer a number of appealing benefits to an organization including higher utilization of existing server resources, improved manageability, pay as you go, and self-service.
InfoQ Personalized Feed for Fergus Neff
5 things to consider before embracing cloud computing | VentureBeat
By Paul Schmidt
Editor's note: Paul Schmidt is the founder and president of Photodex. He submitted this story to VentureBeat.) Cloud computing has been building buzz for a while now and is fast becoming the rage.
VentureBeat » Entrepreneur Corner
What Cloud? Nimble Grabs $25 Million For Storage And Backup Boxes ...
By Rip Empson
The cloud is the future, we've all heard it said. Ballmer's all in, Jobs said it's all in the cloud, and Schmidt made it the centerpiece of Google's strategy in 2010. But we've also seen the danger ofcloud outages, thanks to Amazon. ...
mindSHIFT Expands Cloud Platform by
By THN News
(The Hosting News) - mindSHIFT Technologies, Inc., a leading IT outsourcing and cloud services provider for small and mid-size businesses (SMBs), today.
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