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Cloud Computing Is Winning The Trust War

Why Cloud Computing Is Slowly Winning The Trust War
Taking value-networks to the cloud services: Security services, semantics and service level agreements. Information Systems and eBusiness Management, 11(1), 51-91. Khan, K. M., & Malluhi, Q. (2010). Establishing trust in cloud computing. IT ...


KiteDesk aggregates social streams, cloud services
There are plenty of applications emerging to help tame professionals tame all the social networks and cloud services that are a part of their daily life. One of the latest is a new mobile app called KiteDesk, developed for the Apple iOS platform. The ...


VMware Confirms Its Amazon Web Services Competitor, Hybrid Cloud Services ...
VMware today announced Hybrid Cloud Services, a new business unit that puts it in closer competition with Amazon Web Services for enterprises' cloud service needs. It also announced that the unit would be headed up by Bill Fathers, who left his role as ...


Google Elbows Into the Cloud
New York Times
It is part of Google's dive into a business known as cloud services — renting to other businesses access to its enormous data storage and computing power, accessible by the Internet. In cloud computing, dozens or even thousands of computer servers are...

New York Times

Startup finds security niche in cloud storage
Boston Herald
“It's very clear businesses and consumers needed a solution to ensure their data is secure in cloud services like Dropbox,” said Dan Scheinman, an angel investor. “NCrypted Cloud has created something which is friendly to me both as a consumer and as a ...

Amazon, Telcos Will Battle For Cloud Customers
Last year it became the self-service priced-by-the-hour BT Cloud Compute. Another fast-growing area of cloud computing is platform as a service (PaaS), the assembly of tools and programming frameworks in a cloud setting that speeds software development.

Cloud services can save you money -- if you're careful
The key to earning a positive return on investment when adopting cloud services -- including software-as-a-service and infrastructure-as-a-service -- is carefully studying costs and benefits to ensure that such a shift will pay off. Sounds like many of ...

Cost battle: Cloud computing vs. in-house IT
Network World
Large enterprises with highly optimized IT shops tailored to their business' needs may find cloud computing to be more expensive. But, if a company has workloads that ebb and flow in their use of compute power, then the cloud can yield substantial ...

Making cloud computing more efficient
MIT News
But for applications that depend heavily on database queries, cloud hosting can pose as many problems as it solves. Cloud services often partition their servers into “virtual machines,” each of which gets so many operations per second on a server's ...

Egynte adds third-party cloud storage choices for its file sharing platform
based company touted that companies with heterogeneous storage environments will be able to integrate third-party cloud storage to extend these existing infrastructures to the cloud while maintaining access for all employees and clients.

How Cloud Computing Helps Cut Costs, Boost Profits
The study found that 88 percent of cloud users pointed to cost savings and 56 percent of respondents agreed that cloud services have helped them boost profits. Additionally, 60 percent of respondents said cloud computing has reduced the need for their ...


House votes against taxing cloud computing
BOISE -- The House voted to exclude so-called cloud computing services delivered over the Internet from being charged a sales tax by the state. The 65-2 vote on Monday sends the measure to the Senate. The Idaho Technology Council, which represents ...

Is the Middle East The Next Big Market For Cloud Computing?
Another great example of the opportunities found in the region is the January announcement from Virtustream that it has partnered with Etihad Etisalat (Mobily), the largest telecom operator in the Middle East and Africa to provide cloud services. The ...

Can Cloud Services Improve Small Business Profits?
Small Business Computing
A recent report adds statistical weight behind the claim that working in the cloud is not only convenient but profitable. That means it may be time for small businesses and entrepreneurs to seriously consider how they can best use cloud services to ...

The impact of cloud computing on the UK's IT industry
Information Age
They may have taken some persuasion at first, but UK organisations are now happily buying cloud computing services. In a recent study, IT analyst firm TechMarketView estimated that the UK cloudmarket grew by around 38% in the 2011/12 tax year, ...

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