Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Brick-and-mortar stores must look to cloud computing

Sunnier Days Ahead for Retailers that Use Cloud Computing
In order to remain competitive and press their advantage further, brick-and-mortar stores must look to the cloud computing revolution as a way to upgrade their technology without busting their budgets. Perhaps most important, clouds offer retailers a ...


How private or hybrid cloud storage solutions can improve care
Earlier, an indication was made that by answering the "where" question, other situations could arise that require more than simply providing cloud storage, and could require heavier cloud-computingtasks. Massaging stored patient data into detailed ...

HP Q&A: Converged Cloud is company's chief initiative
Turmoil in the upper ranks has caused consternation among customers over the past few years and while Amazon made early inroads in dominating the market for cloud services, HP has been relatively late to the game. The company announced its strategy ...

3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Cloud Storage Solution
Business 2 Community
3 Questions To Ask When Choosing A Cloud Storage Solution image choosing cloud storage solution You've heard enough about the advantages of cloud computing for small businesses, and you're ready to start using the cloud to store your data. But how ...
Business 2 Community

Cloud Caution: Healthcare Market Slowly Adopting Cloud - CRN.com
Vincent also explained that some of the externally located medical teams that are related to hospitals, such as clinical offices, have started kicking the tires on cloud computing and are often beginning to adopt cloud services in order to eliminate ...

Using public cloud when provisioning enterprise IT services
This is a good question because it illuminates a powerful concern that still shadows the public cloud services market: What is the value of the cloud? If the value were totally apparent, there would be wider adoption of such services, but the growth of ...

Amazon takes on Apple's Photo Stream with Cloud Drive Photos iOS app
Apple Insider
Amazon on Friday released its Cloud Drive Photos app, and corresponding 5 gigabytes worth of freecloud storage, in what is essentially a competitor to Apple's own iCloud-based Photo Stream service. Amazon Photos. Like Photo Stream, images are ...

'Google Drive' Cloud Storage Service Goes Down. Again.
International Business Times
Google Drive Outage Photo: International Business Times Google Drive is currently experiencing a service outage. Do you use Google Drive? What do you think of Google, Google Drive and cloud services overall? Sound off in the comments below.

International Business Times

With Cloud Drive Photos, Amazon makes a play to be the cloud app for iOS photos
He presciently noted there would be a time when competitors — he named Google or Dropbox — would come along with better cloud-storage options for mobile photos. Well, here comes Amazon with one such solution. Cloud Drive Photos, already available on ...

Amazon debuts Cloud Drive Photos app for iOS, provides access to pictures on ...
Amazon has released a rather specialized app for iOS. Cloud Drive Photos allows iOS users to access to their Amazon Cloud storage, but only to their pictures. The app also allows iOS users to easily ...


Google Cloud Storage Overview - Google Developers
Google Cloud Storage allows world-wide storing and retrieval of any amount of data and at any time. It provides a simple programming interface which enables ...

Moving to the cloud let London-Gatwick airport kill 200 servers ...
Cloud computing and a "bring your own device" (BYOD) strategy aren't technology ... and applications to instead acquiring needed features through cloud services. ... Adobe's move to a subscription license and cloud storage model for its pro ...

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