Wednesday, July 13, 2011

VMware expands Cloud Suite

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VMware Expands Cloud Suite, Boosts Storage Abilities
Wall Street Journal
By Steven D. Jones Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES VMware Inc. (VMW), which helped create cloud computing, took steps this week toward creating an operating system for the cloud as well. In an announcement Tuesday, Chief Executive Paul Maritz said the company's ...
Citrix's Acquisition Bolsters Its Cloud Development Portfolio
Citrix is seeking to build out its cloud infrastructure using assets acquired from The cloud computing space remains incredibly dynamic. Citrix has finished its acquisition of, a provider of software-infrastructure platforms for ...
Microsoft partners with UK firm Yell to sell online ads and cloud services
The Seattle Times
The two companies said Tuesday they plan to sell search, mobile and local advertising as well as Microsoft's cloud services. Yell will sell Microsoft cloud services such as Office 365, Dynamics CRM (customer relations management) and communications ...
Microsoft: HP, eBay polishing Azure cloud-in-a-box (honest)
WPC 2010 A year after they were announced and six months after they were to be delivered, Microsoft has offered a fleeting glimpse of its Windows Azure cloud-in-a-box appliance partnerships with HP and eBay. At its Worldwide Partners Conference (WPC) in ...
M-Files Cloud Vault Brings Easy Document Management Based on Windows Azure to ...
San Francisco Chronicle (press release)
AP sources: Rebels gaining on Gadhafi regime 07.12.11 M-Files Inc., the developer of M-Files easy document management software and the cloud-based document management service M-FilesCloud Vault, today announced support for Microsoft Dynamics GP, ...
IT jobs: Winners and losers in the cloud era
We survey the cloud's effects on nine classes of IT jobs: Architects and sys admins win, middle managers and tech specialists lose -- what about you? By Kevin Fogarty | InfoWorld There's a simple reason so many people say cloud computing will change ...
Startup launches new SaaS cloud monitoring solution, RevealCloud
By David Marshall In the IT world, we're always looking for the next big thing, and for the last year or two, one of those next big things has been cloud computing. Unfortunately, numerous questions around the cloud have been holding it back. ...
Citrix Systems Acquires « Data Center Knowledge
By Rich Miller
Citrix Systems (CTXS) has acquired in a deal which will boost its position in the cloud computing market. The deal also underscores the growing role of open source software in building and deploying cloud platforms.
Data Center Knowledge
Make: Online | Kinect Point Cloud Visualizer
By Nick Normal
I attended the NYC Hack and Tell Meetup last night and saw Lee Felarca give demonstrations of his "work in progress" Kinect hacks. Using openFrameworks, and written in C++, Lee said he was mostly just.
Make: Online
Citrix buys to step up VMware competition — Cloud ...
By Derrick Harris
Citrix Systems has bought hot private-cloud startup, a move that immediately makes Citrix a leader in the quest to help companies build on-premise Infrastructure-as-a-Service clouds à la Amazon EC2. brings an ...
GigaOM — Tech News, Analysis...
Citrix Expands Services, Acquires by
By THN News
(The Hosting News) –, an open source cloud provider has been acquired by cloudtechnology and virtualization provider Citrix Systems, Citrix.
Citrix Buys Private Cloud Vendor - ReadWriteCloud
By Klint Finley
This morning Citrix announced its acquisition of, a company that sells virtualization infrastructure for building private clouds. brings with it a number of high profile ...
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